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Hollywood for Sunday 24 November 2013


Difficult but fairly interesting Sunday race card.

Big Hollywood holiday race week next week with I believe 9 or more races carded each day. I love doing this publication but not as much when it cuts into family time as it does during the holidays. And as you know racing pours it on (as it should) during the holidays.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Macias   awfully large drop off of a solid layoff run but he sure is the controlling speed if he has remained in relatively decent heath he ought to be tough

6  Dunmore East   nice wake up in last.....retains the meets top gun.....continues to work decently.......and drops one claiming notch

2  Da Ruler   loves the Bhp synthetic (3 1 2 0) and only has one or two more opportunities to run on it's surface.....bad trip in last hides a decent effort

 Long-shot consideration:   3  Minister of Trade   not using as a winner but this late runner had a brutal trip in last to help today's odds......... and.........he is seemingly best at Bhp and best at 6F..........shot for a pricy piece of the pumpkin pie


race 2    average clarity

7  Addendum    filly is decent with short rest which is the case today.......connections knew this runner was dismal on the with that in mind the last effort is an obvious leg me up turf gimme to drop and go go go go

6  No Tricks for Jack   2 for 2 running for 16K since Garcia claimed 7 races back.......0 for 4 racing above 16K......16K today and a decent series of works

5  Rossi Reserve   good history running for Javier Sierra........and I sure like that this once one dimensional mare has learned to run from off the pace as well as on the lead

4  Catch Lorraine


race 3    slightly above average clarity

5  Need You Know   very strong efforts/figs at today's one mile turf distance considering today's level.......and sure appears to be in the garden spot sitting just off a predictably slow to average pace being set most likely by no. 1

3  Include The Aussie   back to Stevens a big plus......fits well at this level but this late runner appears to be compromised by a pace scenario that doesn't appear to be in her favor......still.......dangerous

4  Becky Lou   not impossibly here but will need a perfect trip and/or for things to go badly for our top two selections one way or another


race 4    slightly below average clarity

2  Indianapolis    expensive Bob Baffert 1st starter has a nice work tab.....that sure makes it hard to pick anyone else on top

1  Friendswith K   solid MSW debut and it is disguised to some extent by a bad trip.......broke a length slow and ran wide close to the pace......and wide (most of the time on an even or of course inside condition) close to even an average pace is curtains for most

4  Icy Ride   another Baffert 1ster seemingly ready at 1st asking.....and draws Talamo who is having a good week of race riding

3  Cherubim  (tie for 4th)

6  Ian Street  (tie for 4th)


race 5    average clarity

3  Lil Cheyenne   good history running at 5 1/2 and 6 furlongs (3 1 2 0).........(5 0 0 0) racing further.........1st start for Cifford Sise in many a moon......Sise is good off of layoffs and so is the horse.......hmmmm

6  Wink And Wish   horrid on conventional dirt......ought to wake up back on the AW.......lead type only best shake the 1 horse....dangerous if she can

5  Swiss Bliss   consistent mid pace runner appears to get enough pace to be sitting pretty but......she sure has turned into a hanger and has a low % jock up......not a good combo for getting over the bad habit.......still if our top pick doesn't fire and there is a hot pace up front it would be hard to see her hanging

7  Magic Number


race 6    slightly below average clarity

(Note:  9 and/or 12 are factors if either of them draw into the field)

2  Bullwhip   no shot to show what he has in his MSW debut as he set a strong pace and did it on a bad rail....that does anyone in especially a two-year-old.......1st turf today....might get loose as a goose with the rail 20 feet out.....quite often a good rail position for speed in 6 furlong Hol grass races

5  Mr. Cactus   decent layoff grass sprint in last running over his a.m. work since......believe sitting on best ever today back on Lasix

3  Korzani   OK drills for this Sadler 1st timer......but 'OK" might be quite formidable in a weak looking bunch of MSW runners that have already raced and not shown too much

6  My Secret Affair


race 7    average clarity

5  Mobilized   seems best on the Bhp ever (4/28/13) was run at 7 1/2F off of 4 weeks rest and off a 6 1/2F turf race at SA.......3 1/2 weeks rest today and yes coming off a 6 1/2F grass race at think Gary Mandella has pointed for this race?

4  Cyclometer  the "now: horse.....very sharp (probably never sharper)  and very dangerous especially with Hall of Fame rider Mike Smith remaining in the saddle

6  Rousing Sermon   different animal for Hollendorfer since he put some early speed into this colt.......and cut back route to 7 1/2 furlongs seems quite interesting for this fellow who mostly has seen two turn racing

1  Starspangled Heat


race 8    average clarity

7  Hidethegoodstuff   6 solid lifetime efforts on turf or dirt when competing at less than 7F .....should be on or near the lead from the get go and if the 8 horse is falling off of form as I suspect then she won't be in the race pressing the issue up front for too long a time

3  Warren's Rosebud   "A game" fits......"B game" does not......good recent works.......1st time Bejarano......"A game" seems more likely

6  Luxuriance   hot trainer rider combo winning 3 of last 5 as a team (Kayla Stra should have had a baby years ago because she sure is getting the job done since the birth of her child)........four year old filly is best running with short rest.......17 days sure qualifies as short rest

1  Always A Chance


race 9    average clarity

6  Secret Memo   as of Friday Perez was 2 for 2 for Miller over the last couple of months.......big effort 2nd out after the layoff last July which is the case today......and..... check to see if the fronts are off as they were taken off for the aforementioned July race.....that would be an obvious plus

5  Amanda   just OK efforts in 4 races at today's md20K level but this is a weak looking group so OK might be quite good

4  Sugar High Kaylin   positives: works are good enough.....trainer is good enough.....pedigree is good enough......negatives: rider has an extremely low % with cost $100K and is being put up for $18K in debut.....3 pos. / 2 negs. lets call it 60/40 that this filly is ready 

10  Ilovefools

11  Winninginfashion

9  Rich In Tradition




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