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Santa Anita for Saturday 26 January 2013


Sorry about the sparse comments in the 2nd 1/2 of the card but I got paranoid about the races staying on the grass so I had to study for that occurring. Extra picks again because of anticipated copious scratches.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity 

(picks are for off the turf)  if on the turf  8-2-5-4

4  You Can Dream   barn my have anticipated the race being taken off the grass because she is good on the dirt and weak on the grass......good history back in short rest and that is the case today

8  Sassy Suances    impressive win when last scene in January of 2012 and the race was run off of 3 1/2 months rest......bit more of a challenge for Vienna to have her ready off of a year hiatus but the works are very strong......would have been top pick if it wasn't for my concern about this mare handling the off track

7  My Brite Caroline   another who seems like she was entered with the thought that this race would be moved to the dirt.......good history on conventional dirt and a improved recent drill

3  Sweet Baguette


race 2    average clarity

6  Caviar Dreams   best set of works for a Denise Breuer 1st timer I have ever seen........speed and endurance in her training.......decent off track pedigree

2  Saticoy    another 1st timer that has show good speed and good endurance in his work regiment.......and his breeding to handle an off surface is OK.....I expect this Gary Mandella 1ster to show good early speed

8  Back To Bako    blinkers off in last did not work......back on today and just popped a blistering bullet work.....1st time Bejarano.......trainer sure has been on an extended roll

4  Storm Fighter


race 3    slightly below average clarity 

(picks are for off the turf)  if on the turf 2-4-6-3

7  Real Heat   lone dirt race is impressive and it is disguised by a tough trip.......ran wide on an inside bias and it was in a quarter of a million Stakes race.....blinkers on and the recent a.m. work is good

8  Uno Dos Adios   off since his MSW debut last Sept. (when he ran better than appears in print) but is working extremely well for his return to the race wars

6  Lemon Drop Kid   tossed jock and ran off and scratched as favorite on Jan 4th.......that says Asmussem likely had this laid off colt ready.........3 good looking works since

11  Rosengold

1  Say Ow


race 4   average clarity

3  Scarlet Strike     lifetime best was lone effort on the SA main track......2nd in a Grade 1 and she ran a bit wide on an inside day......and she owns a solid pedigree to handle an off condition

6  Heir Kitty    powerful finishes since the blinkers were taken off......big race last summer turf to AW......turf to "dirt" today......OK off pedigree

4  Switch To The Lead    6F last sure seems like a public work-out because this fily is back in 5 days and with the blinkers back on.....good rider trainer team won a race as recently as yesterday


race 5    average clarity  

(picks are for off the turf)   if on the turf   3-7-4-6-2

7  Halo Dolly   ultra consistent......2 for 2 on conventional dirt.......never trained better

3  Tiz Flirtatious   proven ability on conventional dirt.........wins if runs as well as her last two on the sod.......but I think she is best on turf

4  Chokecherrymary

8  Dancingtothestars


race 6    slightly below average clarity

8  Doinghardtime Again   hard to be anymore impressive in the a.m........tightly spaced and yet still very fast works.....yikes

5  Jade With Envy   still a MSW but her 2 races are quite nicely and I sure like her pedigree to get a route and handle an off track.....dangerous upset the apple cart trainer

6  Unusual Way

7  Tilde

3  Awe Golly Molly


race 7    average clarity

1  Omega Star   lost to a next out Stakes winner in the Big Apple two back in MSW debut......then was most impressive winning at SA.....blocked badly and still won for fun

6  Fighting Hussar   sharp right now......bred well to get a route of ground.......and bred well to handle off tracks

8  Monument

5  Lovemeister


race 8    average clarity

4  Teddy's Promise   good at 7F and just won impressively on an off track at SA......such a deal for the connections to catch another off track....good history with Espinoza

8  Kindle    showed blistering speed last Fall on an off track at SA.....broke slowly and was still able to set a very fast half......speed of the speed's speed done to this point?

2  Distracting

1  Journaliste

5  Belle Of The Hall


race 9    below average clarity 

(picks are for off the turf)   if on the turf 3-1-2-4-6

1  Jules Journey   bred to run the 1 1/8th and also runs as if the added distance will be to his benefit

6  John Scott   last was very poor........but multiple very bad trip big efforts in many of his previous races.....wins if rebounds

2  Swift Eagle

8  Thirtyfirststreet

3  Big Bang Theory


race 10    slightly below average clarity

5  Hidethegoodstuff   nice MSW debut chasing a fast pace and still sticking around for 2nd...last fits....more and she will be very stout

7  Rockin Cowgirl   continues to work like a very nice horse at Tup......cut back of 1/2 furlong should help her last on her likely loose lead

4  Cayton

11  Warren's Dixi Bell

10  Atta Girl Alma

13  Could Be Trouble








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