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Del Mar for Saturday 8 August 2020

A little bonus today as you get our Travers selections. Be back with you tomorrow for 11 more races.

Best of luck as always!


Saratoga race 11    above average clarity

6  Tiz the Law  tons of talent as he is 5 for 5 on fast tracks and all his wins were by 3L or more........colt has developed into one smooth running push button individual which goes a long way in the top three year old Grade 1 historic dirt races which the Travers is part of........NY bred shows few signs that he won't get the 10 furlongs and he is proven on the Sar surface

3  Uncle Chuck   both lifetime starts are par like adjusted Santucci figs for today's Grade 1 level and that's saying something special  in a MSW firmly believe this colt might be as good in the long run as the favorite but "the Law" has already won three Grade 1 races so he might have this guy over a barrel experience wise

2  Country Grammer   nice forward move in his latest but this time around it will have to be better than "nice" to handle the top two unless of course they they duel in a vicious set of splits

4  Max Player

7  Caracaro


Del Mar race 1    average clarity

8  Super Klaus  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE    filly has only sprinted 3 times and all three sprints are decent and fit well at today's level of racing........and her lifetime best was on the Del Mar dirt (2 back) and is her lifetime top Santucci fig..........away since Feb. but she has run well "fresh" in the past

2  Dorita's Lemon   two fifth place finishes in two turf races in her last two races.......two previous races were dirt sprints where she started her career off with 2 consecutive wins........back to a dirt sprint today for start no. 5......Smith was up for the turf's jock rode in the two dirt sprints.....danger city back where she belongs

7  Your Royal Coil   jockey having a good meeting and he has fit this filly well (4 2 1 1)........should be in the mix from the get go

4  Sybil's Kitty

5  South Boot Shirley


race 2    average clarity

6  Shanghai Barbie  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE   only true route runner in the field........very consistent at the distance (9 2 3 3) ........and the four year old filly is capable on or off of the pace.......should make a good account of herself

7  Melis   all three lifetime sprints are better than par for today's nw alw level and she is by far the most valuable runner in the field......only made her 2nd pick because her sire hasn't exactly been knocking em dead when it comes to producing route runners

3  Time for Ebby   race profile appears to fit late runners like this mare.......might wind up being the "last one standing"

4  Hot On the Trail


race 3    below average clarity

7  Fly Buddy Fly  P Miller appears to have this MSW 1ster ready to roll with some tightly spaced works (6 day intervals) since arriving at Del Mar from has tossed two winners from two starters including a Stakes winner........and more importantly both were able to win on the sod...........Prat up (37% win with his last 35 teaming up with Miller)........hard not to like

8  Spud  solid MSW debut popping an adjusted for trouble fig that is about par for the given level of racing.......nice stretch run to boot......might not have been all that cranked up as he went off at 28 to 1.......if so lookout today as this Mullins three year will likely build on the effort.........and........he might be rated to low

1  Master Ryan   sure have to like that he nearly broke his MSW from the one post in the 12 July version of this race........and the one hole has not been a good post in these 5F turf sprint over the years

3  Caerulean

11  Rawhide Rawlins


race 4    average clarity

6  Wildshire Dude   gelding pressed at hot set of fractions and rightly cashed it in late..........he did well to hang on for fourth beaten only by 1 1/4 lengths for the win.........the effort was the 1st out since Kristin Mulhall claimed and the works since hint he exited the race in good shape......and he drops back a notch to the level Kristin claimed him for

5  El Huerfano   bad trip in his latest hides a decent effort......claimed by Miller and he sees fit to drop his new acquisition.......might be rated too low if this eight year old doesn't slip "physically speaking" once again

3  Imagineiamfastest   seems best in route races these days and his last two routes fit fine........but his history at Del Mar isn't all that encouraging so it is easy to make him 3rd selection

8  Incredible Luck

1  Kylemore


race 5    average clarity

8  Moonhill Milly   monumental rider upgrade for a route grass guess is the change is worth 3 or 4 lengths.......mid pack runner might be in the drivers seat with 2 or 3 foes being faster early than she is and 2 or 3 that look slower than she is......thus she should be able to get on over by turn her chances if she is no worse than 2 wide on the 1st turn

4  Minds Out   very solid races in all four of her lifetime bugaboo for this filly is the 2 of her 4 starts she broke poorly from the metal monster.......but I like her chances of breaking decently today as her two poor starts were from outside posts and her two good beginnings were from posts 4 and 5.......4 post today......Prat stays put for a 5th race in a row

1  Beguiled   filly ran just fine despite her 7th place finish........she had an awkward step or two and ran way too wide........outer ten post to one post today.......should be a price

