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Hollywood for Saturday 9 June 2012


Pick Six carry-over at Hollywood.

  The Belmont Stakes.

Life is good!

Late pick four looks interesting. Top 2 selections in the 9th looks like a good cover. Three given selections in the 10th looks like a good cover. Go as deep as you can afford in the 8th and the 11th.


race 11    slightly above average clarity for the Belmont Stakes

3  Union Rags   big strides for Union Rags seems to be why he gets boxed up in traffic so easily.....big strung out field today should be to his advantage as should the big sweeping turns at Belmont.....continues to train like a happy healthy horse....good chance to get a nice mid pack position....1 for 1 at Belmont and it was a "big" one

9  Paynter   my guess is Smith will try to slow things down to a crawl which means he'll let the 2 horse go to the lead if he is going to the way this colt went eye to eye in reasonable pace and then took off in the if he goes fairly slow here lookout.....pedigree seems OK to get the 1 1/2

5  Dullahan   late runner wants an average pace or better up front....or he might not be able to pass in late stretch against runners with something left

6  Ravelo's Boy   not the best of trips in two straight Graded races at Tampa.......but more importantly he has been training up a storm at Crc which is a great place to leg up your horse and ship.....Solis knows Bel well and he rides

4  Atigun   improving with every start....powerful turn move in last....trainer has upset in the Bel Stakes before.....big breeze bullet at Bel.....bred to run the distance just fine


race 1   at Hollywood    slightly above average clarity

3  Scarlet Strike   speed and some endurance put into this Hollendorfer 1st timer who is training as if ready to roll in MSW debut.......trainer is quite good with 2 filly 1sters

1  O Happy Gray   caught wide near the pace in MSW debut and still just missed......continues to train like a happy healthy young filly

2  Gambler's Beauty   bad trip in MSW debut......very bad trip in her 2nd lifetime start.......needs to break cleanly and save some ground....fits fine if that occurs this afternoon


race 2    average clarity

7  Full's Figurehead   lone race was last Dec....comes out 6 months later with a new trainer in Powell who sure has put a solid set drills into this filly and drops her to the bottom level maiden claimer

4  Dance Thewayyouare   trainer is waking up.........small drop in mdn claiming........jock upgrade.......might be enough to get her over the maiden pun intended

2  La Sancha   one lifetime race back in March.......only ran in a 5F affair....did show life but tough call here at 6F off of so so drills

5  Mobettermobetter    broke slowly and then showed some life.......needs a forward move today........jock could use a winner


race 3    average clarity

1  Lady Of Shamrock   very solid 3 out of 4 on the grass since Sadler took over the training duties......and 2 for 2 with the blinkers off.......and 1 for 1 at the distance........likes ample time between races.....gets it.......and is training exceptionally well for a 3 year filly

2  My Gi Gi   1st time Eurton in last.......arguably best ever in last (wide trip and just missed winning a Grade 3).......and now we get a jock upgrade

3  Long Face   1 for 1 when loose on the lead and handled a solid pace that drills since.....some shot to wire here


race 4    average clarity

3  Sarangani   believe the Headley barn liked very much what they saw in this gelding's 1st ever at a route....... a nice wire to wire win........since that race his conditioner has put some stellar much improved drills into him.......seems very sharp and ready for a solid move forward

6  Soi Phet   powerful nine length win to graduate in last......and a bullet drill since......same or better today.....and same or better is quite good

2  Quillotano   inferior (to our top 2 selections) late runner's  ticket to the winners circle here seems to be if our stout top two choices do each other in dueling in fast fractions on the front end


race 5   average clarity

4  Raucous Lady   sharp work tab for this 1ster.....Yakteen has put some endurance and speed into her........race lacks speed and if this 1st timer breaks I think he can be on or near the front end of things

8  Glorious Memories   good forward move in 2nd lifetime start his 1st on the Hol surface.......par like number and that sure looks good versus those that have run so far.....another forward move would be icing on the cake

6  Secret Genius    clunker in last......what we need is her effort 2 back which fits fine in this spot

1  Nifty Dream    owns decent speed here especially if our aforementioned top pick doesn't break or have any early foot......also the works hint at more horse than she's been showing of late


race 6    average clarity  

1  Byrama  long or short one very nice consistent grass horse......and his trainer is not to shabby with turf starters either.......finishes with a flourish when sprinting on the sod

