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Hollywood for Saturday 27 April 2013


Nice race card today as this special day for California Bred or Sired quite often is.

Don't forget to sign up for our full card Kentucky Derby selections as soon as possible as it helps me out preparing the email list that goes out early evening on Friday May 3rd.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

6  Hail Mary   powerful race in last.......and powerful works since suggest she has held form.......1st on the AW but owns a good pedigree for it

3  Hidethegoodstuff   has run well on fast and off dirt surfaces.....has run well on the seems likely to handle one more (the AW) especially with her pedigree

4  Secret Genius   good forward move in last and steps up in class today.....which hints this Knapp filly will show even more this afternoon

7  Warren's Gussie


race 2    slightly below average clarity

6  Queen Of The Hill   very good work tab for such a low level of racing........laid up since July but she popped for a win in her maiden debut...... so....... fresh might be a good thing

2  Glorious Memories    competitive in 4 of 5 lifetime races and the one effort she wasn't competitive she probably was injured because she was laid up after the race for 9 months

7  Smil'n From Above   another consistent sort on main track surfaces........but she tends to hang......T C Baze will need to be very aggressive if she is in the hunt late today as she often is

5  Honey Duex


race 3    average clarity

5  Tribal Dude   just fired lifetime best on the grass (and better than par)  in last at today's distance.......1st ever on the Bhp AW but most horse's that handle the grass handle the Hollywood synthetic

7  Meydan Magic    Julio Canani is not a 1st time out of the box maiden trainer......but.....he is outstanding with 2nd time starters.........and the 1st start is pretty expect much more from this gelding today

2  Distinctive Courage   tightly spaced prolonged work series for this Machowsky 1ster seemingly has this colt wound up and ready to roll for his MSW debut

3  Awesome Okee   tie for 4th

4  Ethnic Dance   tie for 4th


race 4    slightly above average clarity

3  Doinghardtimeagain   filly has plenty of talent and she is ultra consistent......combine that with one of the hottest trainer/rider combo in the good old U S of A over the past 3 months and it should make for one tough nut here

4  Unusual Way   love when a LTO (lead type only) learns to rate and that is the case here........filly has shown she can handle the Hollywood synthetic

6  Jade With Envy    back to the Bhp AW which I believe this filly appreciates the most........back to back bullet 6F drills seemingly has her sitting on her lifetime best

2  Sweet Marini


race 5    average clarity

1  Mel's Game   3 straight wins at 7F all with strong late finishes sure bodes well for handling the seldom run 7 1/2 furlong distance.........very impressive reassuring work tab for this colt who sure looks ready for the big time this afternoon

2  Kate's Game    last 3 of 4 races fit well here and the latest is disguised by a somewhat subtle bad trip........and those "subtle" bad trips are important in this day and age of everyone having access to race replays

6  John Scott     easily would be top pick if this was a two turn affair......but it isn't.....still a very dangerous sort at this extended one turn distance of 7 1/2F

7  Rock Me Baby


race 6    average clarity

3  Super Ability   on the improve with every start.....and a recent bullet 46:2H drill strongly suggest the learning process continues today

2  Red Telsa   vastly improved in latest both final time wise and pace wise.......would have easily been top pick if this race was on conventional dirt.......but of course it is not.......but then again this Baffert runner sure works well on the Bhp AW

6  Raised A Secret   found about 6+ lengths of trip trouble in last and only got beat by 3 1/2L.....smooth things out trip wise......handle his 1st ever on the AW......and then you should have a contender

5  Derby Gold


race 7    average clarity

6  Facoltoso   1st ever U S of A race running off of short rest.....good history overseas running off of short rest in races on the grass at today's 1 mile distance......very logical drop in claiming......colt has been running over his head since arriving in this Country

3  Diamondsdiplomat   sure looks loose as a goose here with a good speed turf ride aboard and will have to be caught

5  Mega Heat   another with a logical drop into fairly high priced claiming.....very good opportunity to stalk our 2nd pick and attempt and go on by in the stretch and hold off the late runners

8  Mcallister Boys


race 8    average clarity

3  Teddy's Promise   best horse in the field by plenty if she brings her A game and she likes seven furlongs so I doubt 7 1/2F will be much off a problem for her

6  Sugarinthemorning    inconsistent sort can upset our top pick if she fires her very best and if our top pick fires a little less than her very best........tough call if she up to the task at hand this hint she might be

10  Dancingtothestars    this O'Neill runner sure responds for jockey  Mario Gutierrez.....and she likes the Bhp AW.....and she runs as if the extended one turn distance of 7 1/2F will be a good fit

8  Ismene


race 9    average clarity

3  Nina's Dragon   toss out last at the Fair Grounds as this Lloyd Mason runner dislikes conventional ever was his race 2 back which was run at today's 1 1/8th distance on the GG AW.......2 very stout reassuring drills at GG since his clunker at FG

8  Tiz a Minister    would be top pick if this race was on conventional dirt......has a little more to prove on the AW and he might do just that today

6  Surfcup   fired best ever in last and it was somewhat hidden by not the best of trips.....likely needs a little more today and might give it considering his trainer is Mr Bob Baffert

4  Omega Star


race 10    average clarity

10  Stylish In Black   Bobby Grayson is capable with 1st timers and he sure has this filly awfully wound up and seemingly ready to roll

3  Mia Lady   stout trainer S Callaghan sends out very few 1st timers but he sure can get Euro laid up runners ready at 1st that and the strong work tab makes this a dangerous debut runner

9  Lakeside Bride   turf gimme......turf gimme......full throttle go today on the AW which this filly appears to like the most.....blinkers on and a nice drill.....back to Bejarano

12  I'm No Patsy   not much of a trainer with 1sters but the works are too good to ignore

2  Onemoresweetkiss

1  Warren's Veneda











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