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Santa Anita for Sunday 30 December 2012


Should be interesting to see how the track plays drying out today. Card seems decent if we get an even playing field.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

6  Eula B.   sharp little 3F drill since last.......back in short rest has been a plus in the past........strong races last year on the SA trainer will be out to impress

1  Mary Contrary   seems best at SA.........6F is a good fit.......mid pack runner seemingly will get ample pace to close into.......rider upgrade

2 Royal Tiger   ran well versus quite a bit better in last yet connections only have to risk dropping $7,500 in claiming today to face mentioned above this might set up to be a decent spot to run just off of the pace and that most likely will be where Bejarano will put this 5 year old mare

4  Miss Lady Tiger


race 2    slightly above average clarity

5  Maker Or Breaker    excellent work regiment for this Baffert runner who has done little wrong in 3 lifetime starts........last effort which was her 1st ever on the SA conventional dirt and at today's distance was rather was run off of 2 months rest.......same time off today

3  Distracting    1st at a route but bred well to handle one......looks loose in this spot with the red hot Bejarano aboard for Baffert.......very dangerous

1  Charm The Maker   been facing better for too long of a time......finally placed where she might get a confidence builder.......should be motoring late on a surface she appreciates


race 3    slightly above average clarity

3  Humor Me   stout drills for a 2 year old filly 1st timer.......Baffert means business 1st out of the box finishing off this fillies a.m. work with 3 consecutive gate drills 2 of which were bullets

1  Scherzinger   trainer is hot and that is usually a very danger proposition when a new thoroughbred shows up in his barn........this one is from Crc which is a hot bed for producing some decent youngsters

6  Unseen Visitor   useful debut 29 days ago.......two decent works since the switch over to Santa Anita from Hollywood.......likely to move forward today for Mike Puype......solid rider/trainer combo the last 2 months 


race 4    average clarity

(if off the turf    below average clarity   5-7-2-9)

8  Missdealornodeal   easily the best in her latest at today's same FNW2 level.....compromised by a bad trip......4 solid 2nd's sprinting on the sod since French claimed in mid July......likes the SA hill

5  Best Present Ever   very good history on the majestic SA hill turf course......race lacks speed and this filly has some.......drills hint that this Kruljac runner is poised for a top effort

6  Kune Kune   somewhat short on numbers but might be loose on the lead in this spot with Garrett Gomez in control of things.....that is a dangerous proposition

3  Chokecherrymary


race 5    below average clarity

3  Warren's Cliff S.   should be muscled up coming off of a MSW debut turf tightener.........pedigree for conventional dirt seems alright.........takes the ever significant drop from MSW racing to maiden claiming

4  Bugsy Losty   exits a very fast heat (way back in mid June) where getting beat by 7+ lengths wasn't too bad.......also finished up late looking awfully strong and galloped out nicely.....route racing might be a good fit

8  Louisthefifteenth   significant awakening with the blinkers removed in latest.......solid here if repeats the ever back on the conventional dirt

6  Bro Derek

Long-shot possibilities:   5  Whilly Pink   mc debut last sure appears to be nothing more than part of a solid prolonged work regiment leading to a full throttle go for this afternoon........owns some good drills on the SA surface including a bullet 6F drill on Nov. 7th

race 6    slightly below average clarity

2  Won Won Oh Five   being a true route runner seems like a distinct advantage in this field.......2 wins and a second since Talamo took over the riding responsibility 3 races back

4  Just Tripping   was able to win last which was at today's 1 1/16 distance despite being wide and close to a solid pace......deservedly steps up a few levels

5  Trucial State   trainer is stout turf to dirt........logical drop in claiming here (taken for $40K at the claiming box) after 4 consecutive so so efforts at the $50K level

7  Generations


race 7    average clarity

8  Chinese Praise    Miller is stellar getting horse's to fire fresh off of the bench as this gelding is........last 3 races on the convention dirt at SA are strong......prolonged tightly spaced work regiment says wound up and ready to roll

1  Streets of Heaven   distance good......trainer good......surface fits.......consistency is good........and takes a logical drop of 2 levels back to where trainer Richard Baltas snatched this 7 year old gelding for

2  Tweebster   Baffert runner drops from the sky.......murder at the 12.500 level if he is still in relatively good condition......toss a coin

4  Secret Jackpot

Long-shot possibilities:   6  Big Bad Brown   gelding has made impressive rebounds the last two times running off of clunkers........beaten badly in last....drops........just popped a bullet work out of nowhere.........hmmmmm


race 8     slightly above average clarity

(if off the turf   average clarity   2-9-8-3)

9  Tiz Flirtatious   very powerful efforts/figs in last two grass races especially her 1 mile effort in her latest.......4 lbs off is nice......1st time at 1 1/8 but bred fine to handle the extra 1/8

2  Halo Dolly   the epitome of like she will fire once again........very hard trying sort seems to come thru for yours truly whenever I think she fits well in a race.......I'd be a rich man if more thoroughbreds were like about a horse that owes me nothing

3  Qaraaba   decent 1st in the good old U S of A in latest......can upset if builds upon the effort.......5 lbs off should help accomplish the task

8  More Chocolate


race 9    slightly above average clarity

4  Shame On Alex   solid forward move in 2nd lifetime race.......3 solid works since......takes a small drop......sure looks tough if handles 1st ever on the conventional dirt

5  Unmarked Bills   two of three races on the SA main track are quite a bit better than par......last might have been a turf gimme (or at least a race on the turf to make sure he didn't like it a lot) to drop and go 1st time in mdn claiming today

8  Mind The Master   2 of 4 lifetime races fit well here including his last......blinkers off and a bullet work......steps up one level.......both hint this gelding is sitting on a good effort

9  Tassano

7  Hold'em Hustler

2  Isle Of Perfection



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