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Hollywood for Thursday 29 November 2012



Rain is in the forecast so buyer beware. Synthetic racetracks do drain well but that doesn't mean that the surface doesn't change sometimes and brings different horses to the forefront. Sure hope we get a nice even main track but I have my doubts.

Good luck as always starting with the aforementioned even playing field


race 1    slightly above average clarity

6  Sense of a Woman   very solid vastly improved work series suggests O'Neill will get this filly to rebound after tossing a clunker in last.....impressive near win 2 back versus the boys at a route

5  Hard Buns   takes that ever significant drop out of MSW racing into maiden claiming.....1st on the AW but if this filly duplicates her turf route run in last she will be a very solid contender for the circle of joy today

1  Diamond Flush   2 useful sprint races under her belt......... 40% drop in mdn claiming.....and a major rider change from a cold rider to a Eclipse Award winning hot rider

7  Amy's Cashin In   doubt a winner here unless (smaller piece of the pie more likely) unless this filly moves forward in her 1st ever at a route of ground


race 2    average clarity    if off the turf (avg. clarity)  3 - 6 - 4

6  Remarkable Moon   solid forward move in last to lifetime best.......bred well to appreciate 1 1/4 miles on the grass and acts like she wants to run all day long.......retains the red hot Gomez and when he is hot there is nobody better by my book

3  Quaintly   good history back in relatively short rest........4 weeks qualifies........1 1/4 miles of grass to cover is a proven good fit......decent history at Hollywood

2  Salez   have doubts this Euro invader is ready off of the 14+ month hiatus from racing but she sure fits as well as anyone in the field if she is


race 3    slightly below average clarity

9  Streets of Heaven   trainer has been on fire the 2nd 1/2 of 2012......stout history for this 7 year old at the distance and at Hol........just worked a solid 4F last week which was one of the strongest drills this gelding has produced in some time....might be feeling awfully good

1  Half Dome Dude   sure looks well worked/prepared off of the 2 month layoff to be able to handle 1/2 the claiming level Sadler claimed this guy for 2 races is called "get out time".........and break about even if they win and they lose the horse at the claiming box

8  Classy Lion   Knapp runner sure appears to be on the rebound........another claimer working awfully well off of a short break......and 2nd straight rise in claiming price (this time of $6K) suggests Knapp has this runner even sharper 

5  Cayambe   1st out after the claim for Spawr is often a dangerous thing when he is out of jail with a claim and yet places him higher than the level he took the horse for.....solid somewhat subtle drill on the training track at SA might be overlooked


race 4    slightly below average clarity

1  Last Sting   mare's ability is diminishing but I believe she wakes up to some degree here.....amazingly this mare has only been on the AW twice in her career and those 2 AW races were two of the best efforts of her career....both were at Hol and both races were coming off grass races 

2  Tweetie Pie   connections might have gotten a little too ambitious with this filly.....back to the level she last won at........significant rider upgrade.....should fit fine if she handles her 1st ever on the synthetic

6  Malusita   lead type only will try to shake the 9 horse early and get away and wire the field.....decent history on the Hol AW and 5 for 8 lifetime at the distance

9  Katy's Kitty   might be best on the Hol synthetic.......needs to avoid a suicidal duel with our 3rd pick......has run and won from off of the pace in the past.......seems wise to try that strategy here


race 5    average clarity   if off the turf  (slightly below avg. clarity)   10 - 8 - 5 -7

7  Toluca   both lifetime grass efforts are better than par for today's racing level......reassuring work series especially for someone like Jeff Mullins who has had a great 2012 with his grass runners

8  English Rhythm   may not have been too crazy about the SA hill turf course in latest.....race two back at today's distance is better than par and fits solidly here......nice tightly spaced series of 4 drills is most reassuring

10  Miss Speed Dialing   solid forward move in last 1st time with the blinkers on......trainer seemingly has been patiently waiting for the same race condition to come it is and like our top two picks she has trained well in the interim

1  Miss Communication   declining horse might be poised for a rebound of sorts winning versus much softer but winning rather easily.......stress free ????.......if so........ should feel good for today's race


race 6    slightly below average clarity

5  Southern Heart    low % trainer but not when he puts the blinkers on for the 1st time like today........solid turf tightener in MSW debut last........60/40 chance he moves forward today and he is to one to overcome if he does

1  The Brain   MSW debut was quite good but the next two races are not.....has always trained well and those impressive drills have all been at Hollywood....1st time this Baffert runner gets to race on the Hollywood has some dangerous potential today

3  Wild Media   Headley 1st timer is training up to snuff to possibly be ready for his debut into the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing

8  Indian Gods   drills for this Baffert 1st timer aren't as strong as you usually see from him but this isn't that stout of a field

Long-shot possibilities:   7  Prized By Buck   ran 2nd in mc debut as our 99 to 1 long-shot selection on 10 November.....was very game (especially for a 1st timer) in the stretch closing in and out of stretch traffic........not impossible today with a solid move forward


race 7    slightly above average clarity

4  Mamma Kimbo   powerful works for this laid up Grade 2 winning Baffert filly who is capable of holding together off of sizzling fractions.......very few are.......awfully tough to catch if the track plays fair

3  Vision in Gold   fits the race condition extremely well........has run well fresh in the past and the work regiment put in strongly suggests Ron Ellis has this quality mare ready to roll fresh off of the bench this Thursday afternoon

2  Sister Moon   has only run 4 races in 1 1/3 years but all four races are stellar efforts......few reasons not to believe that Baffert won't get another impressive effort out of this filly once again


race 8    average clarity

5  Flash Royale   prolonged tightly spaced work series appears to have this Puype 1ster all wound up and ready to roll in her MSW debut.......Gryder/Pupye have made for a good team of late

6  Irish Presence   good move forward in 2nd lifetime start........didn't care much for route racing in 3rd lifetime start.......small drop and back to a sprint in 4th lifetime spot.....shot for best ever today and that would make this baby fit well here

8  Lady Katfish   3 of 4 lifetime races fit well at today's slightly lower level.......switch to 1st time Bejarano..........and that is often a good thing

2  Calameera   works look good enough especially for the likes of trainer Richard Baltas who has had most of his stock ready to compete at a high level the last couple of months

7  She's a Go Girl   on the right end of the learning curve.........trouble if keeps the trend intact this afternoon

1  Truly Beautiful    not too hot in MSW debut but.......Marty Jones is often more dangerous with 2nd time starters




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