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Hollywood for Friday 30 November 2012


We didn't get much rain yesterday and we got the same speed favoring semi-inside track we saw last weekend but there seems to be a greater chance for more precipitation today. Hope it doesn't mess with the surface too much. We shall see.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

7  Greeley Awesome   all career races on the main track fit including his only route on 1 September at Dmr which was somewhat hidden as he was on the lead under pressure running on a dull inside

5  Bro Derek   seemingly ran himself into shape........strong fig (at a route on the sod in last) considering today's significantly lower level......connections mean business here 1st ever up for a tag

2  Louisthefifteenth   decent effort 2 back at Fpx running wide throughout and did well to only get beat by 8.......poor in latest but re-worked and the time off preparing in the morning seems to have done some good....still.......will need best ever today

4  Derekson   not exactly been moving forward lately but is working quite a bit more aggressively in the a.m.......shot to rebound in the p.m.....still like our 3rd pick he will need today to be his best to date to have a shot at the winners circle


race 2    slightly above average clarity  (if off the turf   4-6-5-2)

6  Unusual Beam   checked hard on the 2nd turn or most likely would have graduated in latest....earned his best ever adjusted for trouble fig.....back in short rest and that has been a good thing a few times in the past

4  Ashley's Bambino   gelding has shown enough effort in all 4 lifetime races to have won any of rider today in hopes of getting a cleaner trip

7  Magnum Force   2 sprints under his belt......very sharp bullet drill especially for Jones who doesn't push them too hard in the a.m. usually........all set for 1st attempt at running long

2  Deception Free   would need a big forward move to handle the top two here if they run their race.....smaller piece of the pie more likely for this Eurton runner


race 3    average clarity

1  Big Hands Al    best meeting for Hector Palma in many a moon........colt likes the front end and has a shot of getting it here....believe he might be able to chase if need be

5  Won Won Oh Five   has done little wrong in all 4 lifetime route races on main track surfaces.....might get a nice alone stalk position with the 1 and the 3 horse knocking heads

7  Sidepocket Kid   does his best running at Hollywood and I can't recall the last time this 4 year old worked so well....dangerous late runner here

2  Star Navigator    lead type only will need to avoid a suicidal duel with our top pick......not impossible if he gets loose setting reasonable fractions


race 4    average clarity

5  Senor Rain   back in the Miller barn after Tom Amoss had for awhile in the Midwest.....strong bullet drill and drops into claiming.....Miller not messing around

6  Buffalo Billy   solid history sprinting  including one race on the AW in work tab.....fits well here

1  Distort This   sure like when a speed-ball rates successfully for the 1st time as this colt did in his last....smartly steps up.....Sadler is having a very solid Hol meeting so far

4  Grumpy Small Mouth   colt fits fine versus these running at 6 furlongs or he must overcome his tendency to flatten out in races beyond 6F.......maybe new trainer Moger 1st out off of the claim can get a little more endurance out of him


race 5    slightly above average clarity    (if off the turf  3-5-8-2)

5  Dream Catcher   consistent strong late grass runner sure acts as if 1/8th more is well within his reach......and his pedigree is good for longer distance grass racing

8  Te Rapa   proven at the distance and very tough when he brings his "A game" but he can be a little hard for a rider to handle at times or I would have made him my top selection

2  Swift Eagle   controlling speed in this affair and with Garrett Gomez up.....that is a scary proposition

3  Reachforthebucks   improved some in last.....good drills since.....and well proven at longer distances in Great Britain.....and a positive rider change


race 6    slightly above average clarity

1  Fabulous Fit   bad trip in latest versus better (albeit on the sod) hides a major forward move.....bit surprised Cassidy puts this one up for claiming but if her health is still intact she should be a handful

4  Rock Me Up   bad trip in last disguises a decent layoff effort.......very bad trip in lifetime debut 3 races back on the Hol AW was much better than appears in print.....jockey upgrade.....big shot with a reasonable trip

7  Queen Mercury   on the improve since the blinkers were removed 5 races back......small barn retains Bejarano for the 6th straight time.....gotta lika that

8  Tiz A Route   best of the rest.......doubt a winner.....smaller chunk of the purse pie only


race 7    average clarity   (if off the turf   8-7-2-6)

7  Missdealornodeal   best horse and would have won last two turf races if it wasn't for two bad trips in a row.....back to Bejaran0 who owns the last two victories for this consistent hard trying sort.....3 for 4 at Hol on the grass at 6F

8  Kune Kane   very good opportunity for Gomez to stalk a somewhat suspect leader in the 6 horse......Drysdale filly has won 3 of her last 4 over a 15 month period

6  Cougarstown    trainer is good with shippers and his 4 year old filly looks loose on the lead here......shot if smaller circuit jock can relax her in the early stages

2  Jet Blue Girl   very consistent grass cutter........would have rated higher if it wasn't for Talamo getting off of her to ride the 5 horse who scratched


race 8    slightly below average clarity

5  Single N Lovin It   races lack speed and this filly has shown a little in the past.....blinkers on today and an excellent gate jock aboard.......shot to be the controlling speed in this affair.......added bonus of being able to run from off of it if need be

10  Sunshine High   has handled far outside posts in the past and was able to produce solid early speed in those races having to deal with those posts.......another with a possible speed advantage an affair lacking it

7  Trapper's Reward   laid off for nearly 3 months but has a nice series of drills during the interim......7 furlongs seems like a decent fit and it won't be for many in this affair

9  Sheskey   consistent sort but I doubt she is a winner because she is a major league hanger

1  Unusual Jewel   last sure looks like the layoff gimme to tighten up and go go go this afternoon

3  Akeela    blinkers off and the AW produced a nice win at GG.....bothers to ship to step up from 4K to 8K.....might feel real good




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