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Hollywood for Sunday 13 May 2012


Note:  I gave one extra selection in races 7, 8, and 9 because I had to do the selections before early scratches. I did this because I'm off for a little R & R in N Cal. including some hiking in Yosemite. I leave you in the capable hands of our other handicapper, Dave Gordon. Nobody I know thinks so much the same about handicapping as Dave and I do. I hope you enjoy his different perspective on the horses. He will be doing the selections Thursday, May 17th thru Sunday, May 20th. Be back with you soon.      


race 1    average clarity

5  Morganouska   seems like a good sign that this gelding steps up in claiming off a solid wide trip win in last......and he steps up into a soft 16K field

1  Spicy Beau   just claimed for 12.5K........trainer has a small stable but he is capable........ horse needs to prove self on the AW.......3 for 3 on the dirt......0 for 5 on the AW with 1 3rd 

4  Isle Of Prado   needs a rebound.....maybe his new trainer Heap can get more out of this gelding then Moger did at GG in 2 starts after he claimed him from Mitchell

race 2    average clarity

5  Miss Ambition    logical layoff drop........strong move for Miller historically......catches a weak F clm 16,000nw2.....proven at Hollywood

1  Burleys Leap   won by 5 the last time this filly sprinted on the AW......and it was her last came route to sprint which is today's scenario

2  Laura's Pleasure   dismal record for Troeger 1st time in might want to keep an eye on this mare as she acted up at the gate in last.......can rebound if she acts better


race 3    average clarity

7  Koast   same 7 post as he had when he fired a strong effort/fig down the hill at SA 2 races back.....should be on or close to the lead from the get go giving him a decent shot at 3 for 3 on the sod

4  Atticus Jack   1 for 1 at the distance and 2 of 3 on the Hollywood turf course......has run well reasonably well fresh off of the bench in the past

6  Indian Winter   very strong effort 2 races back might have knocked him out some for his next start which was his 1st ever grass race.......sure is bred to handle the green stuff.....lookout if the scenario I presented is what occurred....if so runs big here.....or this might be his last on the grass

2  Rauschenberg   2 of 3 on the sod at Hol including 1 for 1 at the 6F distance.........0 for 9 on the sod trainer and rider


race 4    average clarity

5  Anabaa Premium    decent shot to be loose on the lead and with a jockey upgrade.......also his endurance logically can be better with a route race under his belt

4  Qatar's Pearl   about 1/2 of this gelding's turf route races are solid here if he can duplicate them on the AW.......and his AW pedigree I believe is better than his turf pedigree

6  Stratify   very dismal start and a soft pace up front hides this colt's 1st ever at a route of ground.....(run in his last start).....solid work regiment since....good route trainer with 3 year old's in Harty


race 5    average clarity

1  La Mano Nera   significant forward move last Fall in 2nd lifetime 2nd out after the layoff sure bodes well for this Kruljac runner....and the drills since his layoff last are stellar

8  Nofty   very quick early......highly likely to clear from the outside and be on the lead with Gomez up....hard to ignore that

7  Blue Jay Attack   probably needed his layoff last.......2 for 5 sprinting on the Hol turf course.........0 for 6 on the grass elsewhere.....can be flying late

4  Intuitive Nature   needs a move forward here.......seems best sprinting on the Hollywood sod......change in surfaces might be the catalyst that wakes this 5 year old up


race 6    average clarity

10  Full's Kris S.   easily best ever was mc debut 3 races back run at 7F at Hollywood....last seems like a turf tightener in  aMSW race......7 1/2 furlongs sure seems like a good fit and it won't be for many in this field....trainer could use a win

8  King's Red Journey   dropped out of MSW racing to mc 50K in latest........caught slop and appered to totally dislike it.......just like your handicapper.......toss race now O'Neill drops to mc 3oK......very dangerous

4  Langfurs Lightning   back to reality for this runner who was put up in class prematurely after just missing at today's've got to win when the iron is hot....don't get so high on your horse.....I know I did too often as an former owner of thoroughbreds......anyway back where belongs.......let's hope it is not too late

5  Swiss Game   will need very best.....should get good position close to front in what looks like a soft paced affair


race 7    slightly above average clarity

7  Dhamar   faces significantly easier here......marathon distance races are right up his alley

2  Lumberyard Jack   liked him at a price in last and he won like a good thing 1st ever at 1 1/2 miles.....decent chance to move forward if his endurance was built up from the successful marathon run

4  Dynamic Host   appears to what to run all day long.....lone turf win came at 1 3/8ths miles against a good nw alw field

3  Quantity   nice marathon win 2nd out after the layoff in IRE......2nd out after the layoff here and his fresh race wasn't bad

8  Porfido   Harty has done a good job resurrecting this 10 year old's career.....123 lbs might hurt


race 8    average clarity

4  Ranchero   smartly placed to win by Mr. Baffert......all four career sprints he has run says he is the one to overcome here

6  Stone Hot   should fit here....jock upgrade and in for 22.5K to get 2 lbs. off.....M Jones seems to mean business

1  Member Ofthe Tribe   big run 2nd out after the layoff last year......same scenario today......but for a different trainer this time

8  Meadow Road   clunker in last....needs a rebound......good sign Talamo sticks around

5  Quality Elusion   not so hot on conventional dirt and turf.........back to the AW might awaken 


race 9    slightly below average clarity

7  Pourquoi Pas   broke poorly in MSW debut last and then showed life in a fast heat of filly MSW's....with one race under his belt and a better start he should be a significant factor here

5  Eileen's Dream   expensive horse was a bust in her 2 lifetime starts in 2011,,,,,,but she sure is training like a quality runner now.....OK grass pedigree

12  Personal Sunset    solid MSW debut on the dirt and she is very nicely bred for the turf......same or better fits well here 

9  Shelley Beach   dangerous looking Euro invader has some sharp a.m. work showing....might be ready fresh

11  More Chocolate

8  Chapel Chick

2  Los Ojitos




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