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Santa Anita for Saturday 1 March 2014

Word of caution is in order from yours truly who has in the past handicapped many different levels of off tracks covering the Midwest.  If we once again get rain throughout the card be very careful because when there is standing......draining.........shifting water.........on top of a muddy base I have found that most racing surfaces can change from race to race making for absolutely crazy unpredictable results. That sure occurred yesterday once the steady rain came. 

I am actually hoping yesterday's crazy track doesn't repeat itself and play for a very good (quite biased) inside condition. This occurred last year on 27 Jan 2013 at Santa Anita which was the 3rd straight day the track was sloppy. Similar situation today.

I need to redo my selections so you will see short comments so I have time to get it published. Either way it seems like a good day to be frugal.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    slightly below average clarity

1  Courtside   best early speed if he uses it

4  Paseo Alego   easily best credentials on off going of any runner all day (5 3 2)

5  Truelee Scrappin    if Courtside doesn't lead I believe this fellow will


race 2   slightly below average clarity

4  Socialbug   best speed here should romp if he handles the off going 

2  Sallyanna   2nd best speed can get brave on the front end if Socialbug dislikes the off track

1  Quizzical   obviously not a speed type but ran well last winter both times on a sloppy track at SA


race 3    below average clarity

2  Unbridled Loyaty   good early speed........and now.......blinkers on........speed rider we just need the rail bias 

1  Next Right   another with good early gas and gets blinkers on for the 1st gun stays up

4  Taran Taran   laid up Baffert runner is training exceptionally well even by Baffert standards

3  Bad Behavior


race 4    slightly below average clarity (picks are for the main track)

2  Bob Consultation   improved speed and final time in last.......very good speed spot

3  Major Truth   good speed routing in the slop last year on 26 Jan...not a router so tired...sprint today...1st time Bejarano

6  Boozer    laid up runner has won fresh.......1st time gelding........speed jockey will be full throttle from the get go

1  Harness Mentality


race 5    slightly below average clarity

4  Road Ready   vastly  improved early speed in last......stout speed jock......2nd out after a layoff ........nice price

3  Peacenik   obvious solid consistent early speed......has won on an off track......Bejarano going for 3 in a row with the gelding

1  Free Time   2 for 2 on the off tracks.........jockey upgrade........might get a nice inside stalk position if 3 and 4 duel

6  Topper's Ghost


race 6    slightly below average clarity

8  Chicago Angel   rider upgrade and a weight break......proven early route speed....let's hope she has it in the slop

4  Wintara   sprinter might show good early speed in her 1st going long.......decent route pedigree

3  Big Rosie Brown   proven route deep closer gets a major league rider upgrade.......good post to stay inside if we get the rail bias that I am hoping for

2  L X Sunrise


race 7   below average clarity

3  Secret Memo   at his best at 5 1/2F.........seems likely to be on or near the lead and near the inside

4  Lil Barbie Doodle   route speed crazy in last two for GG shipper........10 lbs break bug up........might fly if takes to slop

2  Summers Dignity   best ever was only race at 5 1/2F.......might be sitting 3rd or 4th and inside setting her up for the stretch

8  Vindicted Ruler  


race 8    slightly below average clarity

3  Awesome Baby   Smith / Baffert /  and best early speed has a good shot to get away and hide if handles slop

4  Swiss Lake Yodeler    stout record on the dirt.....decent early jock up.....very likely to be in the hunt for the win if handles slop 

1   Artemis   poor trip in last hides a decent effort......blinkers on.....Stevens on.......likely to show more speed today especially if the sloppy going is a plus

2  Anniversary Kitty  


race 9    slightly below average clarity

4  Closet E   last was solid with 1st time Maldonado.....repeat on today's sloppy going would be tough to overcome

2  Fuzzy Logic   best by far was lone race at today's 5 1/2F.. ....1st time gelding today.......trainer does well with limited starters

6  Muck N Grind   laid up three-year-old is training well and the Diodoro is red hot.....both "dirt" races are decent and run when trainer was's name sure fits the conditions

1  White Front Freedy

8  Samurai Assault

3  Kanuck Kowboy





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