Del Mar for Sunday 15 August 2021

Purchase is now available at a $3.50 discount until Tuesday when the price goes up for our special full card publication for Saratoga's big day which is of course Travers Stakes Day.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Busy Paynter   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  the 3 horses lined up to the inside of this mare are slow and she has speed and she exits the gate exceptionally well....... so......... Frey should get the rail and a decent chance to snatch the lead.........most of the stock out of the Mathis barn has been live better than his overall record indicates

3  Storming Lady   somewhat of a suspicious multiple level drop for this six year old but on the other hand Prat gets the call and the last time he rode this mare from the Marquez barn he won.......tough call but if this gal is physically OK she should be a major factor in the outcome of this race

8  Smiling Annie

5  On Deck

6  Miss Kitness


race 2    average clarity

6  Sauls Call   drop makes sense out of the MSW ranks down to MC50K as this two year old has been flattening out at 5F and now has to race 5 1/2F.......part of the "flattening" was because this Miyadi baby caught 3 key fields to start her career........should be in the mix from the opening bell and tough thru-out if this gelding has held his form

5  Thirsty Chapo   nice improvement for this Jorge Periban (who has done well in 2021 albeit with limited starters) colt in his 2nd lifetime start.......he ran 2nd in both races so if he moves forward again a visit to the circle of joy has a decent shot at occurring today

3  I Know Cash Flow

2  Tizlightning   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE 

7  Gemini Bay


race 3    average clarity

1  Angelcents   trainer Librado Barocio is a perfect 2 for 2 at Del Mar lighting up the board but this speedy filly will get bet and deservedly so as she a perfect 4 for 4 loose on the lead at the 5F turf distance........and two of those races including her last at Del Mar were breaking from the one post.......and......posts 1 & 2 have won 1/2 of the 22 races run at the 5F turf distance

2  Gidgetta   only grass win in 4 turf races came the lone time Mr Prat was up.......he's up today and he seemingly should get a lively pace up front in this race to help his cause as this four year old filly comes from out of it

7  Five Pics Please

6  Beautiful Ballad

3  Ana Lisa


race 4    average clarity

4  Heir   12% trainer is twice that racing 1st out following a claim which is the case today............and Belvoir is able to get high in demand rider Flavien Prat to accept the mount........last sure fits number wise and it is disguised in it's strength by a brutal trip

2  Paint Me Lucky   Baffert six year old maiden (doubt I have ever written that before) should be loose on the lead and tough to wheel in if he is OK physically speaking as this is the 1st time he has been able to race more than two times before going bye bye for a long period of time

3  Investment Account

8  Whistleblower

7  Big Well


race 5    above average clarity

5  Hemmerle   Mandella sends out a MSW 1st time starter that owns a terrific pedigree for the grass and a route........and the two year old filly is training like she is very meant and ready to roll at 1st has tossed 3 winners from 3 starters one of which was a Stakes winner and all three were able to win on the lawn

3  Helen Well  D"Amato has been unreal with his horses that he gets from Europe and I don't see any reason he can't continue his success with this filly who faced the boys running a nice 4th in a 10 horse field in Ireland going off 28 to 1.......Risploi gets the call and take note that he and the D'A teamed up to win (our top choice) yesterday in a grass race

7  Very Scary

6  Carroll Girl

10  A Crown for Kitten


race 6    below average clarity

4  What Goes On Tour   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  Hess has snapped out of a slump and he might keep the improved times rolling here with this Midwest invader shooting for the win 1st in extra moola available.....both lifetime races on fast rated dirt fit decently but maybe even more can occur today as this is the 1st time this fellow gets to race on Lasix when running on a fast track

8  Flat Out Joy   cut back of 1/16th should help this Ellis runner who has run well in 3 7F races but flatten out to grab 2 2nd's and a 3rd.......trainer is struggling so maybe that is the impetus for another drop in claiming.......hard not to root for Ron Ellis who sure could use a win.....if Ron gets to winners circle I wouldn't call it flat out joy but rather "relief"

