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Fairplex for Saturday 21 September 2013


Seems like an OK card at Fairplex this afternoon and there are four carryovers from yesterday.

Big time horse racing returns this Friday at Santa Anita. I am fresh and ready to roll like a Bob Baffert first timer.


Best of luck as always this afternoon!


race 1    average clarity

3  El Tover   usually shows more early gas than his last which was a nice effort at today's 4F was his 1st ever on conventional dirt

5  Shenzhou   capable of solid early speed and only has 4 furlongs to stick around

2  All The Rocks   good work tab for this 1ster and draws the attention of Pedroza and his agent......good sire and especially of speed types

6  Mr. Cappuccino


race 2    average clarity

3  Only the Gold   runs best on conventional dirt and it showed in his last his 1st ever at Fpx........was only 4L off a blistering 1/2......might be able to sit closer today even at today's shorter distance

7  Blake   exits a fast heat at today's same $5K level with a good 2nd.....and with significant gaps to 3rd and 4th

4  Flying Coastal   toss out last....appeared to hate the synthetic.....back to "real" dirt where he has been very recent bullet drill at Fpx......seems ready to strut his stuff this time around

1  Bag's of Fun


race 3    slightly above average clarity

2  Warren's Tyler S.    on the improve and now we get a significant rider upgrade.....should be flying late with an OK trip

3  Quick Cielo   trainer has been on fire for an extended period of time.......all three lifetime AW races fit....1st on conventional dirt but owns a pedigree that should handle it well

6  Grant   on the right end of the learning curve.......claimed by Kruljac in his latest.......bullet work since claim and on the Fpx surface........seems set for best

8  Senor Pegasus


race 4    average clarity

1  Faster Cat   4 wins....2 2nd's.......and a 3rd since going on Lasix.....and a good breaking obvious plus in this abbreviated 4F sprint

4  Dramatic Allan    Gary Stute is usually good running a horse back in very short rest....and 6 days sure qualifies for "very short rest" our top choice he also has a good history breaking sharply out of the gate

6  Mi Agave   2 of the last 3 races at GG fit well here.......1st on the conventional dirt  seems to be the ? mark.....good rider/trainer team

3  Mark's Cat


race 5    average clarity

3  Song of the Times   useful debut showing good early gas and then tiring late........draws top gun in Maldonado........gate to wire shot today

1  Clemkadiddlehopper   great name......showing my age here........just an OK debut (looks better in print as more than 1/2 the field was wiped out on turn).....but........G Stute as much better with 2nd time starters

6  Hitter's Alley   bet hard in debut.....but no shot in the race.....wiped out on turn one and lost rider......very good sign Pedroza sticks around

9  Horse Laugh

Long-shot consideration:   2  Black Tie   both lifetime starts which were in July were nothing to write home about..........but the recent drills hint this baby is returning a vastly improved horse


race 6    slightly above average clarity

6  Night Tide   trainer is red hot and so are the drills for this Dallas Keen runner.......gelding ran very big on June 8th at LS off of similar significant drills 

4  Street Car   dropping multiple claiming levels and doing it off of some very strong drills.......very dangerous Glatt entry

1  Iron Joe T.   likes the Fpx dirt........last chance to run on it till next is likely to attempt to get the most out of this five-year-old-gelding this afternoon

3  Stone Hot


race 7    slightly below average clarity

5  Victoria Shines   5 3 1 1 on conventional dirt.......high % trainer with an improving runner......often a deadly combination

4  Hair On Fire     was on the improve with every start and then blinkers on.......nothing in 2 starts with them on....claimed by O'Neill who smartly took them off.......ran a big race.......trend intact

6  Gabbiano   both "blinkers on" races on "real" dirt are solid.......owns dangerous early gas so 4F is a good fit

1  Cori Celesti


race 8    average clarity

4  Maximinus   flashed significant early speed in MSW debut and has trained terrific since on the "dirt" at Santa Anita.........excellent conditioner with speed types in Bonde............decent shot to wire the field in 2nd lifetime start

2  Capo   trainer is red hot and he sure appears to have this 1st timer ready to rock n roll in his debut into the wonderful world of thoroughbred racing

8  Brother Soldier   Craig Dollase sure seems to mean business with this 1ster as he has worked his youngster very aggressively with tightly spaced works........Dollase has been sending most of his 1st timers totally ready the past few months or so 

1  Tax Enough


race 9    average clarity

2  Cathy's Crunches   layoff tune-up run in last........ought to be ready today 2nd out after the layoff.....seems likely to get a nice mid pack ground saving position with the meets top gun in the saddle

7  Ruby Pumps   seems like a good 50K claim by the ever dangerous Hollendorfer.........lone race (2 back) on conventional dirt fits here

6  Changethechannel   nice work regiment for this laid up McCarthy runner......solid route race on the AW..........1st ever run on conventional dirt today but the drills on Santa Anita's dirt sure suggest this filly will handle Fairplex just fine

1  Going for a Spin


race 10    slightly below average clarity

3  Baldesarri   10 race far his 2 best efforts were the 2 times he ran "fresh".........hasn't run since Feb. and the works are solid......seems ready with those fresh legs/joints once again

1  Owns It   likes the Fpx surface and it showed in his year away layoff run in last..........did extremely well to snatch 2nd with the lousy trip that he received

2  Knucklebuster   better on conventional dirt and drops way down........seems like now or never this afternoon

10  Talk the Walk


race 11    average clarity

8  Syndicated   both lifetime conventional dirt races fit and the 1st one is totally hidden ( big pace on a dull rail so rightfully tired) by a bad trip......Pedroza is always an advantage at Fpx and especially when he has been on a runner numerous times.......7th straight mount on this Pender runner

3  Tree of Life   consistent late runner is 1 for 1 at Fairplex........seems like a decent spot for someone with late running ability

2  Too Fast to Pass   sprints so pedigree to appreciate a route of ground.....but then again Peter (I can do little wrong) Miller is the conditioner

9  Curly Top


race 12    average clarity

7  Silver Gun Girl   helloooooo conventional dirt......vastly improved in last her 1st ever on a "dirt" surface........same or better seems likely today

2  Friends with Macy    made a solid move in last only to tire in the late stages at back of one furlong sure appears to be a plus this afternoon......O'Neill is hot hot hot 

9  Rich in Tradition   exits a fast heat in last........did well to run 4th with the bad trip that he jock today......same effort with a smoother trip and she has as good a shot as anyone in this field

3  Bright Town

8  Janes Ship

4  Teasing Moment





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