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Hollywood for Sunday 8 July 2012


Note that Doug O'Neill trains our top selection in races 5, 6, and 7 and trainers often win in bunches. Good luck and see you for the final 4 days of racing at Hollywood starting next Thursday.


race 1    average clarity

1  Via Verde    Mitchell is very dangerous dropping a recent claim multiple levels in their 2nd out after he makes a claim

4  Amenrian Star   very good history at 6F on the AW......laid up since August but fired  a solid winning effort the last time he was fresh

5  Trumpet Player Jay   2 for 8 on the Hol AW.......1 for 23 on other surfaces......wheeled back in short rest to have another opportunity to run on it's surface as there is only 4 days of racing left after today at Hollywood


race 2    average clarity

4  Miss Ambition   Miller is dangerous with dropping 3 year old' with that in mind it appears to be her layoff last was the gimme to drop and go go go 2nd out after the long hiatus from the track

3  Katie's Ten   4 of 5 races run on the synthetic fit fine for today's level of racing.....laid up since 31 March but the works suggest she is returning ready

1  Sea Of Desire   17 to 1 in a 5 horse field for a M Jones runner strongly suggests the race was a tune-up to drop and go go go 2nd run after the layoff


race 3    slightly above average clarity

3  Lady Ten   has fired every time in her 5 grass starts.....seemingly has improved one small step at a time.....owns a nice stalking trainer and top rider at the meeting......plenty to like

4  Trois Aureole   back to 1 mile on the sod sure looks like a good thing......2 for 2 at 1M on the turf......0 for 2 at other distances

2  Lemon Hero   done little wrong since Eurton took over the training of this filly.........1st ever at a turf route but bred just fine to handle the two turns......most likely will need lifetime best here and maybe she can find it running longer


race 4    below average clarity

1  Brereton Park   2 for 2 at 6F.......0 for 5 at other distances with the best finish a 3rd at 6 1/2F...........3rd out after the layoff is often a good thing for a Sherlock runner......and this gelding broke his maiden in 3rd career start

3  Afleet Deal   favorite distance is today's 6F distance.......favorite racing surface is Hollywood's racing surface.......and trainer claimed this gelding back after losing her for 2 starts

7  Silencio Gato   return to the action (after a long layoff) tune-up in last is better than appears on paper....checked on the run-up and ran wide.......with that race under his belt he might fit dropping a couple of levels today

6  Double Jack   obvious lead type only (at least so far) smartly puts the blinkers on in hopes of clearing the field early and going all the way on the front end for the win


race 5    average clarity

2  Candy And Thunder   4 straight 2nd's sprinting on the grass but is improving one small step at a time......slumping jock up but he has been handling this runner well

5  Toomanytomatoes   broke her maiden at 1st asking in a fast heat of maiden claimers......bred OK to handle the green stuff....only needs a logical small move forward to be in the hunt for the win

1  Three Cuties   also exits a fast heat (filly 25K runners) and ran fairly well to capture 3rd.....late runner will hoping for some heat up front or she will probably have to settle for a small piece only if she doesn't get it

6  Conkate   pounded at the windows in last (seemingly out of nowhere) and won quite easily.....failed in her only grass race but it was a two turn affair....deserves a shot back in a sprint race...owns a good turf pedigree


race 6    slightly above average clarity

5  Et Tu Walker   just snatched at the claiming box by O'Neill off of an improved race especially pace wise........jockey upgrade to the top gun.....recent bullet work.....seems to be sitting on a strong race

7  Street Rocket   solid race in latest and it was off of a long layoff.......5 works since.....very likely to move forward today

3  War Face   takes the ever dangerous drop out of MSW racing.....and gets a jockey upgrade......Pender is quietly having a good Hollywood meeting

2  Look For Answers   only race run on the AW is better than appears in print.....continues to train like a runner of some merit.......needs to transfer that a.m. ability to the p.m.


race 7    slightly below average clarity

1  Lumberyard Jack    stop and go (freshen up and  re-train this marathon runner) after he tossed a clunker in last.....seems poised to return as a competitive individual.....1 1/4 miles seems like a very good fit

6  Euroglide   seems fairly simple here.....owns good speed and the best turf figs here......but the 1 1/4 miles is a question mark

10  Veter   most likely needed her last her 1st ever in the good old U S of A.......ran 2nd to the French Derby winner last summer in France......wins this if she cam muster that effort this afternoon

4  Porfido   old timer fits solidly if he brings his "A game".....little chance to fire in last as he was blocked in the stretch


race 8    average clarity

7  Mile High Magic   stout Baffert sprinter needs to avoid a speed duel with the 1 horse who has never been headed in the 1st 2 calls of his races......believe this Baffert runner will chase

4  Privilaged   needs ample time between starts and Sadler shows patience and gives it to him......might get a good stalk position behind a sizzling pace

3  Sinai    race seemingly can set up for his strong late run........1 for 1 at today's 6F distance

8  Don Tito   best ever and it was a very good effort/fig is at today's distance........positive jock change Kigger to Gomez


race 9    slightly above average clarity

4  Hedy   excellent work tab for this Gary Mandella the last work a solid 6F on a deep track.....bred nicely for the sod

9  Dance Team   best turf breeding in the race........most expensive horse in the race.......and working as well as anyone in the race.........R Mandella 1st timer would have been top pick if it wasn't for drawing the outer-most 9 post

6  Jerry'shoneycarol   bad trip at 5F on the grass in last losing about 4 1/2 lengths and only getting beat by 5 1/4 lengths........should be a more fit runner off of that grass just needs a better trip from Talamo

8  Heir Kitty   1st timer is well bred to handle the grass on dad's side and not that well bred on mom's side.....showing speed and some endurance in her drills......big factor here if dad's genes dominate

7  Silverado Moon   so so work tab for this 1st timer but Bonde/Alicea are a very dangerous duo

5  Purple Prose    big big drills before tossing a clunker in MSW debut......deserves another shot on a different surface




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