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Hollywood for Thursday 21 June 012


After a dismal 1st race where there are far too many horses dropping way down in claiming price for my liking the remainder of the card was quite intriguing. Decent chance to start the new week off on the right foot.


race 1    slightly below average clarity

6  Call Me Jones   whole career fits here......... claimed for 32K on April for 10K today after some decent efforts.....claim me please or cut their losses.....not sure.....flip a coin

3  What's For Dinner   nice improvement in last rating from off of it for the 1st time ever.......and the effort was with 2 weeks rest......2 weeks rest once again today

2  Tribal Dreams   last two efforts sure stand out here........but..........owns a dismal work tab since Sherlock claimed.....unfortunately another flip a coin type

5  Congrats Ski   drop drop drop drop........fair circuit next?


race 2    slightly above average clarity

1  Salutos Amigos   new sire might start off on the right foot because this Walsh 1ster sure is working like a the last 3 works at 5F including a 59:3......good foundation to say the least.....turf pedigree seems good

2  Rob's Pal   another 1st timer seemingly ready to has tossed 3 grass winners from 5 starters.......Mullins has been having a great year with his grass cutters

6  Manewal   good debut...........2nd to a stout runner who won a 100K Stakes race next time out.......also owns a nice turf pedigree

7  Speedinthruthecity     works also seem up to snuff for this 1st timer who had good support at the windows before he was scratched a few minutes before post in a maiden 50K our top 3 picks he is well bred to handle the sod


race 3    average clarity

4  Snackable  SCRATCHED  obviously owns solid speed missing by a nose after hopping at the start in a 2F affair in mid April at GG.....Miller takes over the training from a 8% GG trainer.........and Miller is good with early speed type runners

3  Gambulina   SCRATCHED  4 to 5 in mc debut last versus the boys and ran versus her own sex today.......running with 10 lbs less on her back today......and Vinnie Bednar sure has steadily improved his skills during the Hol meeting.......111 & Bednar or 121 & Guce......I'll take Bednar

8  Divas And Diamonds   last sure looks like a tune-up in a MSW race to be tighter and ready to roll dropping into a mdn claimer........solid very reassuring 5F drill on 4 June

9  Iotapa   Marty Jones isn't much with 1st time out maiden claimers but this one sure is training well and he has sent out numerous 1st timers that have preformed well 1st out of the box the last few months....though mostly in MSW affairs


race 4    average clarity

4  Magic Beam   3 sprints on the win and two close 2nd's........broke slow and ran a little wide in last.....earned a decent adjusted for trouble fig.....Pender must like what he sees because he steps this runner up in claiming.......rather sure horse is feeling good

6  Panettone   bad trip in last hides a small forward move.....1st ever in claiming makes sense as this gelding has earned only chump change since winning his MSW debut.....same race as last with a smoother trip fits fine versus these

7  Chapman's Peak   another dropping to earn his keep.....or maybe he's seen a much better day.....tough call.....we shall see

1  Runaway Bandido   another drop down but this one is fresh and training well.....but Hendricks historically doesn't have runners coming off of long layoffs ready enough to to score the top prize


race 5    average clarity

3  Elana Mar   consistent sort has a good chance to sit in a ground saving mid pack or stalk position.....and that position does awfully well in 1 mile grass affairs

1  Highly Rated   trainer is heating things up......owns good early speed and gets the one post....shot to wire once again just like she did in her MSW breaking last race

7  Coconino   SCRATCHED  vastly improved since this filly learned to rate at Turf Paradise.....ships in to take on better......trainer is quite good with shippers.....decent shot to chase our top pick in what might be a very reasonable pace

5  Long Legged Lovely   only a couple of lengths short in her 3 grass races of what it usually takes to win at today's trainer might get more out of her


race 6    slightly above average clarity

4  I'm Always Hopeful   last race was decent and might be good enough......but this fillies race 2 back is very strong and hidden by a bad trip.....that race with a better trip would be tough to beat

5  Red Intrique   on the improve with every start and the recent drills strongly suggest the trend will continue today

7  Malibu Love   done little wrong in all three lifetime route races on main track surfaces.......just needs to learn how to run 1st and not 2nd as she has in all 3 of those routes.....developing hanger tendencies?

1  Zenett   sprinter might have the best early foot here and might find himself loose on the lead in his 1st ever route race endeavor......and that is often a good thing


race 7    slightly above average clarity

2  Orientatious   Puype seemingly has a very special filly in Orientatious who owns 3 powerful sprints in 3 lifetime races.....and her a.m. work hints we will see her best ever this afternoon despite being away since July of 2011

5  Glamorista   both races this mare ran at Hollywood on it's synthetic surface are solid........did well to finish 2nd by 2 in last chasing a very nasty 2nd quarter....mare has won for fun both times she got loose on the lead and there seems to be about a 70% chance she can be loose today

1  Gem Of Soul  deep closer will be hoping the 2 and the 4 horse put the heat on the 5 early.......have doubts that will occur but if it does she should come flying late..........trainer is heating things up of late


race 8    average clarity

8  Citizen Bernstein   good mc debut last......solid 5F work-out since.......better is likely to occur today...and better can overcome a difficult post

1  Renee's Titan   work tab is up to snuff for this 1ster who trains as if she has good early speed......and the 1 post does quite well in these 4 1/2 furlong baby races

3  Ruler Of The Tribe  another 1st timer training well enough to be ready to roll at 1st has tossed 5 winners from 6 starters and most of them were precocious 2 year old winners

6  Yodelin Moon    didn't show much in MSW debut last but........Bejarano sticks around and the horse drops into a maiden claimer.......hmmmmm......always pointed to her 2nd out?

2  Kiptiddy Do   on the improve with every start........5th race for a 2 year old and it is only mid June.......yikes.......small shot if this filly can handle the work load and move forward again

4  Wellington Beauty   bit of a dichotomy here.......trainer is bad news with 1st timers but the drills suggest this horse can run


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