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Hollywood / Preakness for Saturday 19 May 2012


Preakness Average Clarity

9 I'll Have Another - yeah he got the trip, Bode was best and will wire, blah, blah, bottomline..I think he's sitting on his best yet
7 Bodemeister - obviously imprseeive in the Derby and looks loose here but has too much been taken out of him?
2 Teeth of the Dog - very impressive to go from a maiden win to hitting the board in a G1, better works + tactical speed + rail = surprise package
6 Creative Cause - has beaten both top picks, some trouble in the Derby, not impossible
11 Cozzetti - post compromises chances, but a late running bomber to fill out supers and high 5s

Race 1: Average Clarity

3 Fire With Fire - does not fit the condition but looks to be lone speed
1 Make Music For Me - should get a nice trip behind the top pick
4 Juniper Pass - off 10 months and prefers longer, working steadily however and this is a relatively weak field

Race 2: Average Clarity

2 Hello Frankie - wide with very strong pace in last, understand the price drop but works are a concern
8 Very Unusual - also wide with average pace, but significantly better works since
4 Additional Diamonds - Mullins is solid in all the relevant categories for this firster, works are fair
6 Patriotic Lion - moneyeater rates to do no more than cash another minor check

Race 3: Average Clarity

1 Sister Moon - monster pace in last and training like the 2 month freshening did her wonders, bye-bye
5 Dijarvo - flashed some euro-speed and may get the pocket trip, both NA races better than they look
3 Killer Graces - class of the field, must hope someone presses the 1

Race 4: Slightly Below Average Clarity

2 Sunshine High - best 2 races have come at BHP, wide with very strong pace in last while 5 clear of third
4 Lorenbray - broke slow and dueled the same pace as the top pick, both need to avoid another duel
3 Warren's City Art - if the top two do duel, this is the deep closer that stands to benefit most
NOTE the 1 and 6 are layoff big droppers, not my cup of tea but obviously both are very capable

Race 5: Slightly Above Average Clarity

5 Smokey Lonesome - training extremely well (even by his lofty standards) for his 3rd off the layoff, regular jock returns
4 Euroglide - proven fresh and the old man's works indicate he still has bullets in his gun
2 Saratoga Yankee - improved speed in last two and just fired his best work to date, wire possibility

Race 6: Average Clarity

2 Playful Council - tons of trouble in debut and only beaten 5, better post + better trip = better result
8 Salty Express - Hollendorfer has built a strong foundation under this firster and has Raffy to exploit it
3 Alydidit - another firster with plenty of works and a solid trainer/jock combo
9 Run to Ground - moderate pace in debut but it was against the bias, chance if he can clear

Race 7: Average Clarity

3 Sahara Sky - has fired fresh before, love the works, pace should be sufficient to run at
1 Hoorayforhollywood - tough post at this distance but has the the tactical ability to be placed anywhere
7 Bet On Victor - ran huge in last but think this distance is a 1/2 panel too far
4 Shrug - lots of tries at this condition and lots of minor checks, expect same

Race 8: Average Clarity

2 Give My Regards - troubled debut from the one hole, cleaner break will make her tough
3 Camryn Kate - been training lights out including a bullet at the distance, trainer does well with limited stock
4 Revered - off a year but trainer off to a hot start and strong in the relevant categories, debut better than it looks
6 Marinda - debut not as good as it looks, play against chalk
Longshot 8 - Tap Tap Ur It - nice work at the distance 5/6 and hot riding Chantal signs on

Race 9: Below Average Clarity

7 Cat Talk - has learned to rate which will be helpful in this very competitive race, 3rd start in cycle
1 Clubhouse Ride - back class horse has taken to the green stuff, big works since last
4 Key Decision - usually not a fan of the SA horses, but the works are excellent and Chantal/Avila have been a solid tandem
6 Smug - actually took a step back in last but another with valuable tactical speed

Race 10: Average Clarity

6 Zazu - no worse than 3rd in 7 straight G1s and 2s, training like the streak will stay alive
2 Caelis - ran huge wide with pace in last, break in weights + projected good trip = upset chance
7 Ellafitz - catch me
1 Include Me Out - AW is the ?, races on other surfaces fit well

Race 11: Average Clarity

9 Tiz a Brite Miss - wide with solid pace in comeback effort, expect more 2nd out
10 Chimi Dee - a bit short on figs but blinkers on may be the answer based on vastly improved works
6 Warren's Passion - trouble in last, excellent interim works, Raffy...hmmm
1 Glorious Memories - strong debut and Puype is much better 2nd out
14 Queen Mercury
4 Tropical Kiss

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