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Hollywood for Friday night 15 June 2012


I had to do a scholarship fund raiser at Arlington Park today so for those of you interested I have posted my selections for free for Arlington Park for their mid-afternoon Friday card. Post time 3 pm central. The comments are not very sophisticated because the group attending this very nice event are bright but not exactly race track savvy. Two years ago I posted the AP picks for free and selected 7 of 9 top choice winners. Doubt I can repeat that but the card does look good.


race 1    slightly above average clarity

5  R Doubleday   caught 3 wide pressing the pace in maiden debut and still nearly won......very reassuring a.m. work since......same or better seems likely in 2nd lifetime start

6  Vaadka Logic    race 2 back is solid for today's level........last race this filly got caught wide on a good rail our top pick this horse fits well here if she displays the same effort and of course gets the trip-a-roo

4  Heart Of A Madam   rebounded some in last....cut back of 1/2 furlong seems like a plus.......needs a small move forward or for our top two choices to fail for her to find the winners circle

7  Quiet Sunshine    33 to 1 in MSW debut strongly suggests the race was only a tune-up to drop to the bottom and attempt to be fully competitive in her 2nd lifetime run


race 2    slightly above average clarity

4  My Samurai Warrior   only main track route race which was run 2 races back fits fine.....that was on conventional dirt....AW is still a question mark......preparatory works for today's race are much improved with 1st time blinkers......rather sure this colt runs best ever today if he handles the AW

6  Majestic Moment   good 1st ever running long on the AW in latest and it is somewhat hidden by a bad trip.......continues to train like a happy healthy horse

5  Stars And Moment   Ron Ellis quite often likes to use a soft sprint debut to tighten up a runner before sending him long......and when they fire they often fire a vastly improved effort


race 3    average clarity

2  I Sense Your Luck   last effort was par like for today's level......but what we want is this fillies effort 2 races back.......she'll be tough to overcome if that is what we get today

4  Attack The Jack   trainer/rider are awfully tough with speed horses and they seem to have a best speed horse in this field.....and a recent best of 40 4F bullet drill

3  Dustin's Magic   just claimed by Carava and he drops a horse that ran awfully big the day he claimed her......historically he is solid dropping off a claim

1  Babyneedsnewshoes   logical drop for a filly seemingly running somewhat above her head......still.....will need very best


race 4    slightly below average clarity

1  Celestic Night   Mitchell is quite good with multi-level drop downs......winning over the last few years about 2/5ths the time.......still......quite the alarming drop

7  Coloursoftheglen   consistent smooth running sort and has the backing of a strong team in Taylor/Gutierrez......5 year old gelding is 6 for 6 in the money on the Hollywood synthetic

4  Nonsense   only missed the board once in the last 9 races and the race looks as if it was a tune-up.....should be in the hunt from the get go with a jock who does well sitting on or near the front end of things

5  Life Is A Rock (4th pick tie)   drops below price where Lopez claimed.......trainer has had a good 2012 with limited starters.....colt is dangerous if still healthy enough

3  Hasty Trend (4th pick tie)   last race fits fine and it was hidden by a bad trip....race prior fits as well.....but those were both sprints.....route today and the jury is still out on this ones ability to handle a route of so distance pedigree


race 5    slightly below average clarity

5  Goldentouch Of Gin   good history with Valdivia as the rider.......mid pack runner seemingly gets plenty of pace to sets things up nicely for her stretch run.....bad trip in last or had a shot at winning her 2nd race in a row

2  Luckyvic   last set up nicely for this filly who stayed well off of a nasty pace to win......seems to set up once again and gets a better post to start from tonight than her 10 post draw in last

10  Church Avenue   good win off of an extended layoff in last.......very consistent sort and so is his trainer.......speed horse does seem to have the ability to rate some and that seemingly is a good thing here in this affair with plenty of speed types in it

8  Darling Dodie   a touch short on my personal adjusted for trouble figs but can rate off a predicted hot pace and that can make up for being a touch short number wise here


race 6    average clarity

3  J J's Jaguar   big winning debut 2 races back......bombed out at 2 to 5 in April 1st out after the Sadler as if a rebound is about to occur

13  Romaine   green and boxed in layoff last and still won quite easily......smoother trip and the same energy/effort and he has a good shot at the circle of joy

9  Warren's Concept   horse fits fine fig/effort wise and he is working very sharply.......but...... he sure likes to hang in the stretch

12  Good Lite   tossed a clunker in last.....needs a rebound to his effort 2 back

Possible long-shot:   11  Lincecum   will have to fly here but he looks like the speed of the speed and might pull an upset if he brings his very best


race 7    average clarity

5  Sinai   lone lifetime win came in lifetime debut off of stellar brilliants preparatory works and 1st ever race off an extended hiatus from the track sure seem to add up to a top effort today for this Baffert runner

2  Shrug   ran a sharp race in latest 4 days off of a bullet 4F've got to like this ones chances running 6 days off a bullet 5F drill this time around.......Gaines seems to be awakening as well

4  Bet On Victor   need his effort 2 races back........cut back of 1/2 furlong seems like a good thing and might bring that effort run 2 back out of him....Cerin has been on quite an extended roll


race 8    average clarity

13  Smoken Legacy   good spot first a 1st timer even with a difficult post because those that have run haven't shown much so far......and this 1st timer is training as if he is all set to roll for Mulhall who historically is quite good we mc 1st timers

11  Classical Hy   wide trip in last on a rail biased track hides a good improved effort....move forward and/or a good trip can do the trick here

12  Hidden Quest   field lacks speed and he owns some.....dangerous here on or close to the front end

8  Warren's Wasco Son   laid up runner ran rather well in lifetime debut 2 back and the effort was hidden by a trip with subtle trouble (as opposed to obvious trouble) hint he is ready fresh as he was in his lifetime debut

9  Willie Brown

2  Dr. Evil




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