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Hollywood for Sunday 17 June 2012


Not quite the Fathers Day card I was looking for with 3 races rated below avg clarity and none rated above avg clarity, but I did work hard for all you dads out there which includes yours truly. Best of luck even if you aren't a dad!


race 1    average clarity

1  Valkyrie Missile   loves the Hol AW........4 for 8.......1 for 17 elsewhere.....leading rider aboard.....yikes

2  Siempre Mio   all 3 lifetime races at 6 and 6 1/2 furlongs are solid for this level.......welcome to the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing Kobe and Pau......should be easy to spot them in the paddock if they are their

3  Gold Medallion   very dangerous laid up drop like he is meant and ready


race 2    slightly below average clarity

3  My Little Morgan   just claimed by Carava and he moves the horse up in claiming price even though the horse is out of jail.....the 2 best speed types are bough Carava runners so I doubt they duel

5  Indy Beauty   exactly the same as above with this added.....blinkers off......might be taking back off the pace some

1  Queenie Marini   obvious gimme in last placed way over her head 1st out after the Breuer claim......back where belongs this afternoon....appreciates the Hol AW

4  Roman Charity   very consistent at Hol......6 for 7 in the money....but needs to overcome her tendency to hang in the stretch


race 3    slightly below average clarity

3  The Black   favorite is 1 for 1 at the distance......has 2 2nd's in 2 starts at Hol....and most importantly has 2 wins and 1 2nd in 3 starts with red hot Bejarano on his back

2  A Moment In Time   as mentioned yesterday Don Warren sure can get an animal ready to run fresh off of the bench putting plenty of a.m. furlongs into a horse before they start.....meant and ready here with this gelding who has been away since mid July

4  Real Conundrum   consistent sort needs to finish off his races better something that has been missing since his MSW easy win last Feb....still with that said......a very dangerous sort

1  Planet Sunshine    only race at Hol was a par like effort and it was at today's 7F distance......Steve Sherman wins at a 25% clip in N Cal but sure has struggled shipping into S Cal versus the big boys......good conditioner is due in the City of Angels


race 4    average clarity

6  Jerry'shoneycarol   toss out debut.....very likely a tune-up as this youngster's mamma has tossed 5 turf winners from 9 starters....and Hollendorfer is good historically with 2nd time starters and 1st time on the recent telltale 4F drill

5  Upbeat Mood   nice 2nd on the dirt at Crc in late April......bred extremely well.....likely to be a better runner on the green to move forward this afternoon in her 2nd lifetime start

8  Lucky Student   solid move forward on the AW in last both pace and final time wise.......OK sprint grass pedigree........should be prominent from the get go if she takes to the turf as I think she will

3  Consent   bit of a dichotomy here in that the trainer has a dismal record on the turf but he is stellar in these early baby races and this one trains like she is ready and is bred fine to handle the green stuff


race 5    average clarity

3  Stacy's Hope    recent near bullet work suggests that this drop down is ready 2nd out after the layoff and if she is she sure looks dangerous as she has run well versus quite a bit better

5  Stoneside    interesting shake up for this grass cutter switching back to the AW where she has a record of (4 0 2 2 ) on it......and (3 0 2 1) was at Hollywood.....hmmm

1  Peacenik   I actually picked this improving lead type only on top yesterday but moved him to 3rd because speed and the rail had a semi-tough day you think speed is doing decent to this point you might move him up some

2  Via Verde   1st time Mitchell after the claim is a dangerous thing but 2 of this horse's last 3 efforts aren't too hot and Mitchell has been a little cool......not at all impossible but enough in the negative department to place him as our 4th pick-a-roo


race 6    slightly below average clarity

11  The Unusual One   tough post but owns tactical speed so he might find a slot and get over.....all 3 races/efforts since Baltas took over are solid

9  Lamm   good history running at 1 mile on the turf.......two month layoff but sharpest drill for this late runner in quite some time

4  Arraignment   last looks like a tune-up in a non-claiming event to drop and be at full throttle today

5  Cayambe    trainer has been hot this maybe he awakens this 8 year old that can crush these if he brings his "A game"

Long-shot Possibilities:    6  Back At You   seems like a live long-shot.....capable of very significant pace but won taking back 2 races ago.......thus giving Sutherland some options depending on what the 10 horse elects to do early with his speed


race 7    average clarity

6  Turbulent Descent   loaded field looks like a Grade 1 not a cheap Stakes race.......needs a confidence builder so I think filly is meant and ready......and is 4 for 4 on the AW

4  Teddy's Promise    4 for 6 at Hollywood.....3 for 4 with Espinoza up.......should be quite the show watching Switch (who also seemingly fits) Teddy's Promise and Turbulent Descent all come roaring home

2  Izzy Rules    very dangerous when loose and looks loose here but he better bring his best because some monsters should be closing fast


race 8    average clarity

4  Cyclometer   easily best figs/efforts albeit on the main track and sprinting but he sure is bred to handle a mile on the recent drill says Headley means business and is probably along with the other owners very excited about his prospects on the lawn

2  Ransom Canyon   done little wrong in all 3 lifetime races run on firm turf.....good grass conditioner in Proctor

8  Kingpin Ryno   ultra consistent when running in grass races 1 mile or less in distance (5 3 2 0) with 1/2 length being the most he has been beaten......yikes.....also trainer Litt owns 6 wins in 18 starts in 2012

6  Don Perico   seems like speed of the speed.....Bejarano will try to slow it done and lull them to sleep


race 9    average clarity

6  Dream Caught   last was the layoff turf tightening gimme to be full throttle today back where belongs sprinting in a maiden claimer....runs quit good sprinting on fast tracks with the blinkers on....that is what we have today

1  Additional Demands   bad trip in debut......same effort with a good trip and he will be tough here

2  Hey Paulie   off nearly a year but sure is training like he is fit and ready off of the layoff for his new trainer Walther Solis........fits here just fine if he is ready to roll

8  Tummel   slumping trainer drops to get a win on Fathers Day or claim me please......we shall see

5  Temple Of Gold  

4  Nottahobby



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