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Santa Anita for Thursday 20 February 2014

OK card to start the new week of racing at Santa Anita. Better news for Friday as the race card seems like a good one.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly below average clarity

2  Secret Genius   after hitting the board in 9 straight on the SA main track this Knapp mare has missed getting in the money in three in a row.......but the work regiment leading up to today is markedly improved and we get a significant positive change in riders.....seems likely to show more today

5  Granny Calling   finally placed where this mare has an opportunity to compete for the top prize and she draws the meets top jock most likely because of the overdo move lower

1  Ghost N Your Heart   consistent sort on main track surfaces........away for close to 8 weeks and returns with a series of works that suggest the re-freshening has done some good


race 2    slightly above average clarity

6  Private Vow   56 to 1 in MSW debut for a Puype 1st timer suggests that was the turf route leg me up tune-up to drop and go in a dirt route today

7  Crushed   3 of 4 lifetime races all run at the MSW level fit fine here at mdn30K.........and we get a rider switch to the meets top gun.......1st ever on conventional dirt but owns a good pedigree for it

2  Warren's Sallyized   moved forward in 2nd lifetime race and will need another move in the right direction and do it 1st time at a route today......not impossible

5  New Order


race 3    average clarity

3  Giannonatti   GG invader seemingly gets a good spot here in that she appears to be the only successful late runner in the field that mostly has front running types......two sharp Feb drills at GG in preparation for today's race

4  Eltoninadress   consistent sort just got snatched at the claiming box.....and "consistent sorts" do awfully well 1st out after they change barns 

7  Brown is Beige    improved in last two races after a series of dull races......and the works since her last indicate another move in the right direction will occur this afternoon

2  Best By Far


race 4    average clarity

7  Mangita   four-year-old filly has done little wrong in 4 lifetime starts 2 of which were on the turf.....and she sure looks like the controlling speed in this spot

3  No Slippahs   GG invader is rather consistent and she just fired her best ever on the AW and......I believe she is a better horse on the she might fire her best on the grass today

6  Warren's Rosebud   filly appears to be in good form but still will likely need a good trip to get the job done......meets leading rider is up and he didn't amass those wins giving many bad rides

2  Quinnette


race 5    average clarity

5  Primal Desire   GG shipper is in decent form running on the grass......dropping a claiming notch....... and maybe more importantly he appears to like conventional dirt the most (although this his his 1st SA)

6  Acute   gift pace in last and took advantage of it and crushed the field wire to wire........ seemingly more pace in this affair but she might feel really good coming off of such an easy stress-less effort

3  Bas   talk about running over her head for an extended period of time.....last win came where?     at 10K way back in August

7  Farmers Wife


race 6    average clarity

5  Indyco F M A   Hall of Fame trainer Drysdale doesn't make claims but he did here for $40K.....and running for $40K made this filly eligible for this non claiming race which actually has a par that is about 2/5ths of a second easier on average than her last.........good drills and he gets Gary Stevens to ride 

7  Chilada   nice forward move in 2nd lifetime turf start and the effort is disguised by a poor trip-a-roo (wide and blocked some)........jock upgrade today especially for a route grass race

9  Amanda   filly seems better on the grass than the dirt and she also appears better running in routes....gets both here.......not an easy post with the rail out 24 feet but she does have tactical speed

3  Vegas Bound


race 7    average clarity

3  Explain   both lifetime races at SA are exceptionally at 6F and one at 6 1/2 likely will be a good fit......must be doing awfully well for Ted West to double this five-year-old gelding's claiming price

5  San Onofre   improving with every start and maybe more importantly showed some versatility in his latest by winning without the lead for the 1st time......continues to train like a happy healthy horse

4  Mel's Game   3 for 3 at SA.........0 for 6 elsewhere..........all three wins at SA came at 7F but he was in the lead at that 6 1/2 furlong mark of those races........dangerous if he is fit enough off of the 2 1/2 month layoff


race 8    average clarity

7  One More   par like run for today's slightly lower level when you consider the nasty pace she chased in her latest which was her 1st ever endeavor on the lawn......two solid works since.......same or better seems likely this afternoon unless she gets involved in a speed duel which our 3rd pick

3  Lust for Life   good move forward in 2nd lifetime start for this Baltas runner in her 1st running in a distance turf race.....rider upgrade to Bejarano who is starting to ride some for Baltas which seems like a wise move for both rider and trainer

4  Bella Campari   filly had every reason to stop in her 1st running on the turf as you can't go 21:4 for the 1st quarter on the grass and stick around.....see ya Mike Smith (coming off of a cold couple of weeks after riding ever so stout since the SA meet started) hello Mr Nakatani

9  Kitten de Pere

10  Lamazone

6  Birthday Surprise

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