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Del Mar for Saturday 4 August 2012


Decent looking card for Saturday. Hope to keep the good times rolling along. Many new customers have been signing up for The Racing Digest. Welcome and thank you. We will do our best to keep you around.

Best of luck to all! 


race 1    average clarity

4  Miss Reditore   both grass sprints in 2012 fit well versus the field........and her ability to run mid pack fits this race as it has an abundance of early speed

1  Amazingly   been off since January but seems to be working well enough and won her MSW debut very impressively at 6F on the grass at Hol

6  Promiscuoussuances   1 for 1 on the sod and best career race was with short rest 2nd out after the layoff at Dmr .....same scenario this afternoon 

5  Saturdy Nit Wish   just keeps getting better......and better.......and better......and better......and.......


race 2    average clarity

7  Lamm   grass horse is 1 for 1 on the AW.....takes a significant drop in claiming and does awfully well running with short rest.......16 days sure qualifies as short rest.........trainer is off to a hot start

4  Low Gear Power    plenty of speed in this affair to greatly enhance the chances for this late runner who likes the Dmr AW and the 1 mile distance

5  Morganuska   drills are vastly improved since Morey claimed.........and Morey is 40% winners 1st after the claim in his last 200 claims.....and Bejarano and Morey have made for a good team in the recent past

3  Trumpet Player Jay   seemingly in good form.......better in sprints but has the ability to get 1 mile but not much more.....will need best......decent with short rest.....short rest for today of 8 days 

Long-shot Possibilities:   1  Colonel Mustard   rider/trainer upset in yesterdays nightcap.........1st time as a gelding after being claimed.......and a vastly improved recent drill.......ultimate equipment change may have done this runner some good (at least as far as racing is concerned)


race 3    average clarity

2  Winninrulz   another gelded since his latest which was his heavily bet MSW debut.....and training awfully well since..... expecting much more today

4  The Humancomplaint   Cecil is not the best of 1st time starter trainers but this 2 year old is working strongly and he is bred to be a precious has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters all of which won at 2

3  Fighting Hussar   last wasn't too much.......but bad trip in debut hides a solid effort that day.........solid 5F work last week.....rebound likely today

5  All Star Bell   broke tardy in lifetime debut and then showed some life........trainer is very stout with 2nd time starters.......blinkers on.....trainer is also dangerous with 1st time blinkers


race 4    average clarity

3  Saaneen   turf figs earned sprinting stand out here......1st route race? ........pedigree combined with 5 lbs. off with app. up seem good enough to me

6  Bonita Star   3 for 8 at the distance on the sod..........0 for 7 at other turf distances..........1st time Bejarano is very dangerous

1  Party With Brando   trainer is off to a good start at the Del Mar meeting.......last sure looks like a gimme to come back quick tighter and on the turf in numerous starts but owns some very solid back numbers 

7  Buzznalawng   Bonde is good 1st time turf and 1st time at a route.......turf pedigree is good as well......recent work suggests this filly is feeling good....and gets 1st time Gomez


race 5    slightly below average clarity

3  Rolling Fog   works seemed to be getting progressively better for this Baffert 1ster.......getting sharp when it counts the most

2  Divo   showed very good speed in early looks like Hollendorfer has put some endurance into this 1st timer.......speed/stamina.......can't beat that

7  Dirty Swagg   not much in last over his head but MSW debut was good.....solid reassuring drill since his last.......bad at the gate in both lifetime starts........needs better start.....believe rebounds today and fits fine in breaks decently  

1  Anytime    checked badly early on and ran wide in MSW debut on the lawn.......trainer won the last time when the scenario was turf to AW like today

Long-shot Possibilities:   6  Regally Soul    decent drills for this Solis 1st timer and he might get too ignored at the windows


race 6    slightly above average clarity

1  Classic Legacy   don't think I have ever made this comment in The Racing Digest..........lack of betting action for this Baffert runner in last answers the question for me.......was latest a gimme or is this drop down screaming claim me please........believe it was a gimme and if so he's murder today

5  Stoneside   ultra consistent runner fell off a little in last but does well back in short rest and that is the case today...... so rebound is likely

6  Master Chef   just claimed by Peter Miller who is good with speed types like this his his jock Joe Talamo....wire to wire attempt here

7  Killer Bear  claim back by Knapp who had this horse a long time.......that says to me he thinks this horse is still worth the price and is healthy........owns some good efforts at 7F......can be flying late 


race 7    slightly above average clarity

7  Distinctive Passion   Bonde 1st timer has an impressive work tab finished off with a sizzling 45:2Hg.....nothing more needs to be said

2  Capo Bastone   Sadler 1st timer is extremely well prepared and very dangerous ......90% sure he is meant and ready

5  I'm Wide Awake   just bought in May so his connections basically knew what they were getting for $ drills for this 1ster and Guillot runners have been firing at the Del Mar meeting so far

9  Denzel   Baffert charge finished up his work regiment with 5 straight gate drills........that usually means his runners are meant and ready


race 8    slightly above average clarity

4  Amani    watched video of this freak from Chile who crushes her competition and she is the real deal........many great female runners in the USA had similar records starting their careers in S America.....should win....unless .......not fully fit off of the long layoff or doesn't handle the the way she automatically qualifies for the Breeders Cup if she wins this so my guess is she is ready and then some

3  Switch   very poor trip in last and still won a 7F Grade 2........and best works in a long time since her last.......she seems to be ready to show her very best today

1  Include Me Out   yet to fire as big on the AW as the "dirt"...........but careful because she looks like the controlling speed the way our top pick came from off it some in the races that I was able to view

7  Star Billing   many of her turf figures for this lofty level fit fine here but this is the AW and she has yet to run a race on anything but the turf.....connections will have their fingers crossed


race 9    average clarity

3  Dept   first on the grass but she is bred OK for it and her trainer is good time on the grass........coming off her lifetime best which is somewhat disguised by a bad trip

6  Fire Break   bad trip on the AW in last hides a decent race on the AW......seems to be in form......likes the Dmr sod and is (8 4 2 1) at the distance on the sod.....jockey upgrade to Bejarano

2  Keep Me Posted   best speed in here will try to slow things down and never look back

1  Big Son Of A Gun   blocked in last and still won going away.....and claimed by Cerin who has won 1/3 of his last 15 claims


race 10    slightly above average clarity

8  Salon Blonde   last race this filly broke slowly, checked, and then ran wide and still only get beat by 4 1/2.......and 2nd out after the layoff for M Jones is a dangerous thing especially for a horse coming off a troubled trip 

6  Addendum   exits a fast heat both time wise and pace wise.......repeat of such a strong race would make her difficult to beat but I am a bit surprised her connections didn't move her up a notch......still very dangerous ability even if she falls off a little

4  Primal Desire   earned a big adjusted for trouble fig by my book but.....same jock who hardly ever rides is up......who is Juan Rivera anyway?.....late jock change?

9  Nicole's Mark   up the track in last.........decent debut......need a rebound to that debut plus slightly more

11  California Roll

2  Warren's Passion





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