5  Secret Mission

1  Pasito

3  Daring Cat


race 7    above average clarity

2  Leggs Galore   filly set a torrid pace and still held on to run 2nd in good time in an open company race that was a Grade she faces Cal-breds and as the lone speed in the race.....that and she is 6 for 8 on the turf and a perfect 2 for 2 at Dmr

7  Warren's Showtime   connections will likely have their fingers crossed hoping that someone can push our top pick some in the early stages.......if so this very consistent Craig Lewis filly should be tough

3  Nardini

1  Pulpit Rider


race 8    average clarity

1  Dr. Troutman   for an apprentice rider Jessica Pyfer does a nice job getting the lead from the one hole not only in routes but sprints too........and her mount has enough early gas to help her get loose and lonely on the lead......just claimed by Hollendorfer and the works since the claim hint he has tweaked something that has improved this seven year old

4  Cajun Treasure   another just claimed who looks dangerous......a solid work put in since the Papaprodromou claim......and take note Van Dyke & Papa have teamed up to win their last two races as a the other two this fellow should go off a decent price

6  Leprino

7  Causeididitmyway

8  Royal Insider


race 9    average clarity

1  Vantastic  strong move forward in his last race and gets to face easier today and with Prat back aboard after being absent for a race extremely reassuring 5/110 4F drill since his last racing endeavor.......hard not to like

9  Liar Liar   exits the same race as our top choice where he earned a Santucci Fig that is a length better than our top our top choice I believe he will fire a similar race today but whereas our top choice goes from post 11 to post 1 this guy goes from post 1 to post 9

12  C Falls

4  Nerves of Steel

5  East Rand

3  Foothill




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Del Mar for Saturday 14 August 2021

Purchase is now available at a $3.50 discount until Tuesday for our special full card publication for Saratoga's big day which is of course Travers Stakes Day.

Best of luck as always !


race 1    average clarity

7  Sometimes Always   three year old gelding is (4 1 3 0) on fast rated dirt and he won like a good thing 1st time into Del Mar in a 7F dirt race........lifetime best was his only race going long on fast rated dirt.......should be in the mix from the get go and tough if he holds form

1  Diva's Finale   O'Neill is waking up some and he sure has been prolific 2nd following a claim which is the case here as in 34% win with his last our top pick he should be in the vanguard early

2  Mr. Pickles



race 2    below average clarity

7  Storm the Bastille   Cedillo should be able to get on over early to save some ground as the 1, 2, 8 are very slow........actually he might be able to get the lead in this race void of speed........( 2 1 1 0) at today's turf distance. Trainer is decent 1st after a claim which is the case today

8  Wesphire   Andrew Lerner is very dangerous "2nd start with trainer" and the 1st start at 85 to 1 was vs. tougher and disguised in its strength by a bad trip......good spot for "blinkers on" as it should help this gelding sit closer in the early stages in a race that seemingly leans to rewarding those that do

4  Irish Heatwave

5  Full of Luck

2  French Getaway


race 3    average clarity

2  Summer Love   turf tightener in her latest in a race run off of 5 1/2 month layoff......and the "public turf workout" appears to have accomplished the task as her a.m. work since hints the grass muscled her up nicely........that and she is an off pace runner in a race that should yield some fast fractions

6  Vegan   filly should win this if she duplicates her last race which was run 8 weeks ago and at today's 6F big number earned in the race and against slightly better .......she should be ready as she likely won't get to race again for awhile as she needs plenty of time to recover

4  Dozo

3  Win Often


race 4    average clarity

1  She's So Special   four year old filly likes the Dmr turf course more than her (3 0 1 0) records would suggest.......good post and good turf rider........Rispolli should work out a nice ground saving stalking trip.........hard not to like this Peter Miller runner

4  She's Our Charm   five year old mare runs decently fresh but her a.m. prowess since her last race on 2 May suggests she will run much better than "decently" today fresh off of the bench

