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Hollywood for Friday 15 November 2013


So so card this afternoon. Saturday and Sunday look quite a bit better at first glance.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly above average clarity

5  Bosque Angel   ultra impressive work tab (especially for the level) even for Bruce Headley who can push them rather hard in the a.m........1st timer has plenty of speed and foundation put into him

6  San Onofre    Karen Headley (Bruce's daughter) 1st timer has been drilling quite a bit with our top pick and almost matching his a.m. prowess........also seems very ready to roll in his MSW debut.......sure would be fun to beat Dad

4  High On Final   Gaines 1ster has a decent looking series of drills and they are tightly spaced.....hints at a fit and healthy and possibly ready 1st time has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters none of which won at 2 so it seems like a good move that the connections have waited till three to start this gelding's career

3  Dreamnofatticus


race 2    average clarity

2  Visions of Candy   1st at a route in last doesn't appear to be much but it was as this filly broke very poorly and ran wide.........she did well to to snatch 4th beaten by 6 1/2F for the win

7  Sweet Serendipity   best ever was her lone career race around two turns albeit a two turn sprint at Fairplex........blinkers on for today and a recent 5F drill hint the connections have improved this filly

4  Kevin's Kool Cat   weak route figs for a horse who ran 2nd in both lifetime route races but this is a weak field and the Mitchell runner should be on or close to the lead in a predictably slow paced affair

1  U R My Candy Girl


race 3    slightly below average clarity

2  This One's For Mel   last two wins came the last two times this O'Neil three-year-old was put up for a tag.....up for a tag today.......cut back of 1/16th seems like a plus.......seems likely to get a nice ground saving stalk position

6  Boyett   nice 1st ever on the grass and 1st ever long in last.....and the effort was run off a 3+ month layoff.......smartly steps up a claiming level as more seems likely today 2nd run after the layoff......good sign Bejarano sticks the horse as well

4  Sinfully   yet to miss the board in 7 lifetime races on the AW or turf......very consistent efforts........high priced claim ($40K) for a trainer like Rafael Deleon (has to deal with cheaper stock mostly) who steps this colt up 50% in claiming price.......big day today for the new connections


race 4    average clarity

6  Infosec   has always worked well on the Hollywood Cushion so debut at smartly drops this 2nd time starter to enhance his chances of winning at Bhp now as it will soon be impossible to do as the historic track is less than 7 weeks from closing it's doors for good......ouch

4  Still Unbroken   moved forward some in latest which was lifetime start number 2..........drops a couple of maiden claiming levels and adds blinkers.........should finish well today cutting back 1 1/2 furlongs in distance from his last race.......and the trainer Steven Myadi historically is stout with the sprint-route-sprint maneuver which is the case for today

9  Candiz   hard times in 2013 for trainer Kathy Walsh who usually is very reliable winning at more than twice the percentage she is showing for 2013........maybe this 1st timer can be the start of better things as he appears to be working as if he is meant and ready for his race wars debut

7  Tax Enough


race 5    slightly below average clarity

6  Willetta   not much on the grass or conventional dirt but likes the AW in particular wisely drops before only Dmr is left as an AW racetrack in S Cal and Dmr is a long way off

10  Tiz Anna   1st route race in exactly 9 months in latest and this Cerin runner seemed to appreciate the added distance and/or the two turns as she improved........and now she gets to run on her favorite surface........not an easy post if the track is even........but this filly would have been top pick if today's track plays outside as it did on Veterans Day

3  Miss Judged   trains better than she runs......maybe blinkers off for today will do the trick to get her to take back and not use her up so early on.......she shows hints in her running lines the experiment might be a good move.........we........shall........see

4  Holiday n Newport


race 6     average clarity

7  Streaming   impressive work regiment for this Bob Baffert two-year-old 1st timer.....not one soft work showing......and mom has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters and they all preciously won at two.......good shot to make it five for five here

8  Abide in Me   layoff last on the conventional dirt at SA was decent and her other two lifetime races both on synthetic surfaces (including her MSW debut at Bhp) are seems likely to get back to that level 2nd out after the layoff and back on the AW this afternoon

1  Majestic Lady   impressive work regiment both at the training center (Ttc) and at Hollywood..........last drill in preparation for today is a bullet breeze which is oh so rare in Cal especially for a two-year-old filly 1st timer

6  Artemis

Long-shot consideration:   9  Among The Stars   good work tab for this 1ster with plenty of foundation building 6F drills and multiple bullet drills to be dangerous in her MSW debut


race 7    average clarity

2  A Toast To You   Miller charge is very consistent and seems best running at Hollywood on its grass course..........and he is 1 for 1 at today's distance......seems likely to get a nice mid pack ground saving trip and for a rider who sure has improved his grass race riding since arriving on the scene

8  El Mirage King   Sutherland seems to get the most out of this alw six-year-old although she could have been a bit more creative in this runner's last two endeavors.......nasty duel in last and it was impressive he was only beat by 1 1/2L......horrid 12 post in previous was the impetuous to a wide trip

7  Et Tu Walker   3 for 5 at the distance on the grass.........1 for 4 at other distances.......tailed off some lately but a return to the 6F turf configuration he loves might awaken this O'Neill runner in a big way

3  Gonna Fly Now


race 8    slightly below average clarity

9  Sandy's Diamond   last two races are strong for today's lower level.....and....the drop makes some sense as this Taylor runner was running for conditioned claiming 12,500 in the Spring and that level is basically equivalent to open 8,000 claiming

5  Justa Gusta    last was so so.....but......effort 2 back was a major wake-up and this Knapp three-year-old-gelding is quite dangerous if he rebounds to it

3  Dugan Bill    horse is good fresh off of the bench.....and historically so is his trainer.......and two of this runner's best ever on the AW were run at Bhp and run off of 8 and 10 week layoffs

8  Warren's Rail Bird

13  Bertran Hill

11  Centenario De Oro




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