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Santa Anita for Friday 8 February 2013


Seems like an average card and average is OK by me.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

8  Spacecoast    filly sure is on the improve.......doesn't even need more here as her last should do the hot jock stays up

5  Pastoria   dangerous speed......dangerous speed rider......dangerous trainer 3rd out after layoffs which is the case here

6  Daze   last is quite a bit better than appears in print......dueled in par like pace on a semi-dull rail......and now drops a couple of mdn claiming notches

2  As Usual


race 2    slightly below average clarity

5  Channel The Gold   ship in for Conlon showed significant early gas in her last route grass race at GP........blinkers on and drops for her 1st on the dirt.......pedigree is good for dirt and solid speed jock up.......hmmmm

4  Malibu Honey   good work tab (not great) for this Baffert 1st timer.......still seems dangerous in a high priced maiden claimer

2  Circular Logic   useful MSW debut should have this Mitchell charge ready to compete for the win especially at today's slightly lower level


race 3    average clarity

4  Funny Belle   seems likely to get a nice ground saving chase or mid pack position in this spot......and Hollendorfer is very stout (especially dropping) 2nd start after he takes over the training duties for a horse

10  Tornado Alley    this filly seems to respond when give 6 weeks or more between starts.......that is the case here.......and the recent works also suggest an improved effort are in the cards for today

1  Four Better   red hot rider Bejarano (and 1st time Bejarano) has won 2 of last 3 mounts for O' that says to me that there is a good chance of a positive form reversal here........big race 1st in the U S of A 5 races back......that race would handle these

3  Blushing Martha


race 4    average clarity

4  Bet On Victor   claimed for 12,500 so drop to 10,000 after only 1 win in 5 starts for Glatt makes sense.....and Glatt seems to be in win mode of late

5  Streets Of Heaven   ironically almost the same scenario as above...... claimed for 12,500 and 5 races since.....but in this case no wins since......trainer makes the most with his limited starts per year

7  Idontrollonshabbos   not the best of trips in last.....including being blocked in the stretch or could have been right there at the wire

3  Arresting Officer


race 5    average clarity

2  Senor Rain    3 wins and 3 2nd's in 6 races at 6 furlongs.....yikes......seems like a sharp claim for Hollendorfer and he has him spotted well

3  Love That Action   drop should help......1st time Gomez on a closer seems like a good move......and 1 for 1 at 6 furlongs and the race was at SA and was his MSW debut

6  Tummel   sure is on the upswing since the blinkers were added 4 races back....might be feeling best of career for Sherman for him to step up 2 levels of claiming

4  Sir Allison


race 6    average clarity

7  Catienus Gold   solid races the last two times that this filly sprinted on "fast" dirt.....and the works suggest this runner is awfully sharp

8  Mary Contrary   good history on the SA dirt......and the works since her last are improved......rather sure this one moves forward today

2  Bench Beauty   laid up since May when she was vanned off but looks mended and ready to roll fresh off of the bench with an impressive prolonged work series

6  Sunland Vintage


race 7    average clarity

4  Majestic Jewel   1st on conventional dirt but this filly has always trained great on it and finally gets to run on it in the p.m......1st time (on fire) Bejarano too

3  Hail Mary   very solid MSW debut win going away......that was on an off track but her pedigree says that a fast track should be a good fit as well.....Michell runners have been firing on all cylinders of late

1  Good Party   toss out last as she appeared to dislike a route and/or the off going........won her sprint dirt MSW debut 2 back quite easily despite 6 1/2 lengths of trip trouble

5  Swiss Bliss


race 8    average clarity

Catquest   not much in last which was way back in April but nice debut effort 2 back......and now drops a couple of claiming notches...... and has never trained better.....believe meant and ready fresh off of the bench

11  Solid South   off 11 months but drops from MSW to the bottom.......and 1st time Jones training .....a very dangerous scenario

10  Cold Bay   unless we get enough rain to make it an off track this gelding and price shot is 1st time fast dirt and he is working well....handles turf and handles AW....has adequate pedigree to handle conventional dirt........hmmm

8  Run Charlie Run

7  Ruled By Kisses

9  Goodbye Charlie




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