2  My Selection   two for two on fast tracks....1st on the sod but nicely bred to handle it.....should get a ground saving journey on or near the front end of things

4  Lemon Hero   impressive turn around for this youngster since Eurton took over......and now we get a rider upgrade....good chance for Gomez to get over in a nice mid pack position

3  Belloma   decent 1st ever on the grass in latest.....will need more today.....maybe 1st ever back in short rest can help get more out of her today


race 7    slightly below average clarity

6  Octane   last was OK....race 2 back was very strong.....believe it is rebound city today

1  Mile High Magic   3 decent dirt races in 3 lifetime starts.....has always worked well on the Hollywood surface....finally gets to run on it in the pm

2  High Test   so so on the turf....only conventional dirt race was his best ever and quite good.......AW today for the 1st time.....?????

5  Chapman's Peak   liked Hollywood albeit way back in 2010.....might awaken back on it's AW surface


race 8    slightly below average clarity

2  Jaco Red     wide trip in last somewhat hides a decent effort 1st on the grass......and....Jones is quite a bit better 2nd time on the lawn....only mount of the day for Valdivia seems like a plus

9  D J Dave   2nd timer starters and/or 2nd time on the sod....2 major keys of Mike Mitchell.....hmmm

7  In High Regards   sleeper was nowheresville in MSW debut but is training like a different much improved animal....1st turf but bred well to handle it

3  Enduring Promises   big speed in this spot with the scratch of the 12 horse......catch me if you can

Long-shot possibilities:  1  Deep Play   last looks like a since his dull AW MSW debut are stout.....1st turf and I believe that is where he was pointed for from day one


race 9    slightly above average clarity

7  Burlister   not one dull work showing for this expensive Baffert 1st timer.....and finished work regiment with 4 of his last 5 drills out of the gate.....sure seems like a very nice animal

3  Fly High   another Baffert first starter training as if he is also ready to roll in his MSW about double barrel action

1  One World   MSW debut: off a little slow and then dueled on a somewhat dull rail.......trainer is usually better with 2nd timers....continues to work as though he can run some

8  Bull Time   decent 3rd in lifetime debut at Kee in mid April.....recent drills are sharp......good shot to move forward....he will need to if I'm correct about the Bob Baffert 1sters


race 10    average clarity

4  Slim Shadey    definitely believe our 2nd choice is the better horse when he brings his "A game" (have doubts he will today) but Slim Shadey is a fit horse who is 2 for 2 at 1 1/4 miles in the USA and I see very few question marks concerning his chances of bringing his "A game" 

6  Acclamation    those of you that have been with The Racing Digest the last few years know I have loved this horse since day one......but I am a touch skeptical that both absent from the scene jockey (who when he was young I believed was the best rider in the nation) and his laid up ride can pull off a Grade 1 win.......but then again not too many animals can work 1 mile on the sod as well as Acclamation did on 25 May.......2nd pick but will win if horse and rider are up to the task

2  Juniper Pass   alw race in last looks like a work-out of sorts to be fit and ready for today's much larger prize......1 1/4 or further is right up this one's alley....runs all day long and has the red hot Bejarano on his back 


race 11    slightly below average clarity

5  Chimi Dee   solid wake up in last somewhat disguised by a slightly slow start and a wide trip.....same effort with a smoother trip can win this

4  Gem In The Rough   another who in her last race earned a wide (adjusted for trouble) fig that is below par for today's level....stout here if her new trainer can get it that effort from her today....Conlon is very good usually is out after a claim

7  Jacobita   layoff run in last is better than appears on paper.....trainer is awfully guess is this filly moves forward today....and like our top 2 picks this runner can be tough with a better journey

10  Evening Twilight   been away from the racing wars since August but training like she is ready to roll and McCarthy quite good off of extended layoffs

8  All Six Sisters   good 4 length layoff win in last........only needs a small forward move today and she should be as competitive as anyone in this cheap F & M conditioned claimer

6  Warren's City Art   closer seems a touch short ability wise but retains Bejarano and gets plenty of pace to flatter her late run and make her dangerous in the late stages

Long-shot Possibilities:   3  J And S Express   only career victory was a layoff win at Hol and at 6F.........trainer extremely well for this lowly level.....a ton if runs as well as she works.......last work of 1:12:2 is faster then many in the field run sometimes


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