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Del Mar for Saturday 15 August 2020

Kentucky Derby Day is only 3 weeks away. For a limited time save $5 on our special publication for racing's big day at Churchill Downs. As usual your selections will be sent to your email starting around 6 p.m. on Friday the day before Derby Day.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Canadian Ginger   to borrow from a classic stock market saying, "the trend is your friend" and this filly is trending up race after race.........that and the trainer's go to guy over the last months is Mario in her latest race (where she graduated with an easy 3 3/4L win) she should get a nice stalk position

7  Pasito   eased in his last but she was not a voided claim so in all likely with the scrutiny she would be under she is OK physically.........and she returns off of only 20 days rest and with a decent 5F work since the race.........race 2 back fits......responds when she is in the mix time Maldonado seems like a wise move

2  Bella Renella  Scratched out of the race solid race 2 back racing off of 9 days rest.......then 41 days later she was dead on the board and ran like it........that race was only 7 days ago......hmmm

3  Sweet Honor


race 2    average clarity

1  Seiche   you don't see too many Baffert MSW three year old 1st timers that start their career as late as mid August but that is the case for this youngster.........and the wait might have been worth it as he is training "lights out" for his debut

2  Direct Line   red hot rider/trainer combo in Rispoli and Eurton as in 5 for their last 8 over the last two months........with that in mind it even makes the strong work regiment for this Eurton more eye opening.........rather sure this gelding is well-meant and ready to roll in his debut

4  Disco Ball   filly caught good fields in both lifetime starts.......her a.m. prowess since her latest on 27 June has been stellar.......she should be in the mix from the get go and tough to put away

6  Midnight Mystery   double barrel action from the Baffert barn as he also conditions our top pick...........four year old likely needs a forward move to take down this race or for our top two choices to falter


race 3    average clarity

2  Port Saint Joe   lone turf sprint which was run 6 races back on 4 Jan. is this gelding's lifetime that race this guy did not where blinkers.......he has better speed with them on so I expect he will sit close to the front in an affair that shapes up to favor those that do.......should be a price

6  Graziano   some very flashy speedy drills at LA hint that this Simon Callaghan 1st time starter has some early gas......and as mentioned above this affair shapes up favorably those that do........owns a better than average pedigree to handle the sod

8  Tilte Towers   nice layoff race (and 1st the grass) 21 days ago in the 25 July version of this abbreviated turf sprint of 5F..........and the effort is somewhat hidden by a slow start and a nasty bump........dangerous player if he exits the metal monster better which he did do in his MSW debut on the dirt

5  Much More Halo

3  Cem Sultan


race 4    average clarity

1  Ronamo   ultra consistent sort on conventional dirt had hanger tendencies until her last two races which are quite strong........2nd out with the D'A as the trainer and historically speaking that has been one of the trainer's stronger the stats

4  Mongolian Legend   last two times this four year old went off a decent price he ran very solid races......believe he will go off higher than his 5 to 1 ML........he should be in the mix from the get go

5  Alvaaro   might be muscled up coming off of his 1st grass race which was at a distance of 1 1/16.........and added to that it should also help his "staying power" because of the cut back in distance

6  Convex


race 5    below average clarity

1  Eagle in the Sky   tepid top selection..........sprint-sprint-route scenario for this colt who has better route pedigree than most Cal-breds........and her breeding for the lawn seems adequate.....trainer Michael McCarthy is having a decent meeting and is solid in most of the relevant trainer categories that apply here

4  Caisson   colt should have an endurance advantage coming of decent one mile turf MSW debut.........and Richard Mandella is somewhat better with 2nd time starters than 1st time starters and one of his stronger starts is 2nd time route

7  Papale   low percentage trainer with 1st time starters in Glatt but the works (especially the two put in at 5F) and the pedigree for the sod that this two year old owns make him a little dangerous

3  Zoffa


race 6    average clarity

9 Lemon Drop Shot   two year old made his MC debut at Pln and he ran a decent time for the given level of racing......two reassuring works since......1st time Prat and over the last 2 months he won the lone mount he had from the Wong barn