5  Lounge Act

8  Golden Curl

2  Quiet Secretary


race 5    average clarity

4  Sugar Sugar   SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  strength of this Miller's baby is disguised by this filly racing on the inside on a day that the rail was a little dull.........trainer is strong in two training categories that apply here.........MSW to MC and with 2nd time starters........two year old should be in the mix from the get go and tough thru-out

6  Rock the Belles   trainer Luis Mendez knows how to win with a maiden 1st time starter and he sure has this filly sharp enough in the a.m. to be a major factor in the outcome of this race......sizzling last work  - 46:2 Hg at Dmr

9  Half Past Twelve

8  Talkative Gal

10  She's Got a Way


race 6    below average clarity

4  Burgoo Alley   good post and tactical speed for this D'Amato filly who sure appreciated her 1st turf route in the USA as she vaulted forward fig wise running quite a bit better than par in the 18 July version of this nw alw race run at 1/16th further than today........two reassuring turf works since the big effort.......Rispoli gets the call for the 4th straight time.......such a deal

5  Carpe Fortuna   exits the same strong field/race as our top choice where she earned a figure that was only a little less than the "goo" our top pick this filly also draws a good post.......trainer is very hot of late and might add to his 29% win percentage at Dmr

12  Thrilling

9  Bleu Ballon

7  Valpolicella


race 7    average clarity

1  Wearenotbadpeople   nice prolonged work series that finished up with a flourish with two consecutive 4F sizzling gate works at Dmr that were only spaced 4 days - impressive - sure appears meant and ready for Hanson and company

5  Seattle Breakout   nowheresville in her lone lifetime race back in April run a 6 1/2 furlongs on the sod........races on the dirt today and as a 1st time gelding........recent works hint the surgery worked as intended. Karen Headley's 2nd time starter likely will be ignored at the windows and go off at a big price

4  Irondale

8  Fast Buck

2  New Soi Phet


race 8    average clarity

7  Red Lark   trainer has been hot of late and this filly has been facing maybe Mike 5% on the turf Smith can get his 4th turf win and make it 4 for his last 61 riding on the grass.......Hall of Famer rider's age is finally catching up to him.......nothing to be bummed about as it is amazing how well he has overcome Father Time to this point

1  Neige Blanche   both "full marathons" one at 11F and the other at 12F fit fine here........trainer Powell is doing better than his (13 2 1 2) indicates and 15% win isn't bad anyway especially considering some the bad luck Leonard has had to deal with at the Dmr meeting

4  Tapwater

6  Ippodamia's Girl

3  Catch the Eye


race 9    average clarity

1  Catemaco   could not fig out why on earth the connections (and I am a big Kristin Mulhall fan) elected to race on the grass following such an impressive MSW breaking debut........not much on the grass so back to the dirt where the Santucci Fig earned works out to be 4L better than par for today's nw alw level.........colt should be in the mix from the get go.........rider/trainer are 2 for 2 over the last 2 months

6  Big Story   Hernandez might have jumped off of our top choice to ride this Dan Blacker (1st out for the trainer as he was trained by Glatt) three year old who is racing off of a 5 month break but has shown that she can race well "fresh".......a.m. work supports the notion he is meant and ready this afternoon

3  Letsgetlucky


race 10    average clarity

2  Anna Fantastic   five furlongs of sod looks like a very good fit as does racing off of short 2nd out after the break and Maldonado back up (2 1 1 0 on the Headley filly) should bring out a big effort for this four year old looking for her 1st win in open company

10  Isn't She Lovely   tough post for sure in a 5F turf dash but this filly has enough early speed to clear by the turn......if Smith can be no worse that 2 wide on the turn I like her chances

1  Nu Pi Lambda

4  Fantail

8  Loud Loud Music

9  Lalic




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Del Mar for Friday 13 August 2021

Purchase is now available at a $3.50 discount for a very limited time for our special publication for Saratoga's big day which is of course Travers Stakes Day.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Distorted Diva   good pedigree for the turf and this colt sure woke up in his first run over it finishing 2nd in a fast 5F heat for the given level albeit 2nd by 6 1/2 he tries a turf .route for the 1st time and he is also well-bred to handle the two turns of turf......good post and rider......all systems go

