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Hollywood for Sunday 18 November 2012


My apologies for not knowing that rain was occurring yesterday in L.A. as I usually keep close tabs on the local weather of all three S Cal tracks. But I have to tell you the Hollywood Cushion track was nuts yesterday. I can't say it tracks on conventional dirt and AW tracks that contain moisture are bad news. Form is out the window. I would have been out of the sport 30 years ago if off track conditions occurred more than not.

Please if someone living close to one of the 3 S Cal tracks could shoot me an email anytime you are relatively sure that wet or very windy weather is likely in your area.

Tough card today but lately that has been a good thing. Sure hope they stay on the grass as both turf races made good sense if they do.


race 1    slightly below average clarity

8  Old Topper   very consistent and seems healthy and many in here do not.......solid history both at Hollywood and at the distance

4  Indycat   good 1st after the claim run 2 back so Carava  raised up in claiming....tossed a clunker....smartly given time to rebound....drops to a level this mare can handle

7  Fifth Commandment   filly is on the decline but the works suggest she is healthy enough to run and possibly handle 2 claiming notches above the very bottom.......trainer has had a dull year but seems to be heating things up this Fall

1  Magic Mama   deep closer had an obvious turf tightener over her head in last......seems meant and ready today at a track and distance she handles well

Long-shot possibilities:   5  Lady Rochelle   bad news on conventional dirt......3 for 6 on the AW......drops to a more realistic level


race 2    slightly above average clarity  

(I can live with the same selections if the race is taken off of the turf)

6  Candy's Jewel   on the right end of the learning curve.......very powerful dirt race in latest running wide near a solid pace and still snatching a close 2nd....1st on the green carpet but owns a good pedigree for extremely reassuring work series

2  Tiznow Or Then   another on the improve with every start.....likely to move forward 2nd out after the layoff

7  Song of Honor   good MSW debut (on the turf) in last......checked hard early out of the gate and then showed she is a bonafide grass cutter......trainer is better with 2nd timers

8  Sumerian   clunker in last........good MSW debut grass run 2 back.......time off to recovery.........blinkers on and the works suggest that the equipment change has turned her around......positive rider switch


race 3    average clarity

3  Sparkling Style   sure like the blinkers off here......2 easy wins running from just off of it last Spring at 7 furlongs at Baffert smartly takes the blinker off to slow this girl down in the early stages....7 1/2 furlongs seems like a great fit

2  Willa B Awesome   turf tune-up/tightener in last......full throttle today on a surface this fully appreciates....solid if she brings her "A game"

6  Going For A Spin   likes the distance......likes the Hollywood AW........most of the trainers stock are firing.......and gets a positive rider switch.....that'll do

4  Camille C   training lights out out of nowhere.....likes the all weather surface at Hollywood......potentially sitting on a vastly improved effort


race 4    slightly below average clarity

NOTE:  15  Streets of Heaven has a shot if he draws into the field from the AE list

11  Poker Dave     last race off of a long layoff was a win on a significant drop in more then two years but has a work series that suggests he is meant and ready and he is running at the lowest level of his career....very positive sign that Bejarano is up

10  Low Gear Power   consistent late runner owns 4 wins and 5 2nd's at today's distance....small step up hints he is doing well

8  Fire Break   woke up some in latest both in final time and early no. 10 it is a good sign that Miller steps this 7 year old up a notch......might be poised for a move forward

12  Megaride   seemingly does his best running at Hollywood and just worked a solid bullet drill at SA......would have rated higher if it wasn't for a nasty post in which to start

Long-shot possibilities:    1  Nonsense   up the track in last his 1st out after the Bonde claim......but.....the work regiment since hints he is doing before his last were dull.......hmmmm.....and gets a good post when the stout horses in the field all have to cope with difficult posts


race 5    slightly below average clarity

4  Dr. Spin   good looking stretch drive late in last his 1st ever at a route....back in 23 days and 3 works since his last.....feeling really good....Drysdale means business

2  I'm Wide Awake   turf legged up....back to the AW where he ran an impressive MSW debut in August both in pace and final time.....looks loose here and might never looks back

7  R S Watson   hello route racing.....big wake up 1st at a route of ground in last......last fits fine.....better would be icing on the cake

3  Cruise Director   last sure looks a sprint tune-up in his MSW debut to tighten up and be at full throttle 1st ever at a route.......Ellis has won with many a 2nd starter with this maneuver over the years


race 6    slightly above average clarity

picks are 4-5-2-1 if the race is taken off the turf

4  Hurricane Lake   expensive claim for someone like Sherlock and he gets Bejarano to accept the mount....very positive rider change especial for the grass......1 for 1 at the distance on the turf and the race was at Hollywood

5  Megastar   also just claimed......solid reassuring drill since the claim....and a major league rider change to Gomez from a capable but cold rider in Valdivia

3  Arraignment   Valdivia gets to prove me wrong here riding this consistent Ellis route grass horse

2  So Elite   last sure looks like a needed race....full throttle this afternoon 2nd out after the layoff and 2nd time out under the guidance of Blacker who has won 2 of his last 4 2nd time new trainer


race 7    slightly below average clarity

6  Monterey Tale   Jones has won 10 of his last 20 route to sprint.....yikes...... and Jones is stout 1st time in maiden claiming.......and solid works......that'll do

5  Lico   solid impressive forward move in last......and hasn't missed a beat in the a.m. since hitting the track at 6 day intervals.....rather sure same or better today.....seemingly feeling awfully good

4  Zippingaroundtown   decent mc debut two back on the AW......set a nasty pace (1st time blinkers) and rightfully tired in last in a race down the SA hill turf course......should be prominent from the get go with a good speed rider aboard

3  Greeley Awesome   exits a fast heat of mdn claiming 3oK's with a solid 2nd.....O'Neill like what he saw and smartly steps this colt up a couple of notches....a very good sign


race 8    slightly below average clarity

4  Oscillator   best on the AW and gets to run on the synthetic after 2 so so efforts on the turf and the "real dirt".....very sharp recent  a.m.......underrated jock knows the horse well

1  Miss Lady Ellen   lead type only so far just ran a very significant effort/fig on the grass down the SA hill......won her debut convincingly on the AW.....might be sitting on best ever.....would have been top pick he she had proven off pace ability

8  Twirly Bird   powerful mc debut especially pace wise........good drills since........seems like she remains a happy healthy sort leading into her 2nd lifetime race

3  Sweet Nectar   rider/trainer won last night's nightcap as our top pick.......good team over the last few years.......lifetime best was in her maiden debut.......last race was in being fresh today seems like a good thing


race 9    slightly below average clarity

14  Bull Time   best on the AW and best with the blinkers on......gets both today since he ran a powerful race on 22 August.....and the drills say ready

6  Fatboyfrankie   1st starter finished up his work regiment decently especially for Hess who often doesn't push his 1st timers in the morning too much......and because of this they often go off under the radar and go off at big odds

15  Suancesong   bad trip in last somewhat hides a solid wake-up effort....and runs back in short rest which is often a good thing for the O'Neill barn

10  Unusual Mystery   sure seems to be running into shape.....just keeps getting better one small step at a time......fits fine if the trend stays intact this afternoon

5  Marv   good history for Mullins sprint-route-sprint.....good history for the trainer 2nd time Mullins

4  Stormin Arvin   best ever was at 6 1/2 furlongs on the synthetic.....that is the case today




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