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Hollywood for Thursday 17 May 2012


Race 1: Average Clarity

2 Gambulina - plenty of works and a hint of speed which combined with the inside post gives a big advantage in this abbreviated sprint
5 Last Equity - like the work longer than today's distance, trainer capable of surprising in this condition
4 Slew's Way - 2nd out and takes the important drop from MSW, P Val could use a winner
3 Kiptiddy Do - most experienced runner also takes the MSW drop, will need to improve

Race 2: Average Clarity

4 Warren's Assassin - lone turf race fits well, comes off a strong maiden breaker followed by 2 big works
5 Babyneedsnewshoes - dueled a strong pace in this condition 3 back, wire shot
6 Whole Enchilada - last not as good as it looks but strong works since, decent turf breeding

Race 3: Average Clarity

5 Plazarita - wide with pace to a runaway winner in last, works say ready to return off freshening
2 Raggin Wood - should get a good ground saving trip and proven at 2 turns, needs good break
7 Dustin's Magic - best 2 efforts hve come with Rosario, distance a ? especially with the post
4 Bench Beauty - likely chalk has been a morning glory (though a profitable one to owners, not bettors), suspect drop raises red flag

Race 4: Slightly Below Average Clarity

8 Gambler's Beauty - Solis has always been a factor in these baby races, solid works and one of his main boys up indicate trend will continue
2 Awe' Some Kitten - try and catch me
5 It's Aine - Harrington solid in all the relevant categories and off to a good start at BHP, foundation looks strong
3 Jilly Baylee - has some trouble in debut, improved work since and P Val returns

Race 5: Above Average Clarity

6 Sizzling Gold - win machine stands out on Top Turf Today, Lopez has been firing on all cylinders lately with limited stock
5 Mary Contrary - solid maiden win, love works since, excellent turf breeding
3 Goldentouch of Gin - will need to add a couple of lengths but vastly improved recent works make that quite possible
8 Darling Dodie - fits as well as anyone after the top choice, tough post or would have rated higher

Race 6: Below Average Clarity

5 Royal Import - ships off nice win up north, has done his best work at BHP and at this trip
7 Coluda - red flags everywhere, if he runs his A game (or even B+), the others are running for second but...
6 Maker - lightly raced 6 year old still has room to improve, should have pace to run at
2 Low Gear Power - back to his preferred surface for Mullins who is off to a good start, price drop a bit of a concern
Longshot 9 - Steel Blue - trainer/jock combo has pulled some surprises, big work out of nowhere

Race 7: Average Clarity

1 Ain - interesting that Rosario lands here, lone win came in lone turf effort, should be sitting on a big race 3rd off layoff
4 Antitdote - tactical speed will be enhanced by distance cutback, will getting first jump on top pick be enough?
6 Danderek - box to wire attempt
5 Falcon Rock - rock solid every time but cannot seem to get his nose in front

Race 8: Average Clarity

1 Visible Marq - down the ladder we go, where we stop, nobody knows, please claim me
6 Cheezy Breezy - should get pace to run at, early indicators of a hanger however
9 Sidepocket Kid - proven hanger, piece only
3 Broken Glass - best effort came at BHP, proven at distance
5 Rico Espada
10 J Pocket


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