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Hollywood Park for Friday night 27 April 2012


Decent looking card for tonight both in quality and potential for winners. All 3 grass races lack speed. If speed dominates the 3 turf races the bias bunnies will yapping away. Doesn't really matter anyway as the rail moves to 20 feet out for Saturday.


race 1    average clarity

1  Coloursoftheglen   solid history on the AW including Bhp......consistent sort has a nice stalking to mid pack style that looks like a nice fit here

2  Personalitary   logical drop surely should help but so far this gelding has been a lead type only and he might not get the lead over the 7 horse here...formidable here if he does

6  Maker   mid back runner will have his fingers crossed that our other 3 selections put the heat on each other early to flatter his late run

7  Polly's Dancer    sprinter tries a route here...and it sure appears his best shot is to go after the lead


race 2    slightly above average clarity

8  Peppy Rafael   trainer is starting to heat things up and has won his last 2 when Rosario was the jock......drops from MSW to the bottom to win

6  Malibu Love   nice move forward in latest 1st ever at a route on the main track.......1st time Aquirre and he drops a notch which leaves me to believe he is ready off of the layoff or he would have run her at the same level or higher if this was a tune-up

1  Missie Ky I You   consistent sort has 2 things to overcome.....tends to hang and she is unproven on the synthetic....does draw obvious plus

4  Swift Anticipation   horrid start in mc debut 2 back then showed some life.....then broke slowly in a turf route and ran evenly.......1st long with so so route breeding........doubt a winner....slice of the pie at best seems more likely


race 3    above average clarity

4  Acclamation    lone speed.....P Val up.....loves Bhp turf......and faces the easiest field he has seen in a very long since Oct but he can take this even if he is at 80% of peak form

5  Holiday Road   improving sort will need best ever and a weak performance by our top pick to win this....weight off helps

3  Smug   last was much improved......sure like that Hall Of Fame trainer steps him way up.....must feel good...gets top jock......and weight off


race 4    average clarity

7  Bryan Daniel   consistent closer likes today's distance and has run fairly well on the Bhp synthetic.....E Flores knows this horse well.....8th straight mount on him

1  Usurp   in decent form and now switches to his favorite surface.....4 for 11 on the Bhp AW......0 for 12 on all other surfaces

5  Lana's Smile   ultra consistent sort gets a positive rider switch.......was a vet scratch on 5 April at this racing level......a concern of course

6  Peacenik   last fits fine but plenty to prove on the AW and the 6 1/2 F distance


race 5    average clarity

1  Circa'sgoldengear   handicapping 101.....lone speed......good post......good speed turf jock.....likes the distance and the track.......all equal top pick

4  Take A Yard   not sure if his new conditioner has him ready off of the extended layoff but all 4 of his 2011 turf routes are solid versus this group

2  Gab Power   deep closer seems to fire every time but sure needs more pace than anticipated to put on his best late late run

6  Renegade Storm   big break through for this Jones charge in last.......but like the 2 horse he looks compromised by a soft pace scenario here


race 6    average clarity

1  Flashy Dame   sizzling hot trainer in Eurton the last month at SA.....caught 3 straight solid heats on the main track (including Hollywood) before trying the grass in last.......seemingly gets a more par for the course group here.......popped a bullet work one week ago

5  Dime Piece   good debut and Sheriffs is usually better with 2nd time starters.....1st on the AW but bred to handle it just fine

2  With A Miracle   both races at 6F fit well here....the race at 6 1/2F does not but it was off of a long layoff........needs to avoid flatten out late.....toss a coin

8  Miner's Daughter    decent work tab for this Baffert 1st timer but not as impressive as most of his 1st timers......and the sire is decent but not exactly with debut runners....still after all it is King Baffert....danger city

Possible Long-shot:   4  Instant Royalty   up the track in last but his MSW debut was a par-like for the level effort and at 56 to 1......wouldn't be the 1st time Cassidy fired big with today's scenario for this runner


race 7    slightly below average clarity

3  J And S Express   lone win came at Hollywood and it was at today's distance of 6F and was run of off a layoff......very solid drills especially considering the level of racing for this laid up mare....and a better jock up today....history can repeat itself here

5  Woodman's Lass   drops and in for 14K to get the 2 extra lbs. off.....trainer appears to mean business

11  Warren's Jazz Walk   won for fun in last to break her maiden.....effort/fig fits OK here.......might need slightly more today her 1st ever on the synthetic........good sign Bejarano sticks around

9  To The Top   horse has been going Mitchell gives her some more time between races to rebound.....only 3 works showing is a concern....but fits well if this filly makes a form reversal


race 8    average clarity

3  Tigah   very impressive run in last his 2nd start in the USA......and an absolutely stellar series of works on the lawn since.....rather sure even more out of him tonight

6  Omayad    seemingly the best 3 year old grass horse in CHI at 3 years of like he is ready......see NOTE below*

1  Dubai You X Y Z   improved with every on the lawn in 2010 and 2011.....long layoff but training up to snuff and should be on or near the near in a race lacking speed.....*NOTE in the video I saw of the CHI import she was a late runner


race 9    average clarity

5  Smart Hombre    owns good early speed and multiple races that are better than appear in print........good trainer in Jones who has used Steiner with success in the past....and Steiner won a race yesterday

2  Hidden Quest   solid mc debut in last and few reasons not to believe we the same or better this evening

1  It's Time To Go   maiden claiming 1st timers aren't Warren's strong suit but this gelding is training well and might break the mold here

3  Iron Joe T   squeezed badly at the start in last and then ran fine from there......solid jock upgrade......1st time back in relatively short rest....rather sure fires best ever tonight

7  Dirty Deed    not much in debut last at SA......but good drills at Hollywood and Sherman is decent with 2nd time starters and not very good with 1st time starters

6  Nobyjo   invader from Tup owns some efforts in Arizona that fit fine he needs to show he can duplicate those efforts for a new trainer and a new surface......dangerous if he does



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