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Del Mar for Thursday 26 July 2012


Please take note that Sunday's 29 July selections will be posted with comments as much as 1 hour late (10 a.m. pacific). I will try to post names and numbers only at 9 a.m. Sorry for any inconvenience.



race 1    average clarity

6  Ambitoness   Morey has won 27 his last 55 when he drops after a claim and that is the case here  for this 5 year old mare.......and we get a significant jockey upgrade

2 Musical Grace   seemingly needs the front end to preform well and has a chance at getting it in this spot...........good recent work tab.......and most importantly does her best running on the Dmr AW

4  Trapper's Reward   last sure looks like a turf tightening tune-up placing a runner way over their head 1st out after a claim........back where belongs in much shorter rest.....full throttle today at a distance this filly has won 3 of 6


race 2    below average clarity

4  Heart Of My Life   very low % trainer in Nettles......not the kind of conditioner capable of getting a horse ready off of an extended her layoff last should go a long way in tightening up this filly......solid near bullet drill since her race supports this.......very consistent strong efforts in CHI

2  Love My Way   very quick from the gate......never headed in the 1st call of any lifetime race........seems made for a 5F grass race...back to Bejarano who has been 1st or 2nd in his last 4 mounts on this speedy filly

10  Magic School   nasty post at 5 furlongs on the sod but the trainer is hot and this filly would have won a fnw2 if it wasn't for breaking slow and and getting block in the stretch

3  Hidden Passion   cut back in distance should help........1 for 1 at the distance........0 for 14 at all other distances better of late.......will need a flawless trip to upset

Long-shot Possibility:   7  Royal Tiger    won lifetime debut so she has proved she can run extremely her new trainer might have the trump card for this mare


race 3    slightly below average clarity

4  French Alps   works and pedigree suggest this Abrams 1st timer has some good early gas.....trainer has been firing with just about everything he has sent to post so far at the Del Mar meeting  

1  Flamboyance   works sure are better since this Baffert 1st timer switched over to Dmr.....and Bejarano accepts the mount.....good enough for yours truly

12  Amy's Cashin In   only needs a small forward move from what this filly has produced in two lifetime races

5  Ella Bea Awesome   been headed south in each lifetime race......O'Neill puts the blinkers on and drops in hopes of stopping the slide


race 4    average clarity

8  Apply   all his efforts at GG this past Spring seemingly fit well here.........and Gallagher/Gomez have made a good team the last few months.......and a very good looking work regiment in preparation for today's race

1  Showmethemoneyjim   caught wide near the pace in last and still managed 2nd........and 1 for 1 at the 1 mile distance on the main track

2  Stirred Up   Baffert runner drops from the sky......obvious not in the best of condition but is he healthy enough? ........flip a coin as I have no clue

3  Aragon Sword   in good form coming off 2 decent sprints.....claimed by Hendricks who attempts to get the same kind of effort out of this colt going a route of far he has been a better sprinter but Hendricks is quite good 1st out after a claim


race  5    slightly below average clarity

6  Maker Or Breaker   very prolonged work tab for a Baffert 1st timer.......all systems go for this well bred 1st has tossed 4 winners in 4 starters including 2 nice Stakes winners

9  Bobby Zapper    solid debut race last Dec for Bob tab is up to snuff........most likely ready to roll

3  Wunderbar    Mandella charge debuts with a set of drills that suggests she is ready and will probably come from off the pace

4  Acenda   red hot (getting on the right horses) Gomez is up for this Hess 1st aren't much but mon has tossed 5 winners from 5 starters.....and Hess seldom pushes his horses hard in the a.m.

race 6    average clarity

5  Mary Fildes    import is proven awfully good last winter.......2nd to much better 2 races back.......solid here if she is ready to roll

4  Ricspretentiousgal   vastly improved since the blinkers were added (4 2 2 0)..........very solid turf and dirt races at today's 1 1/16 distance.........Krigger knows this horse well and has done a nice job of riding him

12  Graser   difficult post but owns tactical speed and has a solid grass jockey aboard in Nakatani.......has been involved in 4 straight races that had next out winners

2  More Chocolate   lead type only gets a good route apprentice jockey with his 5 lbs less in the irons......wire to wire a possibility here


race 7    average clarity

5  Coil    extremely powerful layoff sprint race last like the same layoff effort is likely to occur today

4  Comma To The Top     best ever is on the lead at today's 7F distance.......might be able to get loose here.....Miller is on fire

8  Shrug    fired lifetime best in latest.....gets plenty of time off to recovery.....good history with Gomez aboard and Mr. Gomez is off to a great start at the Dmr meeting

7  Mensa Heat   just claimed by O'Neill for was blocked on the turn and stretch in latest or could have won.......being blocked probably left something in the tank for today 


race 8    average clarity

10  Midnight Coin    obvious turf tightener in last.....drops to lowest level ever and gets a rider upgrade......solid chance to graduate today

6  Jay's Firetruck   on the right end of the learning curve.....solid series of drills since his last.......trend can continue today

1  I Feel Free     might be better at a route of ground......solid jock upgrade and a nice post......does need to overcome a tendency to hang in the stretch 

5  A Day Away   drops again to be competitive and should fit here......trainer could use a winner

3  Ever Alert    gelded since his last....ultimate equipment change might really wake this runner up.....or should I say settle him down

2  Outta Splash   only can see this runner getting a smaller piece of the purse





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