1  Father O'Flaherty   decent debut 3 weeks ago in the 25 July version of this MC50K Cal-bred two year old race.......not sure if this colt will build on his debut run as he was "well-meant" in the race according to the odds he went off at.......but then again he might not have to do much more than his debut

6  C'Mon Jenna   hard to split our 2nd and 3rd picks as they were only separated by a neck on 25 July and earned the same Santucci fig

7  Cozy Bear

4  Rousing Summer


race 7    average clarity

5  Doc Tommy    OK works prior to his layoff last which was in the 24 July version of this nw alw 5F grass race for since are much better than OK.......expecting much more from this Sadler colt the move back to J J Hernandez who has done well on this youngster the two mounts that he has had on him

10 AE  Jamming Eddy  Scratched out of the race  very bad trip (very wide pressing a solid pace) for this Miller four year old and yet he only lost by a neck..........back quickly and switches to the grass.......he seems best on the Del Mar turf......retains Prat......a ton if he doesn't regress from such an incredible effort on 2 August

3  Hit the Seam   five year old gelding's consistent speed is has been 10 races since he didn't have the lead or go eye to eye on the front rider/trainer combo in Gutierrez and Freeman

1  Foster Boi

2  Undeniable Proof

8  Zipper Mischief


race 8    average clarity

4  Illumination   big bucks purchase is training for Baffert and company as if she will yield some dividends today........filly finished off her a.m. preparation with four straight gate works which is usually a good sign that Bob means business.......Cedillo is 4 for 7 and with 3 others hitting the board for the world class trainer

5  Forest Caraway   Peter Miller two year old filly is also working as if she is ready to rock and roll at 1st has tossed 4 winners from 5 starters and two of them were Stakes winners......good rider/trainer combo

3  Isn't She Lovely   a 3rd MSW 1ster who finished up her work regiment seemingly "peaking" at the right time........filly has some hints of early speed......Mike Smith up

1  Kalypso

9  Mandragora Seeker


race 9    average clarity

4  Mucho Unusual   strong figs and she sure has been facing tougher fields.......last time she ran in a Cal-bred Stakes she won by 3L and it was her 1st ever on the sod.........two reassuring works since returning from Kentucky..........Prat up for Yakteen who is heating things up

5  Pulpit Rider   seems at her very best racing at Del Mar at today's one mile turf of the trainer's better stats thru the years is 3rd out following a layoff........that is the case today for this five year old mare

2  Cordiality   top turf jock Rispoli has options as this mare is capable on or off the year old won the 2018 version of this race

7  Kitty Boom Boom  


race 10    average clarity

6  Pyron   1st out after the Glatt claim which was made in Kentucky is a dangerous proposition for the opposition especially with the extra moola at stake for out of town horses........colt is 2 for 4 at today's dirt distance......stout rider/trainer combo in Prat & Glatt

3  It's Tiz Time   exits a very fast heat of nw alw horses which earned him a Santucci fig that is awfully strong for today's softer level.........hard not to like

1  Zimba Warrior   might be a good claim by Dollase and company of a colt who seems at his best when sprinting on conventional dirt........but.......he might not be that well meant in this spot (a protected from claiming race) because the trainer usually fires a strong effort 2nd after a claim not 1st

8  Lil Sydney

5  Tobacco Road


race 11    below average clarity

6  Mithqaal   six year old gelding should get a nice stalk position saving ground in a race that seems to favor those who will near the front in the early stages.......Wong is solid dropping a given claimer and that is what he is doing here

4  Contagion   ran 2nd in a weak 25K 3 weeks ago 1st out following the claim by Andrew Lerner.........trainer is cold but the rider is not especially on the lawn where he is dominating the jockey colony........somethings gotta give

9  Never Easy   with the claim by Knapp comes a rider upgrade especially for a turf race......and Steve Knapp is often at his most dangerous 1st following a claim or a private acquisition

7  Acker

2  Ocean Fury

8  More Over



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