3  My Mane Champ  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE  MSW 1st time starter from the Maker barn has put in copious works dating back to at least 6 April........and when Maker has put up Rispoli over the last two months his stock has been very "live" winning 3 of 6 with 2 others in the money........dangerous debuting two year old Cal-bred

5  Velvet Ghost

2  Busker Allie

8  Mogollon Rim


race 2    average clarity

1  Freedom Lass   tough to tell if this filly can run as well on the dirt as she does on the turf but if she can and she can duplicate her latest on the sod she should take down this dirt race........J J Hernandez stays put to find out

5  Varoma   solid history racing at today's one mile dirt distance with 2 wins and a 2nd in 3 starts.......claimed by Bill Spawr way back in early June but in the interim Bill has put 7 works into her........that and it seems like a good sign that Abel Cedillo rides thru the claim

3  Trouville


race 3    average clarity

3  Wrong Turn Cupid   in general a very strong work tab for this Brian Koriner filly MSW 1st time starter but what really catches my eye is her last preparatory drill a best of 106 47 flat and that work was only 5 days ago......Koriner won with a MSW 1ster last weekend as our 2nd selection..........pedigree for a turf sprint is good

6  Kitten's Kid    another dangerous looking 1st time starter and with one of the most powerful trainer/rider combos around in Miller and Prat (42% win and 87% in the money with their last 31) .......and mom has tossed 4 winners from 4 starters and one of them was a turf winner......hard not to like

4  Mamba Queen

1  Applaud the Bench

8  Nan Elizabeth


race 4    average clarity

3  Curious Inji   always like when a given horse stumbles and then gets plenty of time off as a horse will often tweak something unforeseen that will show up in their next start if they don't take ample time off......this filly stumbled very badly and then showed some life in her 1st route race.......Mullins smartly gives his filly 3 1/2 months are solid......trainer is heating up

8  La Pulcinela   lone two turn race of this girl's career stands out as her best to date and by quite a bit........trainer is very dangerous 1st following a claim.......that and his new filly is eligible for the extra $$$ for winning shippers.........and trainer Ron Moquett coaxes Prat and his agent to accept the mount

6  Class Code

4  Grigoro

9  Medusa's Gaze


race 5    below average clarity

2  Cool Your Jets   16th start for this six year old gelding still looking to break his maiden.......he does his best racing at Del Mar and he is also competing at his best distance........he runs well off of layoffs.....gets a good post and a decent turf jock in Bravo......and maybe most importantly he catches a soft field.....he can win this if he doesn't hang in the late stretch

3  Tiger's Arrow   Mike McCarthy is much more dangerous with 2nd time starters than 1st time starters.......and considering this colt went off at 61 to 1 he likely wasn't fully cranked and yet showed life in a grass route race and some of that "life" is disguised by a bad trip.......1st time blinkers today and a nice reassuring 4F work put in since his 23 July debut.......rather sure this colt moves forward today and at a big price

5  Donner Lake

7  Club Mesquite

9  Big Coupe


race 6    average clarity

3  Scabbard   four year old gelding was claimed on June 10th at CD for $30K and Dean Pederson puts him in a $20K claiming race which normally would be suspicious drop but not with all the additional moola for those who win 1st in........and Prat takes the mount and I can't recall any race where Flavien rode for Pederson.......6F distance seems like a plus as this guy owns a win and a 2nd in two races at the distance

1  Eustace   gelding was just claimed by Wong (30% win with his last 242 1st out following a claim) and it appears he has the trump card for this four year old as he is training night and day better since the claim.....should be a price as his recent races are dismal

9  Box of Chocolates  SCRATCHED OUT OF THE RACE

4  Fast as Cass

7  Rebel War


race 7    average clarity

2  Good With People   both lifetime races with Lasix are solid and this Miller colt gets it today........5F distance is a good fit.......and Prat who rides a lot for Peter M. takes the mount for the 1st time which seems significant

