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Hollywood for Friday 31 May 2013


Another decent looking card for today and as I mentioned yesterday Thursday through Saturday all seemed to be rather good race cards.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Jesse's Giacomo   all but one race in five fits solidly here since the blinkers became part of this fillies arsenal

5  Ella Bea Awesome   was rapidly improving until she clipped heels at Fpx in mid Sept......tossed too poor (probably hurting) efforts after that until O'Neill decided to stop on the seems to have done some good because the work regiment hints she is once again feeling fine

3  Wellington Beauty   obviously a bad claim by Miller as he drops her claiming price in more race left in her?.........who knows........toss a coin


race 2    slightly above average clarity

2  Ever Alert   hot trainer especially with Maldonado up........arguably two of this gelding's best were up in class off of relatively short rest......and that is the case here

3  Mr T Bird   new trainer takes over (Puype) and drops this runner into claiming.....only other time this fellow ran in a claiming race he produced his lone lifetime win.......hmmmm

4  Warren's Big Cat    best late kick and a positive rider change (I think)......not impossible to run by them all late although probably not if we get a repeat of yesterday's speed favoring track


race 3    slightly above average clarity

5  Syndicated   very hidden forward move in latest......dueled in fast pace on a dull inside and tired as anyone would.........and cut back to a sprint seems like a good thing......1st on the AW but is training well on it

6  Justa Runner   Baffert 1st timer sure is working as if he is 100% ready to roll 1st time out of the box......would be surprised if this 3 year old didn't fire an impressive MSW debut

3  Powerful    Drysdale is poor with 1st timers these days but this 1,400K purchase (yikes) works like he might be ready


race 4    average clarity

6  Mile High Bunk   last might have been a tune-up but whether it was or wasn't it is a strong effort considering today's lower 1/2 the price claiming level........and it is somewhat disguised by a bad trip

4  Flashy Delight   another fire sale by Peter Miller (see race no. 1) after seemingly a bad claim.......healthy enough or not........that is the obvious question

3  Warrens Venedalucy   last 3 times this Deleon runner ran on the Hollywood synthetic seem good enough to compete for the win here.....has run well in the past with short rest of 2 or 3 weeks.......trainer attempts to get a good run out of her with only 6 days rest this time

8  Warren's Morgan


race 5    below average clarity

7  Door's Open   very strong move forward (to make it 2 for 2 lifetime) both in pace and final time......1st on the grass but seemingly has decent enough grass breeding to handle today's transition from conventional dirt to the turf

3  Toledo Eddie   bad trip in last hides a horse who retained form......broke slow and pressed on a dull rail......did OK to only get beat by 5 1/4 L......1st on the sod but has a pedigree that suggests he should be fine on it

1  U'narack   slow winning turf fig in last but might feel really good as this Hollendorfer runner chased a very soft pace and went on by with little resistance in a seemingly stress-less race.......might feel real good for his attempt to go 2 for 2 on the sod

4  Dixieland Blues


race 6    average clarity

5  Here's To Rose   28 to 1 and 22 to 1 for this Baffert maiden in 2 lifetime starts.....did you ever think you would see that?......big early speed in last......drops from MSW racing........not 20 something to 1 here......shot be prominent from the get go

2  Another Sky   way better than par for today's lower level in last.....that was 8 weeks later she gives the AW a try....sure fits awfully well if she handles the synthetic as well as she handled the turf in her latest

6  Brandon's Princess   broke slow and ran wide in a good looking mdn75K affair.....drops a couple of notches and should benefit from a race under her belt as her trainer is much better with 2nd time starters

7  Holiday n Newport

Long-shot possibilities:   1  Howdoyoufindthered   good race on the AW versus the boys in Ireland last last (1st run in the good old U S of A) might have been tune-up........dangerous sort turf to AW


race 7    average clarity

5  Rowdy Gal   2 for 2 at Hol on the AW......3 for 4 at the distance.......1 for 1 turf to AW which is the case here......and Sadler changes jocks to his go to guy of late

1  Sassy Suances   1st ever on the synthetic but bred to handle it.....decent shot to get loose and lonely on the lead here......2 consecutive OK starts from the 1 that is a plus as he breaks from the 1 hole once again

4  Swimmin Insunshine   solid awakening in his 1st ever on the AW in his recent drill since.......needs to avoid a suicidal speed duel with the 1 horse one way or another

2  Warren's Internet


race 8    average clarity

6  L L Cool Joe  jock lost whip in stretch or might have won as our top pick at 14 to 1.......earned a so so fig......but better than par 2 back when you adjust for trouble and pace........broke a little slow and was caught wide close to a solid pace.......last was OK but what we want a rebound to her effort 2 back

5  Coconut Cream Pie   useful 1st ever on the grass in a 6F race.....back in 8 days for 1st ever around 2 turns hints the turf sprint race was a tune-up to burn off some of the coconut cream pie and muscle up and get a turf route.....good history for Jeff Mullins with such a maneuver

8  John's War   turf MSW debut run in Dec. of last year was horrendous trip wise......had 10 lengths of trip trouble and only lost by 9 1/ trainer for today and working awfully well......same energy as December's race and a good trip and this Gary Mandella runner has a shot

3  That's A Bingo

4  Warren's Rosebud

1  Dow Diva



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