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Fairplex for Wednesday 19 September 2012


Next publication offered is Saturday Sept. 22nd After that things start up at Santa Anita on Friday Sept. 28th.

Happy to say today's race card at Fairplex seems rather decent. Sure hope the bullring racing surface is even so that it plays fair. Good luck to all!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

3  Ordination   very consistent and well proven at a route of ground

6  Golly Bret   looks loose......shot to wire.......good history with short rest........3 weeks off qualifies for short rest

5  Burnin Rubber   1 for 1 at Fpx winning just 12 days ago.......1 1/6 distance is a big ? mark


race 2    average clarity

1  No Tricks For Jack    all 3 route races are good.......good chance to chase a suspect horse in number 4....1st ever on conventional dirt is a ? mark

5  Chocolate Delight   on the right end of the learning curve.......1 1/16 seems like a good fit providing this 3 year old filly handles her 1st ever on "real" dirt

3  Dazzletown   like our top pick this runner does well in route affairs.......1st ever at Fpx but the 5 Sept drill at Fpx hints that she appreciates the bullring


race 3    average clarity

3  Warren's Dr. Boo   vast improvement in latest especially pace wise....should be prominent from the get go in a 4F race with a hot speed rider aboard

7  Valen   horse and rider fit but the Fpx dirt surface is a ? mark......lone race on the Fpx circuit wasn't so hot.....deserves another chance

2  Prince Bandini   laid up nearly 2 years but training well and drops from MSW racing to the bottom mc level

5  Clever Concept   1st timer is working fairly well and mom has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters


race 4    average clarity

5  Street Rocket   strong late runner has improved with each of 3 runs in 2012.....should come flying if he handles the Fairplex dirt surface

6  Willie Brown   improving animal has never raced at Fairplex but sure is working as if the track is to his liking.......should go off at a handsome price

4  Last Memories   fairly consistent sort should be able to handle the 3 turn route race........and his pedigree suggests that his 1st ever endeavor on the conventional dirt should be a good thing


race 5    average clarity

5  Crazy Lorenzo   only race was back in July at today's level......had the trip from you know where losing more than a DOZEN LENGTHS (most of the trouble stemming from avoiding a spill).....and only lost by 10 1/2

4  True Again   last was so so.....debut race 2 back is good and it is hidden by a poor trip......need a rebound to that debut effort and of course a better trip-a-roo

Ekahi   on the improve with every good a shot as anyone in here if the trend continues this afternoon

3  Sense Of A Woman   filly versus the boys is never an easy task but this isn't exactly a strong field of males......slumping jock could use a win


race 6    average clarity

5  Dramaticat   debut race 2 back fits fine.....last race does not.....positive jock switch and a decent 4F drill on the Fpx surface.......rebound can occur

2  Salty Robin   most of his racing career fits versus today's competition.......would have been top pick if it wasn't for his tendency to hang in the stretch

7  Mr. Night Fever   2 turn 7 furlong race seems like a good fit.......most likely needs effort produced 2 races back to have a shot

3  Philly Slew   hasn't raced in two years but likes the Fairplex racing hint might be ready off of the long hiatus from the track


race 7    slightly above average clarity

3  Luckarack   better horse on conventional dirt and it really showed in his last a very strong race 6 days ago at Fpx.....seems like a good sign that Ted West steps this gelding up a couple of levels

7  Max Cooper   not much of a horse in 2011 but has vastly improved in 2012........fired a very solid effort in latest and like our top pick deservedly steps up from 12.5K to 20K.......recent work tab hints he has remained sharp

4  Derrick Do   looks loose here if he duplicates the early speed he has flashed in his last 2 races and he might go...............all...................the................way

1  Deadly Catch   showed he can handle the bullring at Evd in Louisiana........decent chance to get a nice ground saving mid pack position behind what should be a lively pace


race 8    average clarity

3  Outta Splash   decent history in his 6 race history with the blinkers on........should be prominent from the get go in this race mostly comprised of deep closers

7  Warren's Closer   also owns some speed here and a rider in Pedroza who will recognize that is a good commodity our top pick he might be near the front in race that has a decent shot to favor those up close early

4  Pretty Boy Toy   decent effort in latest at 1 1/8th miles.........will most likely need more pace than anticipated to put in his best close

6  Del Mar Johnny   better horse on conventional dirt........will need very best or weak efforts by our other selections to score his 1st lifetime win


race 9    average clarity

1  Alley Hondro   3 nice useful drills since Miller claimed......positive jock change from a ice cold rider to a red hot one.....1st ever on conventional dirt but is bred to handle it

2  Where's The Remote    trainer has been getting the job done the last couple of months and he is willing to drop this fairly consistent gelding........definitely has been facing better   

8  I Run For Fun   major move forward in last and it is somewhat disguised by a bad trip......good drills since.....big step up but the trainer is 6 for 18 in 2012....expecting even more today from this 3 year old

6  Bluegrass Reward   needs more than he has been producing of late but he seemingly likes conventional dirt surfaces the best and might awaken back on the Fpx dirt


race 10    average clarity

5  Close To The Edge   strong race last year at Fpx.......just claimed by V. Garcia who has won 7 of his last 20 1st out after the claim and he just got this 5 year old to work a bullet 4F drill on the Fpx surface

9  Indian Firewater   Baffert runner is a very consistent sort who has been freshened up with a strong set of drills all summer long

1  Tweebster   another laid up Baffert runner with a prolonged impressive work series that has "ready" written all over it

6  Clubhouse Ride   ran 3rd in a strong Grade 3 on the bullring at Ded in 2010..........Gryder/Lewis have made for a good combo the last couple of months


race 11    average clarity

1  A Natural    figs? yes.......distance ? yes.......jockey? yes.......Fairplex? 1st ever on it's small racetrack but sure worked nicely over it's surface

8  Lolly Goggin   decent 2nd at this level in latest........cut back of 1/2 furlong sure looks like a good thing......1 for 1 at 6F and the win was at CD on it's conventional dirt surface

7  Jimini Christmas   another who should appreciate 1/2 furlong less.......won at Fpx last year in 2nd lifetime 2nd out after the layoff seems like a good thing

9  Punch Drunk   last looks like a gimme off of the extended layoff to tighten up...... and...... go go go 2nd out after the layoff today

2  On Time Again    dangerous Mitchell drop down

6  Warren's China Doll    doubt a winner but can grab a small piece of the pie



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