5  Beer Can Man   race has plenty of speed signed up and so this mid pack runner from the Glatt barn might be in the drivers seat turning for home........three year old is 2 for 2 racing at 5F on the sod on firm rated turf........that and J J Hernandez knows this grass cutter well as this is his 4th straight mount on this colt

6  Harbored Memories

4  Love My Jimmy

3  Commander Khai


race 8    average clarity

3  Your My Boy Kat   blinkers come off this O'Neill two year old who owns a 3rd and a 2nd to start his career and two recent good looking gate works hint the equipment change has improved this gelding........and look who rides for the first time - Prat

2  Prince Hussar   trainer sure could use a win and if this two year debuting colt runs to his morning work he might boost Palma's 6% win percentage in 2021........winless at the new Dmr meeting (0 for 43) jock could also use a win


8  Chris Fix


6  State of the Union




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Del Mar for Thursday 12 August 2021

Take note that there is a Super High Five Carryover of $36,434 in race 8.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    way below average clarity

3  Allaboutthemoney   tepid top selection drops to the lowest maiden level of his career and his best effort/fig was earned at Del Mar and it was run at today's one mile dirt distance........away since 11 June but he is training as if he is doing well and for a trainer in Cerin who has recently woken up in a big way

1  Gone Rogue   last which was on the turf where he went off at 85 to 1 sure appears to be nothing more than a dirty up his form and muscled him up at the same time gimme.......and like so many trainers Dan Blacker is at his most dangerous with the MSW to MC move

5  Mongolian Ford


race 2    average clarity

1  McWherter   posts 1 and 2 have won 10 of the 17 5F turf races carded at Del Mar to date........toss out this one's latest as he had a bad trip from a bad post at the distance (post 9 zero wins 9 starters).......Rispoli who won the previous 2 races on this O'Neill four year old will be out to make amends

6  Grit and Curiosity   Miller is hardly ever afraid to drop a given runner and lose him/her by way of the claiming box to get to the circle of joy and that is the case here.......gelding is (4 1 1 2) on the sod and he draws the attention of Prat and his agent.......away since the 1st of May but he is training up to snuff

2  Barristan The Bold


race 3    average clarity

6  My Sweet Mary   moved forward in her 2nd lifetime start and 1st race at Del Mar for Walther Solis and now this two year old filly gets a jock upgrade from a winless bug boy to T C Baze who has been given quite a few "live" horses from Solis.......another forward moves seems likely

5  Super Renee   trainer Kristin Mulhall has had a very nice 2021 and she might add to her 21% win percentage here with this debuting filly training as if she is well meant and ready to roll......that and this appears to be a weak group thus great for a 1ster who has some talent

3  Jacrodra's Devil

1  Areeb

2  Sip Sip Hooray


race 4    average clarity

1  Abhita   trainer is night and day better with 2nd time starters than 1st........and Lewis is also quite dangerous 1st time on the grass and OK 1st time at a route........two year old owns a good grass pedigree and a decent route pedigree........and the fact J J Hernandez stays with the two year old suggests her debut was nothing more than a tune-up

6  Dendera   very similar to our top choice as her MSW debut likely was just a learning experience tune-up........and look who hops aboard for the 1st time.......Mr Flavien Prat who is fantastic riding developing two year old grass horses

5  Peacehaven

9  Eleuthera

3  Heaven's Ghost


race 5    average clarity

3  American Dancer   last two route dirt races were very strong and both were run turf to dirt........turf in his latest and one mile of dirt today.........jock knows this gelding well as he has been up for his last 6 races including the aforementioned strong one mile dirt races.......trainer has been hot and Callaghan might up his 29% win % at the meeting here

1  Boyson   improving of late and his a.m. work since arriving at Dmr in mid July looks awfully this late runners chances if he gets an honest pace up front

