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Santa Anita for Sunday 24 May 2020

Difficult card as you can tell from the "clarity ratings". Monday's card looks better.

Best of luck as always!


race 1   below average clarity

8 Fly the Sky   1st in a sprint but he has made some strong middle moves in a few of his route grass endeavors......before the break the trainer was hot.......very consistent gelding since the blinkers were added......should be tough despite the significant cut back in distance

5  Jetovator   seems very well suited to today's 5 1/2 furong distance turf or dirt.........on the improve with each and every race in 2020...........Flavien Pratt wisely stays put

3  Unbridled Ethos

7  Preaching Trainer

2  Bench Judge


race 2    below average clarity

5  Easy Grader   significant drop sure makes sense as this gal is 7 and has only managed to race 11 times.......away since 26 Jan 19 but training up to snuff and she is at her best "fresh"........trainer Truman has done well with limited starters in 2020

6  Mongolian Window   mare hasn't gotten the job done in bottom level turf races so in order to drop to face softer competiton she has to race on the SA main track.......if she handles it she should fit solidly in this on the SA dirt hints she will

4  Madame Barbarian   

2  Ruby Bradley

3  Mika the Mistress


race 3    average clarity

2  Brickyard Ride   easily has the best early speed in the field and for a decent speed jock in Velez.......lone race at SA on a fast rated track with the blinkers on led to his only lifetime win.......if Velez can ration his speed better he will be tough

6  Arc Nation   sprint-route-sprint manuever........a little short on numbers but his race 2 back where he won was a key race.......race 3 back where he ran 2nd was a very key race.......solid a.m. work.........Valdivia might be able to get a nice stalk position

5  Foreign Protocol


race 4    average clarity

8  Zest   race lacks speed and this four year old filly has some and she has the added plus of not being a lead type only.........she has been absent since 23 June 19 when she ran a MSW race that is better than par for the hint Shirreffs has her ready

3  Nurse Goodbody   solid MSW turf sprint debut and for a trainer that is night and day better with 2nd time starters.........bred well to handle a route.......and one positve rider change especially for a route turf race......hard not to like

5  Convincingly   

7  Dipping In

4  Wind and Hope


race 5    average clarity

3  Camby   best on the Santa Anita dirt and his last two races on it (his latest and race 4 back) are solid and disguised in their strength.......might be a hanger of sorts.........hope not

7  Sky Jumper   Baffert four year old gelding is on the improve and now takes a small drop.......might have plenty of endurance for today's 5 1/2F affair coming off of dirt route.......hard not to like

2  Baby Gronk

9  Cryin' Chuck

8  Undeniable Proof


race 6    average clarity

1  Fivestar Lynch  Carnac sees Prat getting the perfect trip (for those too young to know “Carnac the Magnificent” was an soothsayer played by Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show who could divine the answers to questions that were sealed in envelopes) sitting behind a very suspect speed horse in number 8.......if that is the case it should help him overcome the signicant move up in class

2  Red King   very consisnent grass horse the last couple of years gets a small rider upgrade which should help him obtain his 1st win since April of 2019.......away since Feb but six year old handles breaks quite well

8  Go Daddy Go

7  Crystal Tribe

4  Avalanche


race 7    average clarity

3  Press Briefing   Peter Miler isn't that dangerous with MSW 1st time starters but he is very dangerous with MC 1ster's especially one working as well as this three year old gelding is over at sire is off to a good start and mom has tossed one winner from one starter

4  Full Draw   Sadler is just the opposite of Miller in that he is stout with MSW 1st time starters but only 1 for his last 17 with MC 1ster's........but this four year old is working too well to be ignored......and mom has tossed two winners from two starters

1  Beaumont Beaux

8  Most Sandisfactory

2  Polar Wind


race 8    average clarity

6  Border Town   nice improvement in his latest with 1st time blinkers to graduate in style with a going away at the wire 3 1/2 length win in 9F turf MSW since are is his rider Flavien Prat

1  Madman   away since January but he has shown he runs well "fresh"...........last race fits and today's he gets a significant rider upgrade.........not out of the win picture by any means

5  Irish Heatwave

2  Southern King

8  Mountain Spirit


race 9    way below average clarity

(I only do this about twice a year but when a race is ulra tough to decipher I list all contenders in order of preference)

5  Blue Patriot

1  Tallemark

8  Betito

9  Brace for Impact

3  Handsome Cat

6  Clayton Destiny

7  Caeruean

11  Lil Richrads Bello

2  El Diablo Rojo









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