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Santa Anita for Sunday 2 February 2020

I like today's 2/2/2020 card. Early post of 11:30 a.m. pacific.

Please take note that there will not be a publication for next Sunday and only numbers (maybe names too) for Saturday but the same amount of time put in handicapping of course. 

Best of luck as always and enjoy the Super Bowl!


race 1   average clarity

3  West Sider   plenty of a.m. work for this Baffert MSW 1st time starter bodes well for his chances of handling the difficult challenge of a 7F debut.......and since Bob has so many young 1st timers (choices of where to debut them) you would think that he feels strongly that 7F will not be a problem for this three year colt

6  Reprobate   Drysdale sure appears to mean business with this MSW debut runner as he has put copious drills into his colt and his last 6 drills are tightly spaced........and look who rides for Neil - Rosario

1  Mastering   double barrel action from the Baffert barn as he also conditions are top the other Baffert runner this colt appears fit and ready as well.......but.......draws a tough post to debut least the rider Rafael Bejarano seems to be snapping out of a funk


race 2    average clarity

2  Honeywhiskeynwise   jock has been dismal but might get a win here if this Desormeaux three year old filly handles her 1st on the dirt........because if she does she looks like she will be loose as a goose and tough to wheel in

3  Subtle Ride   if our top choice doesn't handle the dirt this late runner "might be the last one standing" in this race with forwardly placed runners that seem likely to flatten out in the stretch drive of this 1 1/16 affair

4  Vannavanna Bo Bana   last race was quite the regression for this Steve Knapp three year old filly.......fits fine if she mounts a rebound


race 3    average clarity

3  Sheza Factor   lone lifetime race run at The Great Race Place stands out as her best to date and by a wide margin.........don't see others in the race capable of firing the "real" number she earned in the race.......that and in general she is consistent on conventional dirt surfaces

1  Vallestina   six year old has only 8 career races and has been absent since 1 December 2018 but she returns dropping multiple levels and she is training as if physically she can handle at least one race.......drop makes plenty of sense because of her obvious health issues.....trainer has done well with limited starters at the meeting........Prat accepts the mount

6  Leading Indicator   all five lifetime sprint races fit fine at today's level of racing.......and today this filly gets a rider upgrade.........nice preparatory 5F work one week ago.......not out of the win picture by any means


race 4    above average clarity

3  Don't Blame Judy   my Santucci figs for this mare in her last two races are both 4L better than par.......and her latest which was the 12 Jan version of this 9F turf alw race is somewhat hidden by a sloppy wide the rider change to Rispoli as he is a better grass rider than Espinoza and has been given nothing but "live" mounts from Eric Kruljac

1  Opus Won   hard to argue with this gals chances as she has been very consistent since 12 May 2019 with 3 wins & 2 2nd's in 5 races all of which were on the sod.....that and her best to date was her latest and was her 1st racing as far as 9F..........very solid reassuring 5F work since.......hard not seeing her as a major player here

4  Angel Alessandra   might be filling the race to make the race "go" for the one horse as this Baltas filly shows few signs of wanting to race as far as 9F......but then again Rosario sticks with the filly 2nd out after a layoff


race 5    average clarity

3  Tiger Dad   four year old gelding has run two consecutive strong efforts with the blinkers taken off especially his latest which was on the dirt......that and the four year old has been very consistent since Victor Espinoza took over the riding duties........should be on or near the lead from the get go

4  Heck Yeah   terrific 2017/18 to start his career.......dismal two efforts in 2019........but Baffert gives his five year old 11 months off and he sure appears to have corrected what ever was ailing this fellow.......very dangerous sort

1  Soldier Boy   race lacks speed to some degree and this colt if he can duplicate his latest race appears to be the quickest........and take note that in the race he was broke from the one post at 6 1/2F........and 6F is not as difficult to deal with post 1 than is 6 1/2F.......Rosario wisely stays put.......dangerous gate to wire threat here

5  City Rage


race 6    average clarity

4  Holly Hunter   super history racing in abbreviated turf sprints at SA........and she would have won the 5 Jan. version of this 5 1/2F grass race if not for checking a couple of times in the race.......two reassuring 5F drills since the race suggests she has held form.......good post and Rosario wisely sticks around

6  Storming Lady   ultra consistent mare in 5 and 5 1/2 furlong turf sprints where she has never missed the board........good turf trainer in Alfredo Marquez........and gets quite the turf rider usual she should be flying in the late stages of the race

7  Devils Dance   significant awakening for this Lewis filly in her latest nearing upsetting the apple cart at 46 to 1 in the same 5 Jan race that our top two picks were in........that and she sure appears to have the lead today and with a decent bug boy and his 5 lbs weight break at the helm........4 and 6 are talented but this girl might be difficult to wheel in

5  Del Mar May


race 7    average clarity

2  La Croix   repeat of either of her last two races looks tough here both final time wise and pace wise......and stat wise Rene Amescua is solid off of a 46 to 90 day layoff and racing MSW to MC......hard not to like

4  Rstars and Stripes   prolonged work tab for this Mulhall 1st time has tossed 2 winner from 2 starters........and maybe more importantly Rosario and his sharp agent accept the mount.........dangerous sort

5  Reds Tribal Heart   another with copious works put in preparing for her debut.......and some of the works hint that this Lisa Benard 1st timer might have some early speed........only cost $1,200.00 at sale but mom has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters.......might be quite the bargain......we shall see about an hour or so before kickoff

8  Awesome Alessandra

6  Smart Girl



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