7  Invictatatus

4  Street Behavior


race 6    average clarity

5  D's Lovely Sophia   not much in latest as she likely regressed following a "monster" break thru where she earned an adjusted for trip Santucci Fig that was not only 5L better than par for today's level but also 5L better than she ever produced.......believe she is up for a rebound and if she is and she can handles the Dmr turf as well as she did in her race two back at SA she will be very tough with a decent trip

4  Rain Diva   seems like the speed of the speed in this affair and she gets (for time 1st time) a good turf sprint speed rider in J J Hernandez........filly is 3 for 4 win when she gets a loose lead

8  Acai

3  Shylock Eddie

2  Square Peggy


race 7    average clarity

8  Joe Don Looney   not sure if the last was a gimme to get away with today's drop and keep at bay the claiming vultures lurking above but if it was his last 4 races look solid in this spot and the one three back is greatly disguised in its strength.......that and note high in demand Abel Cedillo stays put hinting you you might want to ignore this guy's latest race

6  Ashley's Valentine   turf to dirt......back in short rest.......drops in claiming multiple levels.......and for the most part Mathis runners have been ready to roll much more than his overall record (17 3 2 1) at the Dmr meeting suggests

11  Wedding Groom

3  Awesome Beach

2  Chasing Fame


race 8    average clarity

(Super High Five Carryover of $36,434 in this race)

2  Crew Dragon   last three races run on a firm turf all fit fine here.......blinkers on and two sharp recent drills hint the equipment change has helped........Rispoli stays put......smooth runner draws a lot better than last time when he had to deal with post 12 which is no picnic in a one mile turf race at Del Mar

3  Numero Dix   double barrel action from the Sadler barn as he also trains our top choice........Euro invader has been away for 4 1/2 months but that might be a plus as his 2 lifetime wins were his maiden debut and the other a race run off of a 4 month are plentiful and decent and Prat wants the mount.........dangerous colt from France

1  Hockey Dad

5  War Machine

8  Cotopaxi

4  Laker Mamba


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Del Mar for Sunday 8 August 2021

Take note that soon you can purchase (at a $3.50 discount for a limited time) our special publication for Saratoga's big day which is of course Travers Stakes Day, Saturday the 28th of August.

Hope to keep the good times rolling today. Be back with you on Thursday.

Best of luck as always!


race 1    average clarity

4  Hot Spot   three year old gelding went off at 32 to 1 in his MSW debut and yet ran 4th in a 12 horse field and with some trip trouble.......those odds hint the barn did not have him fully cranked and like the public they were surprised that is the case he should be a rock solid today

6  Zip Now   absolutely love the turf pedigree for this Gaines MSW 1st time starter.......Gaines seldom scores with a 1st timer but if she does it is usually in a turf race.....that and the works support the notion this colt is meant and ready

5  Misawa

2  Surplus


race 2    average clarity

6  Defunded   talented horse for sure but he still only owns one Baffert seems out to boost his confidence by putting him in an allowance race where if he runs either of his last two efforts he should handle this group rather easily

2  Beyond Brilliant   toss out latest as he was caught wide fairly close to a brutal pace and he caught a monster performance by a runaway winner.......recent 5F drill only 4 days ago hints he is as sharp as he has ever been......still........he will need to avoid a speed duel with our 4th choice one way or another

3  Truth Seeker

5  Palace Coup


race 3    average clarity

3  Austin's Boy   Kruljac four year old has been away from the game since Feb. 2020 but copious drills have been put into him and quite a few of them are quite he might be up to his 2nd lifetime start where he crushed his opponents to graduate in style in a 5 1/2 turf sprint at SA with 1st time Rospoli who rides today as well........give it about a 60/40 chance that he is

2  Castle   smooth running sort and a majority of those races were with today's jock Abel Cedillo up.....nice mid pack running style and likely enough speed signed up to help his cause.....should be tough

5  Bench Judge

4  Too Late

6  Ascot Storm


race 4    average clarity

6  Charter Oak   both lifetime races fit at today's lower maiden level......and the drop in MC from $150K to $80K isn't much of a concern as this Lerner colt only went for $65K and in 2021......that and Andrew is solid with drop downs in claiming

