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Hollywood for Saturday 2 June 2012


Very difficult card to decipher and with a few dismal looking fields especially for a Saturday. At least we have a 15 to 1 morning line horse as our top selection in the 5th race. We might need him to make a good day of it. I'm rather sure we will need plenty of luck (i.e. good trips) today. Not a card I have much confidence in but I did study as hard as usual. Actually I study harder on a difficult card than a card where top choices jump out at me easily.


race 1    slightly below average clarity

3  Sammartino   last looks like the gimme to drop and be at full throttle in his 2nd out after the layoff.....Rosario rides this fellow getting off of the 2 horse ?.......hmmmm

2  Jim's Decision   big wake up in last.....very solid route fig.......very puzzling why Rosario isn't riding you know I usually stay clear of rider choices as there are numerous reasons why jocks get on and off horses....but this one seems strange

4  American Wildcat   happy to be back on the Hol AW in last.......bit wide with pace in a winning effort......claimed and his new trainer must like what he sees because he gets stepped up a couple of notches


race 2    slightly above average clarity

3  Warren's Performer   shuffled back and ran wide in latest........easily the best effort in the race..........same level........same distant......same track......and a sharp 5/8ths drill since

2  Tiz A Brite Miss   wide 2 races back hurt chances.......participated in a strong opening quarter in last also hurt ........blinkers off.......most likely to reserve some horse early

1  Propero   with the blinkers off the 2 horse this Mitchell charge might be able to get the lead.......and that often is a dangerous thing at 5 1/2 maiden claimer

4  Torre Italiana   much better horse in 2012 and seems to appreciate the Hollywood synthetic the most.......fits fine if she can duplicate her last with a good trip-a-roo


race 3    average clarity

4  Magical Blend   impressive the way this filly held together well in her last 2 races despite dueling in solid pace........two recent works are sizzling fast for the Hollywood surface.....might be poised for a very big race if those drills didn't knock her out some

1  Toto Cor   good MSW debut win.......will need to take back today or handle a hotter pace than she had when she was loose on the lead in her only lifetime race

5  Trapper's Bounty   very consistent animal fits just fine if he fires again but he does lose the meets leading rider on his back.....and Valdiva hasn't won in the 1/2 dozen mounts he's had for the trainer the last 2 months....maybe the 7th is the charm


race 4    slightly below average clarity

3  Bensanna   only two races that don't fit decently versus this seemingly weak group were his maiden debut and a "good" track effort........might have a chance today for lifetime best 2nd out after a layoff 

5  Zees Chris   all five Hol AW races fit fine here......laid up since August but the drills say ready......good sign meets leading jock accepts the mount

4  One Lucky Lady   good return to the race wars in latest........same effort fits OK here......more and she might be the one to beat

8  Miss California   1st timer has a heady name to live up to as a California are nothing to write home about but look good enough to compete here in this weak looking field


race 5    average clarity

1  Life Is A Rock   price shot was very good last Fall at GG......woke up plenty in last and it was hidden by a bad trip.......wide near a strong pace......trainer has done a nice job with limited starters in 2012....positive rider switch too

3  Fire Break   last looks like a tune-up to tighten up and be ready for his 2nd out after the layoff.......very reliable consistent runner when he is fit

6  J P Jammer   seemingly in good form now.......does tend to hang....1st ever at 1 1/8th miles on the sod but it seemingly should be an OK fit

4  Arcodoro    looks loose on the lead here.......has a shot if Talamo slows things down to a crawl.....otherwise he might not appreciate the 1 1/8th on the grass 


race 6    slightly below average clarity

4  Cotton's Point   Bonde 1st time starter has a nice work regiment including a nice work at today's 5F distance....especially for 2 year old filly Cal bred in late May

5  Gambler's Beauty   good MSW debut..........stout here if this filly builds off that effort......Solis has a good history with 2nd time starters

8  Graduator   consistently shows works of merit as opposed to a good work here and there.....usually a very good sign

12  Girl On The Lam   1st starter seemingly is outworking her opposition here......but......she has to overcome one nasty post at 5 furlongs on the main track


race 7    average clarity

2  Starry Skies   done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts and her trainer is exceptionally good at getting his quality stock to hold their form for an extended period of time.......repeat of last would be very tough to beat...

4  Lady Ten   Baffert filly is on the right end of the learning curve.....and so far she has been a very competitive sort in every lifetime race

8  Self Preservation   laid up 1/2 a year but returns in an nw alw race after 4 consecutive Grade 1 say ready and he faces softer opponents

9  Long Face   blinkers off / bullet drill......might really like the equipment change....solid 2 year old MSW win last October


race 8    slightly below average clarity

4  Prayer For Relief   back to Bejarano sure seems like a positive........might sit in the drivers seat as the 1 and the 3 might press each other a little too much

3  Morning Line    solid Grade 2 win 1st ever on the AW and 1st time in the Shirreffs barn.....continues to train like a happy healthy horse

1  Game On Dude   a ton if he brings his "A" game....but........the works don't seem up to snuff........have some doubts he is up to his best.....not enough training especially for a Baffert runner


race 9    slightly below average clarity

4  Not Kidding Around    Hollendorfer 1st timer has a nice grass pedigree and a tightly spaced work regiment that suggests he's ready to roll at 1st asking

9  Palace Of Wisdom   big wake-up at Tup on the grass with the blinkers shows up in the Canani barn.....and Canani is solid 1st time he takes over the conditioning of a new horse

5  Attigirl Meadow   decent MSW debut.......needs to build on the effort for a shot at the circle of joy

7  Floracita   17 to 1 in MSW debut suggests the race was a tune-up to be tight and ready to roll in his 2nd lifetime start......the fact Bejarano stays with the horse supports the idea

10  Luckyvic   both races on the Hollywood sprint turf course fit......and a strong recent 3F drill might have her feeling awfully good

2  Lauren's Lady   lone race which was run last summer at Fpx is rather decent.....1st on the lawn is a question do suggest she is ready fresh like she was last September  

Note:  14  Zoe B is a dangerous long-shot if she draws into the super out of nowhere....rather sure will run a good race and handle the sod...... but....... needs a great ride from a tough post





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