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Hollywood for Friday 25 May 2012


Decent looking card tonight. Trainers win in bunches and especially M Mitchell. Mitchell has 5 in this evening and he is our top pick in 2 races, 2nd pick in 2 races, and a very dangerous 4th pick in his other race. Best of luck!       Rich Santucci


race 1    slightly above average clarity

6  I Sense Your Luck   improving with every start this Spring......exits a fast heat and now drops a small notch.......right up Mike Mitchell's alley

1  Attack The Jack   best early foot here and is well proven breaking from the 1 hole.....wire to wire shot with a good speed rider aboard

2  Son De America   3 positives here.......takes a logical drop.......positive rider change.......good recent 3F bullet drill


race 2    slightly above average clarity

3  Miss Opps   sure appreciates AW surfaces and it showed in a strong effort in latest.........claim back by Diodoro.......often a good thing......good opportunity to get the same chase/stalk position as her last two endeavors....which were both winning races

5  Lil Miss Macky     another Mitchell charge taking a small drop off a good can't be afraid to lose a horse and Mitchell never seems to be

1  Folk Dancer   good forward move in last back on the AW........Cerin has been getting the job done the last couple of months so it seems significant the he moves this mare up a couple on notches....she must be feeling goooood


race 3    slightly above average clarity

2  D' Obsession   improved in pace and final time fig in last racing over his head....good drills since....should be in it from the get go and it's hard to see him quitting much coming off an 1 1/8th mile race

3  Mel's Game   horrendous trip in MSW debut last......jock upgrade to Rosario......stout record for Mitchell with 2nd timer starters

6  Deep Play   very strong work series for the likes of Vienna who usually doesn't push his 1st timers too hard in the a.m......rather sure he is meant and ready

4  Sizzlin' Joe   useful debut and Jones is more prolific with 2nd timers....positive sign leading rider Bejarano stays with the horse


race 4    average clarity

3  Luckarack   sure looks as if  a turf tightener did the job once again as it did on 23 Oct (won next out by a wide margin) because the works are vastly improved....2 for 3 at today's distance as well

2  Close To The Bridge   jockey upgrade and........owns  good speed in a race lacking it........should be on or close to the front end from the get go

7  Privilaged   must feel good....back quick and up 8K in claiming value........beat Floating Feather in last who won yesterday

1  Scofield Barracks   consistent late running type seemingly needs more pace than there appears on wouldn't be the 1st time I scratched my head wondering where the heck all the pace came from


race 5    average clarity

1  Ms. G. I. Jane  best ever was lone race at 6F on the grass and it was run on the Hol turf course.....last win off the layoff in the fact the trainer bothered to ship this runner back to GG to work and returns to S Cal to race

5  Church Avenue   stout record the last 2 years on the main track......bombed in lone grass race.....but.....toss it out.....acted up at the gate that day...toss it out

6  Hakuchi   seems to run best from off the pace some.......not sure what the plan is but I believe this mare is quite a bit better from off of it

3  Fifth Ave   suspicious drop in last and ran like I was correct in my assessment.......needs a rebound


race 6    average clarity

4  Allswellonceagain   big speed wake up (albeit on the sod) in last......bred fine to handle the AW.....wire to wire shot with a good lead rider aboard in Talamo

9  Toomanytomatoes   trainer has been in a funk so far in 2012 but this filly 1ster sure is training like she is ready to roll and might help jump start Pederson's year

1  Natalie's Academy   bombed out at 3-5 in latest....needs a rebound to her race 2 back.....Bejarano sticks around

8  Sudden Sunday   decent work tab for this Mitchell 1st timer.....would have rated higher if this runner wasn't a vet scratch on 28 April....still.....very dangerous

Long-shot Possibilities:   2  Rich In Tradition   last wasn't much but her debut was good and it was hidden by a poor trip-a-roo


race 7    average clarity

4  Donner Wasser   seems fairly simply here....this Mitchell runner is better from off the pace....and Bejarano (positive jock switch) is up to get that accomplished

8  Carrie Rose   two best races showing are the two races that Rosario rode one of which was on the sod at 1 mile....and he's the rider tonight for Mike Mitchell

6  Unusual Hottie   been highly competitive in all 3 lifetime grass starts......a little bit short fig wise but figs aren't everything especially on the green stuff

3  Elana Mar   lone lifetime win was fresh off of the bench and it was a 1 mile turf race like today.......fresh and training well.......rather sure meant and ready to roll for B Headley


race 8    average clarity

2  Three Little Birds   impressive energy/effort running off a 2 year layoff in latest.....and it was somewhat hidden by a bad trip.......Rosario will be out to make amends for Mikus who does a nice job with her limited starters

8  Navy Seal Six    fits fine if ready.....laid up but training up to snuff.....and 1st time gelding

10  Hidden Quest   seems to be tailing off just a little with each lifetime start........needs to rebound

6  Nobyjo   fired lifetime best in last his 1st ever run on the AW........not the best of trips in that race....shot with a better trip today

7  Affrettando   1st timer is working like he might be ready at 1st has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters

4  El Guapo   improved about 10 lengths in last......needs another 5 lengths of improvement here and a good trip and he might shock them in his 3rd lifetime start





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