3  Respect the Code  Miller colt acted up in the paddock when being saddled which isn't exactly the way you want to start out your career and yet he still ran a respectable his chances if he learned from his bad experience........Gonzalez sticks with him.......should be a price

1  Commissioner David

8  Redline

2  Bright Leaf


race 5    average clarity

(AE 14  Delta Wind has a shot if she draws into the field)

1  Iva Toguri   seems like a great spot for a 1ster as those that have run have not been overly impressive......solid works for this D'Amato three year old especially considering the level of racing.......good grass pedigree ad a good post as the 1 and the 2 post have won 8 of 13 at the 5F turf distance at the meeting

6  Youonlylivetwice   Glatt filly worked decently prior to her MSW debut and ran OK but failed to "settle" early .......4 drills since her debut........Glatt is much better with 2nd time starters than 1st......dangerous potential for this filly today

10  Va Va Voom

9  Big Summer


race 6    average clarity

4  Rock N Rye   not too shabby of a win in his 2nd lifetime stopping the clock at 52:2 at SA and winning but more than 4 lengths........away since the 30 May race but seems ready off of some good a.m. work.....especially like his 1st drill at Del Mar which stands out as is best to date and suggests he really likes the Del Mar surface......we shall see if that is so about 4:30 pacific

2  Trip to Spain   won his MSW debut at GG setting a decent pace to go gate to our top choice graduated with a 4 1/4 length win.....returns in only 2 weeks rest......if he handles the quick turnaround and of course a different surface he has as good a shot to take down this race as anyone

1  Mr. T's Thirsty


race 7    below average clarity

6  Torosay   away since 22 August of last year but he is training like O'Neill means business in his return to the race wars.......the only two races that this gelding raced at Dmr when on Lasix and wearing blinkers he ran two powerful efforts that stand out here........O'Neill has been ice cold but might grab his 4th win at the meeting here

2  Bad Beat Brian   bad trip hides an effort that earned a par Santucci fig in the 16 July version of this 5F nw alw race.........claimed in the race by the ever dangerous (especially with a grass) horse Michael Maker......and unless you are a touring golf pro par is a "good thing"

7  Mr Vargas

1  Superman Shaq


race 8    average clarity

10  Amanda Rose   lack a wagering in her 2nd lifetime start considering she ran a nice 2nd at Pln in her MSW debut.......that hints she might have been set up for today's drop into MC.....that and Ed Moger is quite dangerous 3rd out following layoffs and with 3rd time starters....should be a price

9  Sally Stanford   on the improve with each and every start and she would have been top pick if this race was once again at 5F (all three lifetime races were at 5F) but she has flattened out late in those races so and extra 1/2 furlong today might her her chances

4  Smart Monique

8  Sue Ettas Ghost

3  Bonita Leona


race 9    average clarity

3  Hudson Ridge   lifetime best was running without Lasix in a 100K Stakes (G3 so no Lasix today) where this Baffert colt was able to overcome a bad start where he was forced out about 5L.....that and the cut back in distance should make his late kick better than ever as he has made it to the front at 1 1/16 mark in his 9F races

4  Cathkin Peak   three year old has been absent since late Feb. but she won off of a 3 month layoff so a 5 month and week layoff seems doable.......big shot in the Grade 3 if he ready to roll for D'Amato and company

1  Stilleto Boy


race 10    average clarity

7  Hot Pursuit   speed does well in these abbreviated sprint races of 5 1/2F and this three year old 4th time starter has some especially in his latest where he ran for the 1st time with Lasix........3 nice very reassuring drills since.......trainer has had a solid 2021 and might keep the good times going here

5  Head for Business   Hess has had a dismal Del Mar meeting to date but might get off of the snide here with this who takes a drop in MC to enhance his chances of success......and like our top choice he has some early speed at a distance that is 7 for 9 win for the runner who opens up a lead

2  Abi Gezunt

9  Safe Combination

1  Hidetheloot

4  Test Drive





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