3  Going to Vegas

7  Merneith


race 6    average clarity

4  Roderick   Belmont invader who won his MSW by 8 1/4 lengths at odds of 2 to 5 stands out here if he can run as well on the Del Mar surface........Prat and his agent think he will........good a.m. work at Kentucky at Kee......and most importantly he catches a very weak looking bunch of locals

6  Weston   won his MSW debut in so so time but his a.m. work since the 21 June 4 1/2F race at SA hints he greatly benefited from the race..........Van Dyke sticks around

5  Herd Immunity   moved forward in his 2nd lifetime start.......blinkers come off for today and considering Miller's 30% win record with his last 100 "with the move" he might move forward again today making him interesting here

7  Girther


race 7    average clarity

5  Fivestar Lynch   improving sort especially since the blinkers were added and his latest progression was significant and well hidden by a brutal trip by Mike Smith where he broke a bit tardy and then checked and then ran adjusted for trouble lengths given by yours truly was 8.........1st ever in a marathon but this gelding owns a pedigree that should handle one........and his trainer R Baltas is good at getting turf runners to extend their endurance

3  Tartini   Rispoli leads all jocks with wins in all route races and also leads in turf routes both in wins and win %.......and he is especially stout in turf marathon races like this 11 furlong affair.......most likely because there are so many of them overseas

8  Tintoretto   3 very good looking marathon turf races in Germany racing from 1 5/16 to 1 1/2........likely needed her 1st in the USA off of the long action at the windows supports the notion.......jock upgrade to Prat

7  Cupid's Claws

9  Reprobate


race 8    average clarity

2  Big Flame   Tim Yakteen's MSW 1st time starter appears to be wound up like a top and ready to unwind with some tightly spaced works (6 day intervals) since arriving at Del Mar from Slr.........good new sire......rather sure this one is ready

3  Lino's Back N Town  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE      another 1st time starter who appears to ready at 1st asking........that and the owners are also the breeders and this is their 1st runner out of one of their broodmares (1st runner for new sire too) which gives them added incentive to have this colt ready to roll

7  Tavoflavoredkisses   only one with running experience and let's hope the "experience" is better than his debut where he beat 1/2 his foes despite breading slowly and running wide........blinkers go on to help his focus.......Rispoli stays put

4  Alexander's Dream

5  Crash Corrigan


race 9    below average clarity

2  Bodhicitta   four year old filly made quite the break thru in her latest running 2nd in her 1st ever Graded race and a Grade 1 at that......good to see Prat stick around who is (5 3 1 0 1) on this four year old........same 9F distance as her last.......good post......plenty to like

1  Summering   good team in the past in Van Dyke & Proctor and Proctor was the 1st to use the rider regularly and aided in his learning process........four year filly has been racing on the east coast since leaving S Cal in 2018........and she appears to be sharpening.......she is 2 for 2 on the grass and was ridden by today's jock in both races

7  Beau Recall   six year old has really gotten good since Baltas took over the training duties of this mare who is (7 3 1 0) at today's turf distance........and she won the 2019 edition of this Grade 2.......1st time Rispoli should be a plus

6  Keeper Ofthe Stars

4  Lady Prancealot


race 10    average clarity

9  Spielberg   $1,000,000 purchase is training as if he will return some dividends in his debut.........the works since switching from LA to Dmr are eye opening even by Baffert standards especially 112:3Hg & 46:1 Hg bullet works (speed and endurance put in)

4  Superman Shaq   Peter Miller's MSW 1ster was purchased as a two year old for $600K so the connections got a good lookski at what they were getting........wound up like a top with tightly spaced works......draws Prat........should make a good account of himself

5  Waspirant   shows hints of also being fit and ready in his MSW debut.......but definitely doesn't appear to have as much potential as our top two selections thus easy to make as the 3rd selection

3  Noble Reflection

8  Dr. Schivel


race 11    below average clarity 

6  Sweet Devil  very impressive 9F turf race run 3 back in Feb only beaten by 1/2L for the win despite a rare "sloppy" wide ride by Prat.......that race was run in her 2nd lifetime out following a prolonged layoff has the potential of being a good thing

4  Frose   nice move forward in her 2nd lifetime start over at Lrc and especially considering it was run off of a long hiatus from the her pedigree for a route and the 5F work at Dmr 6 days ago.......all set to move forward again and at a handsome number

11  Ya Beauty   debuted in a very key grass race in Ireland in May of start was 13 months later and she ran 2nd with gaps of 3 3/4L & 3L to 3rd & 4th in a field of 12 going 7F on the lawn........Prat/Miller and 1st time Lasix.......danger city

5  Noble Hearted

12  Surround

8  Viazar



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