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Santa Anita for Friday 11 October 2013


Feel good about this card as you can tell from the clarity ratings. The track remained dull on the wood once again yesterday even with the much cooler temps. It's been warmer and sunnier in Chicago this week. Take that you sun worshipers

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

1  Big Wags   toss out last as 3 turns and 1 3/8ths at Bsr was not to his liking.....back to a distance he loves and a track he can reassuring drill since his last

3  Joe Carl   consistent runner has never missed the board on conventional dirt (9 4 2 3).......and the track at SA has been kind to his off the pace running style the last 3 SA cards

7  Cook Inlet   back home after 3 races a Pen......good history on the SA dirt.......seems well placed to win at 16K

5  Smokkin' Cat


race 2    average clarity

5  Behind The Bossman   last of off 2 months rest and 1st out after a claim looks like a sprint prep to tighten up and be ready for his 1st ever at a route.....and his trainer Jeff Mullins is stout 1st at a route and 2nd out after a claim

3  Lieutenant Sean O   faced better out East and he is a 1st time gelding today

4  Golden Dynamo   blinkers off for today and a decent bullet drill......might show more today with the equipment change

6  Ghost Of Harrenhal


race 3    slightly above average clarity

8  Kill Shot   both lifetime races (on the AW at Hollywood) are strong for the MSW since July but training great and training great on the SA dirt

5  Glitter of Silver   useful 28 August MSW debut......very aggressive tightly spaced works since

2  Sidepocket Champ   good debut for this Warren runner and it is disguised by a slow start and a rush.......and Warren is much better with 2nd timers.......continues to work like a happy healthy individual with some potential

6  Dreamnofatticus


race 4     average clarity

9  Blues and Silvers   likes very firm turf and gets it.....back to Stevens who won for fun on this filly two races back.....1st on the hill by nobody knows the hill turf course better than Mr. Stevens

10  Travesura   1 for 2 on the majestic SA hill turf course......little shot in latest running too wide and too far off of a reasonable pace being set up front......jock upgrade for today

11  Ricspretentiousgal   hasn't missed a beat in the a.m. since Sadler snatched for $50K......1st on the hill but Sadler must believe it will be a good fit for his new filly.......that's good enough for little old me

8  Miss Lucky Sevens


race 5    average clarity

8  Soul Saver   both lifetime sprints at SA would kick some butt here......toss out sprint at Bsr in last as this fellow dislikes two turns.......solid drills since the race at Bsr and they are on the SA dirt

10  All That Rocks   decent useful 4F mc debut at trainer takes over in the name of Kory Owens who is quite stout with 2nd time starters

7  Gold Tie Please   1st timer sure is working well enough to possible be a major player here......and mom has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters........but Puglisi has a poor history on 1st timers......come on Iggy

14  AE  Denzel

12  Alsace



race 6    slightly above average clarity

6  This One's For Mel   cut back in distance seems like a major plus as all 4 lifetime 1 mile grass races fit well here......appreciates ample time between starts and gets it

2  He's Not Too Shabby   runs extremely well fresh off of the bench as he is today.......1st at a route on the grass and that is right up Jeff Mullins alley

4  Tricky Shane   good history on the sod at today's distance.......last mile turf effort run 2 back is quite a bit better than appears in print

3  Democrat Duck


race 7   slightly above average clarity

9  Elvies Lane   1st time Hollendorfer and stellar work tab for this 5 year old mare.......spells doom for the competition in this affair

5  With A Miracle   last isn't too bad for today's higher level but this Ellis runner might need more to overcome our top pick and has the right to show it 2nd under the guidance of Mr. Ellis

6  Inner Grove   Carava is decent route to sprint which is the case here.....and his six-year-old-mare is 1 for 2 at today's distance

2  Rossi Reserve


race 8    slightly above average clarity

2  Mum's Truckee   best sprint ever in last and it is somewhat hidden by a wide trip.....and I firmly believe this filly is as good or better at a route and the turf including the 1 1/8th mile distance

4  Marcyjane   has become an improved runner since switching to turf route racing.....1st ever past 1 1/16th but this filly acts as if she will run all day long

6  Demonsterous   late runner turned front runner ran off two races back and set ridiculously fast fractions.......but she rated kindly in latest......back to Maldonado who is very dangerous on front running types

3  The Only Key


race 9    average clarity

9  Katy's Cookin   Miyadi is very stout MSW to maiden claiming and he is off to a good start at the fall SA meeting......filly should have better sprint endurance today coming off what appears to be a muscle me up turf route gimme

4  Lady Corser   big drill in mid Aug. and then Kitchingman slowed the works down for this 1ster probably as to not show too much more or she would be claimed

1  Rushomatic   decent debut over at Fairplex.....solid recent 2 of19 drill since......would have rated higher if it wasn't for a low % jock up (especially in S Cal)

11  Twilightinpriddis

14  AE  Swiss Sugar

13  AE  Nancy Wake

2  Charlie Time



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